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The Most Popular Fat Burners Ranked by Potency

I do believe this is a first, The top fat burners ranked by Potency rather than Popularity. You see the the most popular product on the market is not necessarily the best. In fact it very rarely is… The most popular product on the market is usually the product that has the most advertising dollar behind it, or the one that has the highest gross profit margin and is therefore heavily pushed to the Consumer. Having Fat Burners Ranked by popularity is just about the worst system possible. The most popular product on the market usually belongs to one of the industry giants who is driven by the dollar rather than product quality, innovation and effectiveness.

fat burners ranked

So where does that leave us? how do we rank the BEST Fat burner if not by popularity? Easy! Just flip the container over and see who has added the highest dosages of active ingredients… Right?… Very wrong! There’s a problem, well two; The issues are the law of diminishing returns and of course Synergy.

The Law of Diminishing Returns

You see at some point adding more of any given ingredient does not become better, in fact it becomes worse. Take caffeine for example, we have seen that up to around 350mg gives us a positive high energy feel. We are focused and able to perform tasks more effectively. We also see in increase in athletic performance. But go beyond that and things start to get much, much worse. We begin to cramp in the stomach, we start to sweat excessively, our heart begins to race, we feel nauseous and dizzy. We see a decrease in focus and athletic performance. so to flip a tub of fat burner over and say, “My product contains 450mg of Caffeine and yours only contains 350mg. Mine is better,” Is not only untrue, in fact the opposite is true.

The Issue of Synergy

Now we need to consider how each of the ingredients react and in interact with each other. Which ingredients amplify the effects of others, and which ingredients totally nullify each other? To know this not only takes a lot of research and experience. It takes trials and studies. Something one could never ascertain by simply flipping a product over an observing the ingredients panel.

I’ve been working within the supplement industry for the better part of a decade. One thing I’ve learned is to listen to the consumers of these products. What are they saying? How do they feel? and what results are they actually seeing? You see, there are times when you need to step into the trenches to get the best information. Sometimes the easiest way to see the big picture is to get amongst it. I’m not only a supplement retailer, developer and distributor; I’m also a supplement user. There are very few products out there that I have not tried myself. I’ve compiled years reviews, customer feedback and personal experience to give you my definitive list of The Most Popular Fat Burners Ranked by Potency:

  1. Very minimal

    For beginners who are introducing themselves to fat burners for the very first time. Users may notice a very slight increase in energy but should not expect any kind of significant fat loss. These products may decrease appetite slightly.

    fat burners ranked
    EHP Labs – OxyShred
    fat burners ranked
    BSC – Hydroxy Burn Shred


  2. Minimal

    For Beginners who have no stimulant tolerance. Great for people who don’t consume coffee or caffeinated products. Users may notice a slight increase in energy and very slight increase in body temperature during vigorous exercise. Users will not usually notice notable fat loss.

    fat burners ranked
    BSN – Hyper Shred


  3. Very Mild
    For beginners who have an occasional coffee and can tolerate a small amount of caffeine. Users may notice a mild increase in energy and mild suppression of appetite. Users may see some very slight weight loss but should not expect prominent changes.

    fat burners ranked
    Platinum Labs – Opti Burn Amped


  4. Mild
    A good transition product for beginners hoping to try stronger fat burners in the future. Users may notice a slight increase in energy and very slight increase in body temperature during vigorous exercise and a very slight suppression of appetite. Weight loss will still be minimal.

    fat burners ranked
    BPM Labs – Annihilate


  5. Moderate

    Fat burners ranked as moderate are a good starter product for someone wanting to see a little more noticeable fat loss. Users will notice an increase in energy and an increase in body temperature during daily activities. Users may start to see some weight loss on the scales.

    fat burners ranked
    Transcend Supplements – Thermal X
    fat burners ranked
    Beast – 2 Shredded


  6. Medium

    A good product for someone who drinks coffee but has not been exposed to pre workouts or fat burners regularly. Users will see a definite increase in energy, appetite suppression and more notable weight loss on the scales.

    fat burners ranked
    DY – Black Bombs


  7. Medium to Strong

    Fat burners ranked as Medium to Strong will be for someone who trains regularly and has used pre workouts on a semi regular basis. Users will see a stronger increase in energy, increase in body temp, noticeable weight loss on the scales and some slight changes in appearance of fatty areas.

    fat burners ranked
    Muscletech – Hydroxycut Hardcore


  8. Strong

    Will suit someone who has used stimulants regularly including coffee, energy drinks and pre workouts. Users will see a large increase in energy and may feel flushed during the day due to thermogenesis (the production of heat leading to fat loss) users will see further weight loss, and definite changes in body shape when looking in the mirror.

