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Top 10 Best Vitamins for Women

woman vitamin

Once upon a time the fitness and supplement industry was considered a mans game. Buffed, beefy behemoths throwing weights around dungeon style gyms and finishing up with a fist full of vitamins washed down with an extreme gainer shake. Well no more! The game has changed.

In an Australian Bureau of Statistics study, 29% of Australians reported taking at least one dietary supplement a day. Astonishingly, females were more likely than males to take a dietary supplement (33% and 24% respectively)

woman vitamin

Dietary supplements fall into a range of categories including vitamins, minerals, oils, herbs and other nutritive and non-nutritive supplements. But lets focus on the most commonly used…Vitamins.

With women making up an enormous percentage of supplement users lets take a look at the best vitamins for women. Threre are literally hundreds of great beneficial supplements women could take but lets narrow it down to a top 10:

  1. Vitamin A – Promotes healthy bones, teeth and skin
  2. B Vitamins – Gives Energy, helps convert food into fuel
  3. Vitamin C – Important for All growth and repair, healthy skin, cartilage, tendons ligaments and blood vesselsKeeps bones strong and healthy
  4. Vitamin D – Helps maintain calcim levels in the blood and helps with absorbtion of Calcium
  5. Vitamin E – Destroys cancer causing free radicals, anti aging benefits
  6. Vitamin K – Promotes healthy blood
  7. Biotin –  Helps break down foods into energy, fatty acids and amino acids so our body can make better use of them
  8. Calcium – Keeps bones strong and healthy
  9. Folate – Repairs damaged DND and RNA. Also produces healthy red blood cells
  10. Choline – Promotes healthy liver function, nerve function, muscle movement, metabolism and energy

This is not to say that every woman should run to the local supplement store and grab a months supply of each an every vitamin listed. Many can be found in foods and optimal levels can be reached. However it is wise to look for a good quality womens multi vitamin containing most of the vitamins listed.

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