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Can Diet Soft Drink Kill You?

can diet soft drink kill

Think you’re doing something right by drinking diet soft drinks? Think again, the word “diet” does not always mean healthy and there is evidence to prove that our so called “diet” soft drinks may just be killing us.

can diet soft drink kill

In one study, drinking diet soft drinks puts you at a much higher risk for stroke, heart attack and vascular death. This study was conducted over a 10 year period and was of 2500 men, the results showed that when diet soft drinks are consumed on a daily basis it increases your risk of vascular events by 43%! Although people who drank only small amounts of diet soft drinks or who only drank regular soft drinks were less likely to experience any heart problems.

In another study it was discovered that there is a link between drinking diet soft drink and asthma and COPD. Showing over a 9 year period that people who drank diet soft drink on a regular basis were more likely to get asthma and other lung problems then those who drank regular soft drink or infrequent amounts of diet soft drinks.

can diet soft drink kill

Benefits of quitting diet soft drinks

  • No more migraines

You may think that you will get withdrawal headaches from quitting diet soft drinks but in fact you will notice the headaches disappear. This is because in all diet soft drinks there is an artificial sweetener added called aspartame. This devilish additive is a nasty piece of work it can actually alter brain chemicals which can lead to headaches, anxiety and insomnia.

  • Things taste better

As I have mentioned diet soft drinks contain artificial sweeteners, these sweeteners are 200-600 times sweeter then normal table sugar and they quickly overload your taste buds. So when you stop drinking these drinks your taste buds are actually able to taste the food without the added sugary sweetness and you will find foods more enjoyable. Artificial sweeteners can also produce more cravings for sugar as they alter the receptors in the brain, leaving you searching for extra sugary snacks with cravings that can’t be satisfied.

can diet soft drink kill

  • Fat loss

If you think that drinking a “diet” soft drink can help when you’re trying to lose weight, you are sadly mistaken. Drinking diet soft drink on a regular basis actually causing metabolic syndrome making it very hard to lose weight, it also causes high blood pressure, high triglycerides and obesity. So if you’re trying to lose weight giving up these drinks is your best bet.

  • Cells can recover

All diet soft drinks contain an ingredient that most regular soft drinks don’t: mould inhibiters. These will be on the label as sodium benzoate or potassium benzoate and they are in nearly every diet soft drink out there. These nasty chemicals can cause severe damage to the DNA in the mitochondria and they can actually completely destroy it.

  • Less visits to the dentist

Diet soft drinks have a high PH rating of 3.5. For comparison battery acid has a PH level of 1 and water is 7. Just because they have less sugar does not mean they will benefit your teeth any. The acid is what eats away the enamel on your pearly whites leaving you with a smile full of tooth decay and an extremely high dental bill.

can diet soft drink kill

With so much evidence emerging against the consumption of diet soft drinks, it may just be time to give them up or at least dramatically cut them down. You are spoilt for choice with alternatives to diet soft drinks if you want something sweet have a fresh fruit juice, for a pick me up have a coffee or green tea or if your just plain thirsty down some refreshing water.

I know what I won’t be drinking anymore!