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Supplements To Help You Sleep

Supplements To Help You Sleep

Supplements To Help You SleepHow is your sleep? For most adults today sleep could be much better, for many reasons we are not getting sufficient sleep causing more stress on our bodies and in our already fast paced lives. Sleep is one of the most important things for our body, it’s when we recharge, heal and grow. Although some of us can turn out the light, lay down and sleep like a baby for 8hrs or so, for a lot of us it just isn’t that simple, pain, anxiety, depression, illness stress can all contribute to night of tossing and turning,  insomnia and night waking. Most people assume prescription sleeping pills are the only answer, while these are good they can come with some nasty side effects, but never fear, there is a more natural way to catch up on that much needed shut eye there are many available Supplements To Help You Sleep.

How important is sleep?

An adult needs on average 8 hours of sleep per night but some can get by on as little as 6 and others need a good 10. When we miss out on our nightly hours our body really takes a beating, on the outside our personalities are compromised we become tired, moody, irritable and lack attention, you also look tired, puffy eyes, paler skin, dark circles under eyes, underneath the skin our bodies are secretly hating us for not getting sufficient sleep, your body needs time to repair itself every day and with lack of sleep this isn’t possible.

Supplements To Help You Sleep

What are the best supplements to help you sleep?

  • Valerian

The valerian herb is known to promote sleep and relaxation and is also used as a mild sedative. It calms down the nervous system, eases anxiety and helps with those who suffer mild insomnia. There are no natural food sources of valerian so you will need to take it in supplement form, around 400-900mg 2hours before bed.

  • 5-HTP

5-HTP is the precursor amino acid that produces serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that promotes feelings of happiness and also helps to regulate our sleep. Serotonin can also convert into melatonin which is the bodies sleep hormone.

Supplements To Help You Sleep

  • Melatonin

As discussed melatonin is the bodies naturally occurring sleep hormone, it regulates our wake/sleep cycles. Melatonin starts to be produced when it get dark and lasts for roughly 12 hours in the blood, day time levels are barely detectable. However some of us do not produce enough melatonin and therefore have troubles with sleeping, by taking a supplement about 2 hours before bed we can reach much better levels of sleep.

  • L-Theanin

L-Theanin is an amino acid that can be found naturally in green tea. It creates a feeling of calm and relaxation and also stops feelings of anxiety helping us to sleep easier. Take note though, for insomnia take it by itself in supplement form, green tea contains caffeine so will not help you to sleep, rather it will do the opposite.

Supplements To Help You Sleep

So what now?

Sleep is so important to our bodies, if you are having issues sleeping or staying asleep it is important you talk with your Dr to check for medical issues and drug/supplement interactions before starting natural remedies.

Many things affect our sleeping patterns, but bad sleeping patterns are treatable, with the right knowledge and Supplements To Help You Sleep, you can be enjoying a good nights sleep tonight!

Supplements To Help You Sleep