    fat burners ranked
    Muscle Elements – 212


  9. Very Strong

    For people looking for fast effective results. Will increase energy all day. Will help supress appetite, users will see the benefits of thermogenesis. Can be used as a pre workout. Not to be used with other stimulant based products.

    fat burners ranked
    Transcend Supplements – Thermo Burn XXX
    fat burners ranked
    JD Nutraceuticals – Thermo Melt


  10. Extreme

    The strongest Fat burners ranked on the market, delivering the fastest most effective results. Not for beginners. Users will see a Huge increase in energy and thermogenesis. Users can expect to see significant fat loss on both the scales and in physical appearance in a relatively short period of time. Not to be used with coffee, energy drinks, pre workouts or other stimulant based products.

    fat burners ranked
    Growth Labs Australia – Lipodrine

    fat burners ranked
    Alpha One Labs – OBLITR8
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5 Powerful Supplements for Lowering High Estrogen Levels

Your body’s hormones are like a seesaw. When they’re perfectly balanced, your body works as it should. But when you have High Estrogen, you may begin experiencing problems.

Estrogen is known as the “female” hormone. Testosterone is known as the “male” hormone. Although each hormone is identified with a specific sex, both are found in women and men. On average, women have higher levels of estrogen and men have more testosterone.

In women, estrogen helps initiate sexual development. Along with another female sex hormone known as progesterone, it also regulates a woman’s menstrual cycle and affects her entire reproductive system. In premenopausal women, estrogen and progesterone levels vary from one stage of the menstrual cycle to another.

Although it’s called the female hormone, a man’s body also makes estrogen. A healthy balance of estrogen and testosterone is important for sexual growth and development. When these hormones become imbalanced, your sexual development and function may be affected.

High Estrogen

Symptoms of high estrogen

  • Acne. When estrogen gets high and progesterone is low. Therefore we end up with more DHT, which then causes sebum production to increase, leading to more oily skin, clogged pores and acne.
  • Water retention. Increased estrogen can lead to water retention which causes swelling in the hands and feet, through the midsection, or all throughout the body.
  • Weight gain. Estrogen and progesterone are the two primary female sex hormones. These chemicals are produced mainly in your sex organs, but are also produced or converted into forms of estrogen in other places such as fat tissue.
  • Infertility. Estrogen is partly responsible for creating healthy sperm. When estrogen levels are high, sperm levels may fall and lead to fertility issues.
  • Gynecomastia. Estrogen may stimulate breast tissue growth. Men with too much estrogen may develop gynecomastia, a condition which leads to larger breasts.
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED). Men with high levels of estrogen may have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection.

Below we have listed the top 5 Most powerful supplements for lowering high estrogen levels.



Zinc is one of the 24 essential minerals. It regulates more than 100 enzymes in the body and is known for its testosterone boosting effects. However zinc is also a potent estrogen blocker… It works by inhibiting the aromatase enzyme, which converts testosterone molecules into estrogen via aromatization. One study, found out that zinc defiency can more than double the amount and activity of the estrogen receptors. Zinc defiency is much more common than people think, as we need at least 15 mg’s of zinc daily, due to the fact that our bodies can’t store it, nor can they synthesize it. So to inhibit the aromatase enzyme and block estrogen, you should eat tons of oysters and steak, and on top of that maybe supplement with some zinc orotate (most potent form with highest bio-availibity).


Resveratrol is one of the antioxidant polyphenols in red grapes. It’s also one of the key compounds making red wine somewhat healthy. Recent research has shown that resveratrol may have some potent aromatase inhibiting qualities… One study found that resveratrol inhibits aromatase enzyme and blocks estrogen inside breast cancer cells. And another found that it was effective at lowering estrogen levels inside the human placental JEG-3 cells. Further studies are needed to validate these claims, but so far resveratrol seems very promising. When supplementing with resveratrol, make sure that it’s derived from grape skins, instead of Japanese knotweed which is estrogenic.

High Estrogen


DIM (Diindoylmethane) is a compound occurring naturally in crusiferous vegetables. It works through 2 mechanisms… Firstly, it helps the liver to metabolize estrogen. Secondly, it converts strong estrogen derivates into their less potent form. You can get DIM by eating tons of crusiferous vegetables (broccoli, kale, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, etc)… Or if you want a stronger dose of the compound, you can also supplement with DIM extract (make sure to get a product that’s not derived from soy).


