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Arachidonic Acid, The New Mega Supp?

Arachidonic acid

What is Arachidonic acid?

Have you suddenly hit a wall? Suddenly stopped growing? Then arachidonic acid is the miracle supp you have been looking for! Arachidonic acid is an omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid that your body requires to function properly. It helps to support your body through a plateau by getting your goals back on track with mass gains, strength and recovery by initiating protein synthesis.

Arachidonic acid

How does it work?

Back in the day both endurance and strength athletes often used NSAIDs ( non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), like ibuprofen to help with muscle growth. It was thought that stopping inflammation within the body would help with growth; it has now become clear that this is not the case. To really grow our body needs acute inflammation or our potential to increase muscle mass is hilted.

Arachidonic acid

So how do we get this acute inflammation? Arachidonic acid is your answer!  Arachidonic acid is the main fatty acid that promotes inflammation in the muscles. It’s when we damage our muscles that the arachidonic acid is released and this is what causes the pain and inflammation after training. Although this may sound negative it is actually a good thing as this signals the body to repair the damaged muscle tissue and to promote protein synthesis, thus of course growing those muscles. And as a bonus arachidonic acid actually lowers inflammatory markers at rest so there is no need to worry about over inflammation.

All of us have noticed that when you start lifting weights you are quite sore the next day but eventually you will begin to notice that you’re not getting sore anymore, this is when your muscles do not have enough arachidonic acid to create an inflammatory response and this is also when you hit a plateau and you stop growing. This is why arachidonic acid is extremely important for anyone who wants big gains.

Arachidonic acid

Sources of arachidonic acid

  • In the body

Arachidonic acid is not considered an essential fatty acid as the body can synthesis it from linoleic acid, although this is never enough for those of us who actually want to grow. Even by increasing your linoleic acid intake is insufficient to actually boost your arachidonic acid levels to high enough levels to be of any great benefit.

  • Food

Some foods such as chicken, beef eggs and fish can increase your arachidonic acid levels but there is sufficient scientific evidence that supplementing on top of these foods is of great benefit.

arachidonic acid

  • Supplements

The best way to increase arachidonic acid in your muscles to optimal levels is through the use of supplements. While the technical name is arachidonic acid you will most likely find it in the ingredients list of supplements under the name “arasyn”. An excellent, good quality supplement containing “arasyn” is X-Factor Advanced by Molecular Nutrition. This amazing product will address any issues when you hit that plateau; it boosts muscle growth, strength, and power and protein synthesis.

X-Factor Advanced

How much do I need?

According to recent studies 1.5g of arachidonic acid is needed daily to really see results. It is also of benefit to combine this supplement with BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) to really push those muscles further and to maximise the body’s ability to repair damaged tissues.

In a nutshell…

Arachidonic is a very exciting supplement and will greatly benefit those of us who are looking for increased muscle mass, strength and repair and for those who seem to hit a wall with training frequently.

Grab your bottle of X-Factor Advanced today, you won’t regret it!

arachidonic acid