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Birth Control Pills That Eliminate Periods, Are They Safe?

As women we feel like that time of the month comes around a little too quickly, in fact women today can experience up to three times more menstrual cycles than the generations before us. So we have good reason for thinking that. However, there are options… Such as the magic little pill we call Birth Control.

Now although it may seem like you’re going completely against nature by skipping your period, it is completely fine to ditch those little sugar pills, and your period with it.

birth control eliminate periods

But is it really safe for our bodies?

In most circumstances, yes. This is because during each menstrual cycle, your endometrial lining thickens in anticipation of an embryo planting. When this doesn’t occur, the lining is no longer needed and thus you bleed. Birth control works by suppressing ovulation and thinning the uterine lining. Therefor there’s nothing to shed if you don’t become pregnant. Keeping in mind that the general rule with skipping your period is to do it for no longer than three months at a time so the uterine lining can be shed.

Will skipping my period potentially ruin future fertility?

No. Missing your period will not ruin future fertility, in fact the Birth Control pill was once marketed as a seasonal pill, meaning it was taken for 84 days straight and then one week of sugar pills. Which results in only having a period every three months. This has been deemed safe by health professionals and organisations around the world. So, skipping your sugar pills for a few months is completely fine for your body, fertility and that cute white bikini!

birth control eliminate periods

Who shouldn’t use the pill to skip a period?

* Women who have heart conditions, severe obesity, Pulmonary Embolism, Deep Vein Thrombosis

* Women over the age of 35 who are regular smokers.

* Women who have any blood clotting disorders.

* Women who have any serious health concerns and haven’t consulted their GP beforehand.

birth control eliminate periods

‘The Pill’ has been used for generations now, it’s safe, effective and very convenient for women on the go and thankfully it isn’t necessary to have a period every month if you are not trying to get pregnant. So ladies, if you’ve got that holiday booked or those nice pair white jeans you’re looking to bust into, don’t stress. That little birth control pill has us covered.

(Always consult your doctor before using any medication)

birth control eliminate periods