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Supplements Before Surgery

Supplements Before Surgery… Did you know that taking certain supplements 2 weeks before surgery can be dangerous?

Or, that some supplements can increase your body’s natural ability to heal and cope with surgery?

NO? Well here is the down low!

Supplements Before Surgery

Stopping Supplements before surgery

Your surgeon will ask you about any medications you may be taking but you must remember to let them know of any dietary supplements you are on as well, just because the label says “natural” does not mean it is safe. Some supplements need to be stopped completely before surgery as they can pose a risk of bleeding, interactions and more.

Many powerful drugs and even poisons are based on natural products, and it is shown that these products have a strong effect on one’s body, so you can see why it is important to tell your Doc what you are taking.

Many people avoid telling Drs about supplements they are using simply to avoid the Drs disapproving frown, but remember many Drs are not very familiar with the benefits of dietary supplements, so don’t let this alone cause potential dangers when undergoing surgery.

Many supplements interact with commonly prescribed medication and this can include the anaesthesia that will be used during your surgery. Below are some common supplements that should be stopped atleast 2 weeks prior to surgery:

Supplements Before Surgery

Supplements to consider before surgery

With any type of surgery your body needs to heal, this doesn’t just miraculously happen it takes time and effort and is done on a cellular level. Surgery really takes it toll on the body and leaves a path of destruction that the body will need to repair,  it takes many vitamins, minerals and amino acids to completely repair your body and adding the correct supplements to your diet may help to benefit you in more ways than one. Here is a list of supplements to think about using to help your body to recover at optimal levels:

  • Vitamin C

Builds collagen within the body, vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that supports the immune system.

  • Vitamin A

Supports immune system and aids collagen strength. Also required for bone development.

Supplements Before Surgery

  • Zinc

An essential trace mineral involved in tissue and wound healing, regeneration and repair.

  • Vitamin K

Aids the natural blood clotting response and is important for bone health.

  • B-Vitamins

Cellular metabolism, tissue repair and immune support.

Supplements Before Surgery

  • Vitamin D & Calcium

Important for bone health.

  • Magnesium

Mineral involved in approximately 300 biochemical reactions.

  • Amino Acids (L-Arginine, L-Glutamine)

Two key amino acids for wound repair and immune function.

So now you know the importance of being totally honest with your Dr and you even have a bit of insight on healing your body quickly.

By providing the healing blocks for your body and by removing the potentially dangerous supplements you can expect a much smoother operation and faster recovery.

Supplements Before Surgery

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Top 10 Workout Supplements for Women

Top 10 Workout Supplements for Women

The big question, what supplements are going to help me as a woman get the results I want? Firstly decide what your goals are, are you looking to lose weight, gain muscle? Become fitter? Your main goal will better determine your best supplement, next take a look at your training program, does it suit your goals? Are you training hard enough, long enough? Now take a look at your diet, this is usually where a lot of women are lacking, writing a food diary for a week can show you just what you are eating and how you can improve it. Now you have these things in check it’s time to look at supplements. There are a whole range of supplements out there so it can become very confusing as to which are best for you, I am going to list the top 10 workout supplements for women here and explain exactly why they have made it to the list!

Top 10 Workout Supplements for Women

  1. Protein powder

Always my first choice no matter what goal you have in mind. Protein is the building blocks of muscle, don’t let this fact scare you away though, you won’t end up looking like Arnie, I promise! Building lean muscle on women is totally different to building it on men. Your body will naturally build a more feminine, leaner and more toned physic once you have started to work out and the best way of getting this dream body quicker is to add a protein shake post workout.

  1. Fat burner

A thermogenic fat burner is one of the most popular supplements out there. These fat burners work by increasing our core temperature, so you may feel a bit hot and sweaty, which in return speeds up our metabolism and helps us to shed these unwanted kilos of body fay. A thermogenic fat burner is also going suppress your appetite and give you more energy throughout the day.