Myomin is a Chinese herbal mixture, relatively new discovery for me. It contains the following herbs: Aralia dasyphyllia, Cucuma zedoria, Cyperus rotundus, and Smilax glabra Roxb. According to the manufacturers it’s a combination of Chinese herbs known for their aromatase inhibiting effects, designed for both men and women to lower high estrogen. At first I was bit skeptical about the claims, as I had never heard of those herbs before. But then I found few studies and case reports of the supplement more than halving estrogen levels. I was still a bit skeptical, so I checked Amazon’s customer reviews about Myomin, and found out that there was a lot of guys who had increased their testosterone levels and succesfully reduced their high estradiol with Myomin. So it seems like this mix may have some very beneficial effects. And that’s why I’m going to test this brand out as soon as possible.

High Estrogen


Calcium-D-Glucarate is a fiber found in the “jelly” portion of most dark berries. It works as a β-glucuronidase inhibitor, and has a detoxifying effect on estrogen molecules… In human words this means that Calcium-D-Glucarate binds into already metabolized estrogen molecules and helps them to exit the body via intestines without being reabsorbed through the intestial walls. Unfortunately Calcium-D-Glucarate isn’t that well covered in research, but I managed to dig out a rat study where it reduced estrogen levels by 23% when compared to placebo.

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The Most Powerful Fat burner in Existence; How Lipodrine is Changing the Industry

I love writing articles on new and exciting things that hit the market. Anything that is cutting edge or has a point of difference always pricks up my ears. A few months ago a product came to my attention, not only for the fact that its ads were plastered all over my news feed, but the main company selling it was also one who I regularly write articles for – Universal Supplements. Pretty biased right? Well to be honest my first reaction to its claims were sceptical. I have seen many products come and go that claim to assist in fat loss but when it comes down to the crunch results seem negligible. This product seemed different. It was called Lipodrine.



What makes Lipodrine so Different?

Not to be confused with the American product LipodrEne which contains the illegal inclusion of ephedrine. This is a product produced by the company Growth Labs Australia. An Australian product, that people are going absolutely bonkers for, I had to find out more. I contacted Growth Labs Australia to find out just what Lipodrine’s point of difference was. I must admit I was impressed with the response and even more impressed when I tried the product for myself. But we will get to that.


So what is it that makes Lipodrine so different? The innovative team at Growth Labs Australia had tapped into some key problems with existing products. There were also some hurdles to overcome with recent changes to laws surrounding supplements and the ingredients used. Firstly GLA (Growth Labs Australia) realised that generally a capsule product is preferred to a powdered product that must be mixed as a drink. This is nothing new, there’s plenty of companies manufacturing capsule products. But there’s an issue with capsules that doesn’t come with powdered products. The issue is SPACE. You simply can’t fit as much into a capsule as you can in a scoop of powder. So how did they get around it? well… They kept the ingredient profile simple. Combine only 5 ingredients. 5 powerful ingredients that interact perfectly with each other. 5 ingredients that could be clinically dosed within a capsule. 5 ingredients that are backed by peer reviewed studies and clinical trials. No pixie dust, no blends of 20 ingredients leaving dosages minuscule. So what are they? they’re listed plain as day on the labels but I thought I’d go through them for you and explain exactly what each one does:

1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine (Caffeine)

1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine is a central nervous system stimulant that reduces fatigue and drowsiness, in addition to improving reaction time, wakefulness, concentration, and motor coordination.

It has also been shown delay or prevent sleep and improves task performance during sleep deprivation. Shift workers who use 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine make fewer mistakes due to drowsiness.

1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine also has psychoactive effects that promote alertness, attention, and task switching.

It is a proven ergogenic aid in humans. which means it improves athletic performance in aerobic (especially endurance sports) and anaerobic conditions. 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine also increases basal metabolic rate in adults, which means more fat burned by doing absolutely nothing!

1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine improves muscular strength and power, and may enhance muscular endurance. It also enhances performance on anaerobic tests. Consumption before constant load exercise has been shown in peer reviewed studies to reduce perceived exertion. This Means that supplementing with 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine makes torturous exercise feel easier, allowing you to train harder for longer!


5-Hydroxytryptophan is a necessary precursor for the brain to produce more serotonin.

Serotonin is an important chemical and neurotransmitter in the human body. It is believed to help regulate mood and social behavior, appetite and digestion, sleep, memory, and sexual desire and function. It has been shown that taking 5-Hydroxytryptophan orally will speed up serotonin production.

5-Hydroxytryptophan has also been long used off-label to treat obesity (by promoting weight loss).



