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How to Get Results Outside The Gym

results outside gym

Everybody knows the gym’s where muscle grows, but where does it grow for those of us without a membership? The good news is the human body is an amazing thing and it doesn’t need heavy weights to build muscle, it can act as its own form of resistance to build up those muscles. There are plenty of ways to get the results you want without stepping inside a gym, including indoor and outdoor activities and routines to get you fully pumped and hitting those goals. So read on and find out how to get the most out a workout that suits you best!

results outside gym

Change it up

There are many benefits to training outdoors rather than in the gym. Firstly you get the benefit of breathing in some fresh air and soaking up all that vitamin D that many of us are lacking. You are also less likely to be watching the clock whilst your outdoors, this is because we just feel better out in the open, therefore we are more likely to train harder and longer! Greatest benefit is the price with most of these exercises absolutely free!!

  • Cardio

Cardio is an easy one when you don’t want to go to the gym. All you need to do is walk, jog or run around the block and you’re done. If weather is stopping you cardio can easily be done in your own house with a circuit of start jumps, dancing, burpees and knee highs.

  • Shoulders and chest

Shoulders and chest exercises are usually thought of with a bench press and heavy weights but this isn’t the only way to grown those muscles. Think Pushups, there are a variety of Pushups that target different parts of your arms, chest, back and shoulders. Aim for 10 reps to start with and slowly build on this by adding more reps and sets.

  • Butt and thighs and calves

This area has many body resistance exercises to help you build muscle and shred those jiggly bits. Squats, lunges, step ups (on a staircase or chair) and calve raises.

results outside gym
  • Bootcamp workouts

These challenging workouts include both strength and cardio and leave you toned, pumped and ready. All you need is a pair of joggers and your set! Try this circuit to get your blood pumping: Pushups, Tricep dips, lunges, knee highs, sit-ups, star jumps. 60 to 90 seconds for each exercise with a rest in between the repeat 3 times.

  • Swimming

Swimming is an excellent way to perform cardio while building muscle at the same time. Look at the figures of swimmers out there, strong legs, strong arms and a well-defined back. It’s easy to reap these benefits of swimming and have fun while you’re at it.

  • Ride a bike

You don’t have to be competing to enjoy the toning benefits of bike riding. Think cardio and leg training in one.

  • Classes

Yoga, dance, karate, and boxing you name it they got it. There are many different fitness classes out there that you don’t need gym equipment for. Usually these aren’t free but they are still fairly cheap starting from $5 up.

results outside gym


If you want to get results faster then supplements are the way to go. The benefits of using supplements in conjunction with a steady workout routine are amazing, faster results; more energy and quicker recovery are just some of the benefits from sports supplements. These are a few to get you started:

  • Protein

Protein is the building blocks of muscle; you simply can’t grow it without protein. Sure we get protein from our foods but we don’t get nearly enough protein from our daily diets to see any positive results from it. Whey protein is the protein of choice for most people, it’s full of amino acids and will aid in growth and recovery.

  • BCAA’s

BCAA’s or branch chained amino acids are 3 very important amino acids that are responsible for the repair of damaged muscle tissue. When we train we create micro tears in our muscles, which is why you are so sore the next day. This is where BCAA’s come in, the fill in those little tears and build your muscle bigger, and when you supplement with them they do this process faster and leave your muscles strong and refreshed for your nest workout.

results outside gym
  • Fat Burners

Just as they say these strong products burn your fat right off! They are usually taken daily in the mornings and help your body to rid itself of stored fat by using it as energy. These baby’s also usually have stimulants in them that leave you feeling perky and happy for the whole day!

  • Preworkout

Preworkout are designed to get you in the mood for exercise, and to give you more endurance so you can work out longer, thus giving you faster and better results. These supplements can in two main forms one being a stimulant based product that gets your heart beating and your blood flowing leaving you ready and excited for your workout. The other type is called a “pump” these preworkout dilate your blood vessels allowing more blood flow and nutrients to reach your working muscles; these will make you feel like a machine!

results outside gym

Goodbye Gym!

Well there you have it, you don’t need a gym to get fit and train hard. If you’re sick of your boring old gym routine it might just be time to try something new!