Top 10 Workout Supplements for Women

  1. Creatine

Creatine is one of the safest and most researched supplements out there! Its main purpose is to create and store more energy in our bodies by creating more ATP molecules (our energy transfer molecules). This will help us get those last couple of reps in meaning stronger muscles and a leaner physic.

  1. Bcaas

If you have recently started to workout you will notice that for a couple of days afterwards everything hurts. This is because when we workout we create micro tears in our muscles that need to be repaired. A BCAA supplement is exactly what you need to combat those aches and pains after a workout. BCAA stands for branched chain amino acids which are three different amino acids that are used in the body to repair damaged muscle and tissue these amino acids are leucine, isoleucine and valine. When you take a bcaa supplement you will be able to recover quicker and therefore you will grow lean muscle quicker!

Top 10 Workout Supplements for Women

  1. Women’s multi vitamin

If you have made all the necessary tweaks to your diet and you are eating a wide variety of grains, vegies, fruit, dairy and lean meats then you are most likely to be receiving all the different vitamins and minerals, but now that you are working out your body will have a higher demand for these vitamins and minerals and therefore a women’s multi is an excellent choice. A multi vitamin will fill any gaps in your diet and leave you feeling healthy and happier.

  1. Preworkout

Pre workouts are a booster for your workout session that will enable you to have more energy and last longer in your session. Preworkout are an easy way to get more energy and leave you feeling like you can take on the world. They come in a drink or tablet form and you take them 15-20 prior to your workout to allow them time to take effect.

Top 10 Workout Supplements for Women

  1. Omega 3

Your omega 3 fatty acids play an important role in the body, they aid in many different health issues such as preventing heart disease and neurological problems, they can help to fight cancer and they also help to rebuild the cells in your joints. It’s a no brainer to add omega 3s into your daily diet for optimal health.

  1. Sleep supplement

It is so important that you are getting enough zzz’s every night, but with our busy and stressful lifestyles these days insomnia, night waking and more sleep disorders are on the rise. It comes down to the facts, if you don’t sleep well enough and for long enough your body starts to go crazy, sleep is when we heal, when we grow and sometimes the only way for our bodies to relax, so if sleep is an issue for you defiantly find a good quality sleep supplement.

Top 10 Workout Supplements for Women

  1. Greens supplement

So your diet may be great filled with an array of fruit and vegies and maybe you’re even taking a multivitamin but you are still going to benefit from a greens supplement. A greens supplement will help to keep your bodies PH levels balanced, an unbalanced PH level in your body can eat to excessive cortisol, decreased bone function and impaired thyroid function. A greens supplement can also help to fill in those gaps that may be lacking in your diet.

  1. Test boosters

What on earth???? I know sounds strange these can actually help with menopausal symptoms, they help with weight loss and more. As we age our testosterone levels start to decrease this is why older women find it even harder to lose weight. When our estrogen becomes too high our body will store more fat, we can become more depressed and we tend to be generally lazier. Supplementing with a test booster is a safe and natural way to get our natural testosterone levels back in check.


So there you have it, my top 10 workout supplements for women. Now you can get ahead with training, look great and feel great!

Go get em girls!

Top 10 Workout Supplements for Women

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The Best Weight Loss Supplements For Women

Weight Loss Supplements For Women

Want to turbocharge your fat loss? Add these fat burning Weight Loss Supplements For Women to your diet to help you shred that stubborn fat!

  1. Thermogenic

The number one choice for fat burning is going to be adding a thermogenic fat burner into your morning routine. Thermogenic work by heating up your core temperature which in turn will speed up your metabolism this is called thermogenesis; a faster metabolism means more calories burnt, which means more fat loss. They also act as appetite suppressants, meaning you won’t be reaching for those naughty treats anymore and you will no longer be over eating.

All thermogenic contain different ingredients, some of which I will touch on here, so they all work slightly different to each other. Researching a product is helpful before you choose one.

Weight Loss Supplements For Women

  1. L-Carnitine

The second best supplement for turbocharged fat loss would have to the amino acid L-carnitine. This beauty works by using your body’s fat stores as its primary energy source and because of this it prevents further fat to be stored in your body.  L- Carnitine also works as an appetite suppressant and an energy booster giving you the boost you need to help you burn more calories.