N,N-dimethyltyramine is a nootropic that is effective for both cognitive and athletic enhancement. For anyone trying to lose weight, N,N-dimethyltyramine can boost one’s metabolism while decreasing appetite. For this same reason, bodybuilders take N,N-dimethyltyramine as it promotes fat loss but encourages strength.

It is also commonly used by individuals who are looking to achieve an upper edge within the workplace, as it promotes focus, motivation, and energy levels. These varied effects make this supplement ideal for a wide range of people, who are looking to achieve a wide range of benefits.

Higenamine HCL

Higenamine is a chemical found in several plants including aconite, Annona squamosa, Nandina domestica (sacred bamboo), and others.

In supplements, higenamine is showing amazing results as a pre-workout supplement for improving athletic performance. As an added bonus it has also been shown to be effective for weight loss, cough, asthma, and erectile dysfunction.

Synephrine HCL

Synephrine is a naturally occurring substance known as an alkaloid that’s found in plants. It’s particularly abundant in the bitter orange fruit, which is why it’s often referred to by that name. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, synephrine has been in use for thousands of years, obtained mainly via citrus peels. It’s chemically similar to the ephedrine and pseudoephedrine found in many medications, weight loss and energy supplements.

Accordingly, synephrine impacts the adrenal system of the human body and increases basal metabolic rate, which accounts for up to 70% of your daily caloric expenditure.

If you want to lose fat, you need to burn more energy than you eat. Thus, anything that helps you burn more energy (like synephrine), can help you lose fat faster.

Synephrine is also often referred to as a “stubborn fat burner.” And the great news is there’s a plethora of studies to back it up. The bottom line is most people who supplement with synephrine lose fat faster.


The Stimulant Issue, New Laws and New Innovations

The only other thing plaguing GLA was a change in supplements laws in Australia. Towards the end of 2017 the government put a ban on the use of all Methylated Alkylamines which were the main class of stimulant used in all fat burners and pre workouts up to that point. They gave energy, drive, focus and a euphoric sensation that users loved. But GLA discovered something they could do with Caffeine. Humble caffeine doesn’t get too many people screaming hallelujah from the rooftops these days. After all it is relatively mild compared to the stimulants previously used… or is it? Caffeine can give great energy drive and focus, but its lacking that euphoric sensation I mentioned earlier. Luckily a compound exists known as 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan). 5-HTP doesnt give much energy, drive or focus, BUT it allows for the release more serotonin AKA the feel good hormone. Mix Caffeine with 5-HTP and you have a Powerful stimulant that gives energy, drive and focus as well as the euphoric sensation that everybody loves. It’s a knockout punch.


What Did I Think?

If I was going to write an article on this stuff I thought I’d better give it a go. After all who doesn’t want to lose a couple extra kgs?

Initial thoughts… “This stuff is strong.” For probably the first week I felt like I had downed 3 energy drinks and two strong coffees about 20 mins after consuming. I also felt a little flushed in the face, a kind of warm sensation. Although it was strong I pressed on. I stepped on the scales at the end of week 1 with anticipation. I hadn’t changed anything other than taking Lipodrine. I was down 900g which was great but I guess I hoped for a miracle overnight.

Week 2 was the week things really got exciting. I decided to try and give my Lipodrine its best shot of working. I’m generally pretty active anyway but I decided to also cut out soft drink. I don’t have a lot, maybe 3 cans a week but I cut it out anyway. The side effects in week 2 were nowhere near as bad as week one. In fact I really started to enjoy the energy I felt and I was far less flushed. Once again I stepped on the scales… Another 1.3kg down! this meant that in 2 weeks I had lost over 2 kg’s! I was over the moon!

I’m currently nearing the end of week 3 as I write this article and I have to say I’m impressed. I can physically see a change in my body and I feel the number is going to be just as exciting as week 2. I guess you could say I went from a sceptic to a preacher. Lipodrine is by far the best weight loss supplement I’ve ever tried. Id encourage anyone who is struggling to lose weight or has hit a plateau to give it a try. What have you got to lose?


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Calories from Alcohol

That occasional drink that many of us enjoy may seem harmless enough, but do you know how much calories you’re consuming, or how the alcohol may be hindering your weight loss goals? If you don’t know the answer to these questions read on.

calories from alcohol

Alcohol and weight gain

Everything we put into our mouths whether to eat or drink (except for water) contains calories and alcohol is no exception to the rule. In fact alcohol is very high in calories at 7calories per gram of alcohol; this is almost as many calories as pure fat!

