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Best Supplement Combos – The Power of Synergy

Never underestimate the power of synergy. Synergy is the term used to describe the use of two or more substances that when combined together produce astounding results compared to when used alone. When certain supplements are combined they work together as one giant supplement that will dramatically increase your results and get you hitting your goals so much faster. Here are my top powerful supplement combos for muscle gain, fat loss, and more.

best supplement combos

Muscle gain

If it’s nice lean and toned muscle or huge gains you’re after then these combos will yield amazing results.

  • Protein- what can I say, protein is the building blocks of muscle, without it we simply cannot grow. Protein contains amino acids that will promote protein synthesis and have you reaching your goals at a good rate.

Combining protein with one or more of the following supplements will really amp up your results.

  • Creatine and dextrose- when these two are combined you can achieve more muscle mass then using them alone. How do they work? Creatine is an amino acid that promotes the production of ATP, our primary energy molecule. Simply when we use ce4atine we will notice greater strength, endurance and mass. To give creatine a boost adding dextrose is very beneficial. Dextrose is a simple carb that when released into our body will revert into glucose and then can be stored as glycogen in our muscles, thus giving us more energy and increased endurance. Dextrose allows for a faster absorption of creatine into our muscles due to the spike of insulin it gives us. So by combining the two supplements together you are going to achieve greater endurance, which leads to greater mass and faster gains.
  • BCAA’s- Branch chain amino acids, are three important amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine that promote protein synthesis and muscle tissue repair. They will enable you to work out more often due to increased repair rates and therefore lead to greater muscle gains and mass.
best supplement combos

Fat loss

Thermogenic or fat burners are excellent supplements for when you are trying to get rid of body fat. They work by speeding up metabolism, suppressing appetites and increasing energy.

  • Caffeine and green tea extract- most fat burners contain both these ingredients and it’s simply because they are both potent and work well together. Caffeine will bind fat cells together and enable the fat to be removed from them, whilst inhibiting the storage of more fat. Green tea contains powerful antioxidants that not only help to metabolise fat, they also defend against free radicals throughout your body. Green tea will stop the break down in the enzyme norephrine, by stopping the breakdown of this enzyme you will keep fat burning active for longer which is especially handy when caffeine is removing fat from cells.

These two ingredients will work especially well when combined with the following:

  • L-carnitine and forskolin-Firstly forskolin will release fat into the bloodstream in into tissues like muscles, this is where L- carnitine comes in, it will help to transfer the fat into the tissues cells where is can be burned and used as energy! A very effective duo indeed.
best supplement combos

Sleep combos?

There are some combos out there that most of us wouldn’t even think of. Need better sleep?

  • Stimulants and sleeping aids- preworkout and fat burners are all stimulant supplements, they give us a boost of energy that will help us to get in the mood to workout, last longer during a workout, help us to lose weight and help with muscle growth. For some of us though stimulants can interfere with a goodnights sleep, causing tiredness, grumpiness and slowed down protein synthesis. To combat the stimulant effect it’s a good idea to use a sleeping aid supplement before bed to enable our bodies to heal. When I say sleep supp I don’t mean a prescription sleeping pill I’m talking about an herbal supplement that works with our natural sleep hormones to get us sleeping better and waking up feeling great. Look for supplements with the following ingredients to ensure you’re getting a good quality product that will actually work: melatonin, ZMA, passionflower and GABA.
best supplement combos


No matter your goal there is a supplement out there to help you reach it, but when we combine certain supps together we can expect a powerful, faster result that will leave you wondering why you didn’t look into combos earlier!