  1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an excellent vitamin for aiding in fat loss. Our most abundant source is from the sun. but it can be taken in a vitamin form if levels are low. It helps to ensure your body’s cells listen and respond correctly to insulin. Insulin helps to move glucose (which comes from carbohydrates, and is the body’s main source of fuel) into the body’s cells to be burned as energy. If the cells are not responding to insulin well enough then it’s more likely that those calories you are eating will end up as fat rather than being used as energy.

A lack of vitamin D can also stop the hormone leptin from releasing. Leptin is responsible for signalling your brain to stop eating, without this hormone you are bound to just keep packing on those calories.

Weight Loss Supplements For Women

  1. Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3fatty acids are found most abundantly in fatty fish like salmon. Although they sound counterproductive they actually turn on the enzymes that trigger fat burning within the cells. Omegas 3s also help to boost your mood which can help prevent emotional binge eating. They can also promote leptin signalling.

Weight Loss Supplements For Women

  1. CLA

CLA is a strong fat burner found in dairy products. CLAs are another source of fatty acids that help promote fat burning within the cells, especially in our muscles where most of our fat burning takes place. CLA also promotes blood glucose enter our cells so it is burned for energy instead of being stored as fat.

  1. Polyphenols

These are powerful antioxidants that are found in green tea, they help to boost resting metabolic rate which in turn helps us to burn fatter at a faster pace. You can notice its strong effect as you are actually drinking the tea, your body will heat up and use calories as heat. Drinking green tea instead of eating when feel like eating but aren’t really hungry as it will warm you up and reduce food cravings.

Weight Loss Supplements For Women

These are my favourite fat blasting supplements and you can easily add all these to your diet by taking a few different supplements or even better if you use a thermogenic with these properties in it.

So if your truly serious about blasting away that fat then give these supps a go, I promise you’ll love me for it!

Go on, charge it up ladies!

Weight Loss Supplements For Women

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Supplements To Help You Sleep

Supplements To Help You Sleep

Supplements To Help You SleepHow is your sleep? For most adults today sleep could be much better, for many reasons we are not getting sufficient sleep causing more stress on our bodies and in our already fast paced lives. Sleep is one of the most important things for our body, it’s when we recharge, heal and grow. Although some of us can turn out the light, lay down and sleep like a baby for 8hrs or so, for a lot of us it just isn’t that simple, pain, anxiety, depression, illness stress can all contribute to night of tossing and turning,  insomnia and night waking. Most people assume prescription sleeping pills are the only answer, while these are good they can come with some nasty side effects, but never fear, there is a more natural way to catch up on that much needed shut eye there are many available Supplements To Help You Sleep.

How important is sleep?

An adult needs on average 8 hours of sleep per night but some can get by on as little as 6 and others need a good 10. When we miss out on our nightly hours our body really takes a beating, on the outside our personalities are compromised we become tired, moody, irritable and lack attention, you also look tired, puffy eyes, paler skin, dark circles under eyes, underneath the skin our bodies are secretly hating us for not getting sufficient sleep, your body needs time to repair itself every day and with lack of sleep this isn’t possible.

Supplements To Help You Sleep

What are the best supplements to help you sleep?

  • Valerian

The valerian herb is known to promote sleep and relaxation and is also used as a mild sedative. It calms down the nervous system, eases anxiety and helps with those who suffer mild insomnia. There are no natural food sources of valerian so you will need to take it in supplement form, around 400-900mg 2hours before bed.

  • 5-HTP

5-HTP is the precursor amino acid that produces serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that promotes feelings of happiness and also helps to regulate our sleep. Serotonin can also convert into melatonin which is the bodies sleep hormone.

Supplements To Help You Sleep

  • Melatonin

As discussed melatonin is the bodies naturally occurring sleep hormone, it regulates our wake/sleep cycles. Melatonin starts to be produced when it get dark and lasts for roughly 12 hours in the blood, day time levels are barely detectable. However some of us do not produce enough melatonin and therefore have troubles with sleeping, by taking a supplement about 2 hours before bed we can reach much better levels of sleep.