Alcohol has absolutely no nutritional value, can cause sugar and fat cravings and can promote weight gain. when we drink alcohol our bodies will process it first, that is before fats, carbs and protein, this is because our bodies simply cannot store alcohol, so to get rid of it the body will use it as energy this actually hinders our bodies ability to burn fat as our bodies will store our normal sources of energy (carbs and protein) protein and carbs as fat and use the alcohol instead.

calories from alcohol

How many calories?

To effectively loss weight we need to be consuming 250-500calories less per day. We are told that we should limit our drinking to 1-2 glasses of alcohol per day, but this amount can seriously hinder our weight loss plans and actually cause us to pack on extra kilos.

This table will show you the amount of calories in a serve of alcohol and how many minutes of running it will take to burn these calories off.

Alcoholic Drink Serving Calories per serve Alcohol per serve Time running
Beer 375ml 154cal 18.8g 13minutes
Light Beer 375ml 94cal 8.3g 9 minutes
Low-Carb Beer 375ml 110cal 18g 10minutes
White Wine 200ml glass 189cal 18.3g 18minutes
Red Wine 200ml glass 133cal 18.3g 12minutes
Spirits 1 shot (30mls) 60cal 12g 6minutes
Water Any 0 0 0


So as you can see you will need to spend 13minutes running to burn off one glass of beer. Think it doesn’t seem bad? Well do you actually go out running? And how many serves are you having? Most of the time people don’t stop at one drink and there is where we start to run into trouble. If you drink a whole 6 pack of beer your looking at 925caloires consumed and 1hr and 18mins of running to burn it off. Keep in mind that this is ON TOP of your daily calorie intake and exercise schedule.

calories from alcohol

What should I drink?

Ideally we wouldn’t drink alcohol at all, but this approach is not for everyone. If you do enjoy kicking back and having a couple of drinks then there are some simple tips to help your reduce the overall calorie intake.

  • Drink low calorie alcoholic beverages- there are companies out there that make low calorie versions of drinks. These are usually called “light” or “low calorie” and will result in a much smaller beer belly.
  • Choose soda water, fresh juice or low calorie drinks to use as your mixers if you like your spirits.
  • Drink water in between every alcoholic drink will reduce your total calorie intake and reduce the amount of alcohol you’re drinking, meaning less of a headache in the morning.

calories from alcohol


So now you know the answers! Alcohol is full of calories, promotes weight gain and is nutritionally worthless, not to mention toxic. You don’t have to be dieting to watch your calorie intake, start now and you may not have to diet in the future!

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The X50 Revolution

We are always on the hunt for the best and newest product out there and Tribeca Health’s Green Tea X50 is definitely turning some heads. Green Tea X50 delivers a convenient way to lose weight, boost metabolism and detoxify your body in one simple and delicious drink.


What is it?

Green Tea X50 is a green tea energy drink that comes in different flavoured sachets that can be easily mixed into water to create a refreshing healthy drink.  The main use of this wonderful product is for aiding with weight loss and weight maintenance although it has many other health benefits including increasing energy, boosting antioxidants and supporting our cardiovascular health.

It is low sugar, low GI, gluten free and aspartame free making it an extremely healthy option. It contains only 7 calories and up to 20 cups of green tea polyphenols per serve.


Weight loss

Green tea naturally contains two well-known fat blasting ingredients, caffeine, a stimulant and ECGE, an antioxidant. The antioxidant ECGC helps to inhibit the hormone that breaks down norepinephrine, when this happens norepinephrine increases in our body. Why is that important? Well norepinephrine is the hormone that signals our cells to break down fat so the more norepinephrine released into our bodies the higher and stronger the signal. Caffeine works in excellent synergy with ECGC, it is a natural stimulant that will improve exercise performance, increase our metabolisms and help aid in the breakdown of fat. With these two ingredients the results are phenomenal.

Green tea will also reduce our appetites which mean we eat fewer calories without even trying!


Health Benefits

Not only does Green Tea X50 help us to lose weight, which is a major health benefit alone, it also provides us with many other health benefits. The major of these benefits is the high amounts of antioxidants. Antioxidants fight against free radicals that enter our bodies; these nasty molecules are everywhere, in our air, in our food and even in our sunshine. Free radicals can cause rapid ageing, damage to cells and our DNA, heart disease, stroke and cancer. Antioxidants quickly sweep through our bodies and neutralise free radicals which will prevent any further damage. This is why antioxidants are so important for our health and well being. Green Tea X50 will also remove stubborn fat from around our organs which greatly reduces our risk of heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes and other obesity related illnesses.



I can’t find a reason not to start taking this amazing weight loss product! It will help you lose weight; prevent cancer, its easy and super yummy! What’s not to love?