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Can I Trust My Tap Water?

can trust tap water

Water is our most precious resource, it’s essential to life, we drink it, bathe in it, use it for cleaning and we even play in it. Have you ever watched the water coming out of the tap and wondered how safe it really is? Here is the low down on our water quality.

Water Quality in Australia

Australia’s drinking water guidelines are some of the strictest guidelines in the world, leaving us with some of the safest drinking water out there. Our tap water is being monitored and tested on a daily basis; you can even look up the tests on your water suppliers websites. Our tap water is highly filtered and disinfected to prevent contaminants such as parasites, bacteria and chemicals. This ensures that our tap water is of the highest quality and is absolutely safe for us to use for drinking, bathing and playing.

can trust tap water


There are a number of things that can contaminate our water supply but with our strict guidelines on water quality these things are removed or killed before they reach our taps. These contaminants can be parasites, bacteria, debris, chemicals and heavy metals. To remove these potential hazards our water suppliers use filtration plants that are situated all over Australia, these filters will remove even the tiny giardia and cryptosporidium parasites from our water supply. The water suppliers also add a small amount of chlorine to disinfect our water from bacteria and to further ensure our water is safe. Chlorine is added at safe levels that will not harm us when we drink it. Our water is then continually tested with over 70 different lab tests to ensure that the supply is safe at all times.

For drinking, our water is very safe but our water should not be used for certain activities. Using our water straight from the tap to perform a nasal rinse is not a safe bet. Although our water is highly filtered, some parasites can escape into our water and they can be deadly. If we drink these parasites our stomach acids quickly kill them and that’s, that, it’s only if they are forced up into our noses that this is a problem. Safest bet, boiled water before nasal washes and don’t let children squirt water up their noses.

can trust tap water

Bottled water

With scares in the past many people have turned to bottled water instead of tap water. While the picture on the bottle may have a beautiful lake with fresh water, many times this is not where the water is coming from. Bottled water does not need to adhere to the same high standards as tap water does and contamination can happen much easier. Bottled water also leaves a high carbon footprint, it needs to be bottled, transferred to shops, refrigerated and recycled (although most bottles art) so for the environmentalists bottled water is not the best choice.


With Australia’s high standards of water quality it’s not hard to see why our water is so safe to drink. Our tap water is involved in so many daily activities which involve the whole family and we can be well assured that it is not doing us any harm and is of the highest quality.

So drink up and rest easy, when it comes to quality water, Australia’s got this!

can trust tap water