  • L-Theanin

L-Theanin is an amino acid that can be found naturally in green tea. It creates a feeling of calm and relaxation and also stops feelings of anxiety helping us to sleep easier. Take note though, for insomnia take it by itself in supplement form, green tea contains caffeine so will not help you to sleep, rather it will do the opposite.

Supplements To Help You Sleep

So what now?

Sleep is so important to our bodies, if you are having issues sleeping or staying asleep it is important you talk with your Dr to check for medical issues and drug/supplement interactions before starting natural remedies.

Many things affect our sleeping patterns, but bad sleeping patterns are treatable, with the right knowledge and Supplements To Help You Sleep, you can be enjoying a good nights sleep tonight!

Supplements To Help You Sleep

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Supplements for Brain Function, Memory and Cognition

brain function

The human brain is an amazing organ, brain function is continuous, day in and day out from the day to day functions of the body to the mind-boggling actions of falling in love, with so much continuously happening it’s no wonder that as we age we can begin having problems with memory, learning and other brainly functions, plus the fast-paced lifestyle we are living today is causing these problems to arise much earlier than most expect. But never fear there are ways around cognitive decline, there are supplements for prevention and supplements to help when decline has already set in.

brain function

My top brain function supps!

  • Phosphatidylserin

Phosphatidylserine is an important chemical that has many functions throughout your body, the most important being its cell maintenance, especially within the brain. It is also shown to have positive effects on the elderly with or without brain impairment.

This chemical can also show improved focus when used as a pre-trainer allowing you to achieve better results whilst exercising.

Phosphatidylserine supplementation also shows improved cognitive function when studying math.

  • Creatine

Another positive for supplementing with creatine is its ability to improve memory and brain function. The basis is simple, just like your muscles, your brain also uses ATP for energy. Creatine is especially good way to improve short term memory and reasoning skills.

brain function

  • Citicoline

This naturally occurring brain booster is not as heard of as the others but is actually one of the best brain supps out there. It actually reduces the damage from harmful free radicals and inflammation which are actually the top two causes of brain aging. Catiline also helps to build healthy brain cell membranes and raises the levels of two important neurotransmitters dopamine and acetylcholine. Dopamine aids with pleasure, motivation and productivity, acetylcholine is the primary chemical for memory and learning.

  • Curcumin

This brilliant compound found in many the Indian spice turmeric has many brain protecting properties. It raises the levels of dopamine and serotonin, the bodies mood and happiness chemicals which actually increase blood flow to the brain. It has potent antioxidant abilities that reduce free radical damage within the brain preventing cancer and disease. The Indian elders that have consumed turmeric regularly have the lowest rate of Alzheimer’s in the world


brain function

  • Bacopa

Using the herbal supplement Bacopa for brain and cognitive use dates back more than 3000 years. It increases blood flow to the brain which increases the delivery of nutrients and oxygen.

Bacopa is actually considered an apoptogenic herb, there are only a handful of these in existence. They work by balancing the neurotransmitters in the brain. It can calm down a stressed or anxious mind while at the same time enhancing it cognitively without being sedative or stimulatory.

An excellent choice if you are looking for a cognitive enhancer that also alleviates stress and or anxiety.

brain function

  • L-Theanine + Caffeine

This supplement is like meditation in a capsule! It will quiet the mind allowing for greater focus and attention.

L-theanine raises levels of the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, and GABA to promote learning, motivation, and a positive mood.

It works in synergy with caffeine. It will can help you to preform mentally challenging tasks better then caffeine alone and won’t leave you feeling edgy and jittery.

It is also protective against stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


There are many benefits to taking a brain sups including prevention of cognitive decline, sharper focus, and to protect from certain diseases.

Decide what your primary concern is and go from there, you can purchase these supplements singularly or in blended formulas so you are bound to find a perfect match.

Your brain is precious so treat it often.

brain function