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Why Take Vitamin Supplements?

Vitamins are extremely important for our general health and well being they are essential micro nutrients that our bodies cannot make in sufficient quantities and therefore must be obtained from the diet or supplementation. They aid with many different processes in the body and can help to prevent many different diseases and even aid in treatments. If our body begins to lack a certain vitamin we will soon know about it, vitamin deficiency can produce a number of horrible symptoms and even some diseases, a deficiency also stops certain bodily functions which in turn stops even more functions. It is so important to get our vitamins every day and when lacking in your diet a supplement may be your best friend.

Why Take Vitamin Supplements

Fill dietary gaps

We all know how important it is for us to eat a wide range of healthy foods in our diets to achieve an adequate vitamin intake but how many of us actually reach that daily target? It is not as easy as we think. This is when a multi vitamin supplement can come in extremely handy to ensure we fill the gaps that our diets are lacking.
There are many reasons why people can become deficient in any certain vitamin, for example:

• Many of us tend to skip meals, this can be from laziness, we may be too busy to eat or we simply forget and it has become habit. When we skip a meal our body losses the opportunity to receive more vitamins thus potentially creating a deficiency.
• We may be avoiding certain food groups. For example many of us are not getting our 2 fruit and 5 veg a day, or we are not mixing these fruits and vegies up enough, this means again our body will not receive these vital nutrients gained from eating these foods and we will begin to lack in vitamins which is never good.
• Poor food choices. Eating takeaway or having a sneaky snack every now and then is perfectly fine but when we make a habit of choosing these foods over other foods we simply are not able to fit in enough good food choices, which are what actually contain our daily vitamins.

Why Take Vitamin Supplements

Doctors Orders

If we start to present with certain symptoms we may begin to wonder if the reason is our diet. A Dr can do a blood test to check for nutrient deficiency’s and if found they will more than likely advice you to star5t a single supplement to prevent total deficiency, disease and get your body back to working order. For example:

• Vitamin A
Vimentin A is essential for our eye health, if we begin to lack in vitamin A we would begin to notice symptoms of night blindness, damage to the eyes, vision loss, respiratory conditions and other immune issues.
• Vitamin D
Vital for the absorption of calcium in the bones which is essential for growth and strength. Without vitamin D you will become much more vulnerable to broken bones, softening of the bones, high risk of breast and prostate cancers, diabetes and high blood pressure.
• Vitamin C
Protects the cells from damage and is essential for the making of collagen which is a protein found in muscle tissues, scars, tendons and cartridge. A diet deficient in vitamin C is the reason people can get the disease called scurry, a disease which has the symptoms of fatigue, weakness, pale skin, sunken eyes, muscle pain, poor appetite, irritability, aching joints, fever, diarreah and shortness of breath.
• B Vitamins

There are a few different B vitamins that all aid in different processes such as metabolism, creating red blood cells, neurological conditions, nerve and muscle health. Without adequate B vitamins we soon become deficient and symptoms such as memory loss, depression, anxiety, decreased hearing, abnormal growth in children, Lack of energy, and increased heart rate, among other symptoms.

Why Take Vitamin Supplements


• Taking vitamin supplements should never replace a healthy diet; they are there to “supplement” your diet and help to fill in any gaps.
• Vitamin deficiencies can cause many internal and external problems with our bodies.
• Vitamins need to be eaten or supplemented daily at adequate amounts or our bodies to be able to work at appropriate levels.

So please think about your diet, can it be improved, are you getting all the vitamins you need on a daily basis, or are you showing symptoms of deficiency? A good place to start is with making dietary adjustments, starting on a good quality multi and maybe having a chat with your Doc!

Why Take Vitamin Supplements

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Top 10 Best Vitamins for Women

woman vitamin

Once upon a time the fitness and supplement industry was considered a mans game. Buffed, beefy behemoths throwing weights around dungeon style gyms and finishing up with a fist full of vitamins washed down with an extreme gainer shake. Well no more! The game has changed.

In an Australian Bureau of Statistics study, 29% of Australians reported taking at least one dietary supplement a day. Astonishingly, females were more likely than males to take a dietary supplement (33% and 24% respectively)

woman vitamin

Dietary supplements fall into a range of categories including vitamins, minerals, oils, herbs and other nutritive and non-nutritive supplements. But lets focus on the most commonly used…Vitamins.

With women making up an enormous percentage of supplement users lets take a look at the best vitamins for women. Threre are literally hundreds of great beneficial supplements women could take but lets narrow it down to a top 10:

  1. Vitamin A – Promotes healthy bones, teeth and skin
  2. B Vitamins – Gives Energy, helps convert food into fuel
  3. Vitamin C – Important for All growth and repair, healthy skin, cartilage, tendons ligaments and blood vesselsKeeps bones strong and healthy
  4. Vitamin D – Helps maintain calcim levels in the blood and helps with absorbtion of Calcium
  5. Vitamin E – Destroys cancer causing free radicals, anti aging benefits
  6. Vitamin K – Promotes healthy blood
  7. Biotin –  Helps break down foods into energy, fatty acids and amino acids so our body can make better use of them
  8. Calcium – Keeps bones strong and healthy
  9. Folate – Repairs damaged DND and RNA. Also produces healthy red blood cells
  10. Choline – Promotes healthy liver function, nerve function, muscle movement, metabolism and energy

This is not to say that every woman should run to the local supplement store and grab a months supply of each an every vitamin listed. Many can be found in foods and optimal levels can be reached. However it is wise to look for a good quality womens multi vitamin containing most of the vitamins listed.

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