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Best Supplements to Increase Women’s Libido

What are the best supplements to increase womens libido? well before we get into the thick of it, lets have a look at the typical symptoms…What’s going on? You haven’t been yourself lately, your tired, bored and your sexual desire has all but diminished. You’re not alone nearly one third of women aged 18-59 are lacking interest in the bedroom, age, lifestyle, stress, hormones, diet, lack of exercise and medical concerns can all put a damper on a healthy sex life.

Best Supplements to Increase Womens Libido

Firstly, don’t be shy, go have a chat with your Dr, they can treat any medical conditions that may be going on, change medications, recommend supplements and introduce different lifestyle choices all of which will help put you back in the mood! When you get the all clear go ahead and experiment there are so many supplements out there to aid in your sexual conquest.

Now lets increase that libido! Here are the best supplements to increase womens libido:

  • Iron

If your body is low in iron you will feel tired, lack energy and have a lower libido. A Dr can do a blood test to check for this deficiency then if needed will proscribe iron supplements, you should be feel back to your own self in no time.

  • Maca root

Although commonly used by men, Maca root is also showing benefits in women’s sexual        dysfunctions. It balances hormones, and decreases menopause symptoms. 3grams per day should   get you going.

Best Supplements to Increase Womens Libido

  • Catuaba Bark

Popular in Brazil for its aphrodisiac properties, Catuaba bark increases sexual stamina, boosts your mood and gives you more confidence which can be helpful in the bedroom.

  • Suma root

Excellent for menopausal women as it balances hormones which in affect give some relief to menopause symptoms. Suma root also increases stamina and aids in supporting women’s libido.

  • L-arginine

increases blood flow to the sexual organs making the cliterous and vaginal tissues for sensitive and responsive to sexual stimulation, it also aids in vaginal lubrication. L arginine also stimulates and elevates the mood. Dark chocolate is quite high in l arginine, no wonder it’s what men have been bringing us for years!

Best Supplements to Increase Womens Libido

  • Ginger root

Known as the herb od passion! It increases blood flow around the body and into the genitals, it also warms up the body in the same way sexual desire does which increases sexual stimulation in the brain leaving you ready and waiting.

  • Tribulus terrestris

A fruit producing plant found in the Mediterranean. For hundreds of years’ people have been using its leaves, fruit and roots for medicine. It aids in vaginal lubrication, arousal and aids in pain reduction during sex.

What are you waiting for???

There are many ways to bring back the VA-VOOM.. but you can always find the best supplements to increase womens libido at Your local health food store, supplement store or , if your shy, the interenet can provide you with these supplements. Try them out and see what fits you best. What have you got to loose???

After all you’re a red blooded woman and you have needs. Get out there reawaken the desire!

Best Supplements to Increase Womens Libido