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The Most Popular Fat Burners Ranked by Potency

I do believe this is a first, The top fat burners ranked by Potency rather than Popularity. You see the the most popular product on the market is not necessarily the best. In fact it very rarely is… The most popular product on the market is usually the product that has the most advertising dollar behind it, or the one that has the highest gross profit margin and is therefore heavily pushed to the Consumer. Having Fat Burners Ranked by popularity is just about the worst system possible. The most popular product on the market usually belongs to one of the industry giants who is driven by the dollar rather than product quality, innovation and effectiveness.

fat burners ranked

So where does that leave us? how do we rank the BEST Fat burner if not by popularity? Easy! Just flip the container over and see who has added the highest dosages of active ingredients… Right?… Very wrong! There’s a problem, well two; The issues are the law of diminishing returns and of course Synergy.

The Law of Diminishing Returns

You see at some point adding more of any given ingredient does not become better, in fact it becomes worse. Take caffeine for example, we have seen that up to around 350mg gives us a positive high energy feel. We are focused and able to perform tasks more effectively. We also see in increase in athletic performance. But go beyond that and things start to get much, much worse. We begin to cramp in the stomach, we start to sweat excessively, our heart begins to race, we feel nauseous and dizzy. We see a decrease in focus and athletic performance. so to flip a tub of fat burner over and say, “My product contains 450mg of Caffeine and yours only contains 350mg. Mine is better,” Is not only untrue, in fact the opposite is true.

The Issue of Synergy

Now we need to consider how each of the ingredients react and in interact with each other. Which ingredients amplify the effects of others, and which ingredients totally nullify each other? To know this not only takes a lot of research and experience. It takes trials and studies. Something one could never ascertain by simply flipping a product over an observing the ingredients panel.

I’ve been working within the supplement industry for the better part of a decade. One thing I’ve learned is to listen to the consumers of these products. What are they saying? How do they feel? and what results are they actually seeing? You see, there are times when you need to step into the trenches to get the best information. Sometimes the easiest way to see the big picture is to get amongst it. I’m not only a supplement retailer, developer and distributor; I’m also a supplement user. There are very few products out there that I have not tried myself. I’ve compiled years reviews, customer feedback and personal experience to give you my definitive list of The Most Popular Fat Burners Ranked by Potency:

  1. Very minimal

    For beginners who are introducing themselves to fat burners for the very first time. Users may notice a very slight increase in energy but should not expect any kind of significant fat loss. These products may decrease appetite slightly.

    fat burners ranked
    EHP Labs – OxyShred
    fat burners ranked
    BSC – Hydroxy Burn Shred


  2. Minimal

    For Beginners who have no stimulant tolerance. Great for people who don’t consume coffee or caffeinated products. Users may notice a slight increase in energy and very slight increase in body temperature during vigorous exercise. Users will not usually notice notable fat loss.

    fat burners ranked
    BSN – Hyper Shred


  3. Very Mild
    For beginners who have an occasional coffee and can tolerate a small amount of caffeine. Users may notice a mild increase in energy and mild suppression of appetite. Users may see some very slight weight loss but should not expect prominent changes.

    fat burners ranked
    Platinum Labs – Opti Burn Amped


  4. Mild
    A good transition product for beginners hoping to try stronger fat burners in the future. Users may notice a slight increase in energy and very slight increase in body temperature during vigorous exercise and a very slight suppression of appetite. Weight loss will still be minimal.

    fat burners ranked
    BPM Labs – Annihilate


  5. Moderate

    Fat burners ranked as moderate are a good starter product for someone wanting to see a little more noticeable fat loss. Users will notice an increase in energy and an increase in body temperature during daily activities. Users may start to see some weight loss on the scales.

    fat burners ranked
    Transcend Supplements – Thermal X
    fat burners ranked
    Beast – 2 Shredded


  6. Medium

    A good product for someone who drinks coffee but has not been exposed to pre workouts or fat burners regularly. Users will see a definite increase in energy, appetite suppression and more notable weight loss on the scales.

    fat burners ranked
    DY – Black Bombs


  7. Medium to Strong

    Fat burners ranked as Medium to Strong will be for someone who trains regularly and has used pre workouts on a semi regular basis. Users will see a stronger increase in energy, increase in body temp, noticeable weight loss on the scales and some slight changes in appearance of fatty areas.

    fat burners ranked
    Muscletech – Hydroxycut Hardcore


  8. Strong

    Will suit someone who has used stimulants regularly including coffee, energy drinks and pre workouts. Users will see a large increase in energy and may feel flushed during the day due to thermogenesis (the production of heat leading to fat loss) users will see further weight loss, and definite changes in body shape when looking in the mirror.

    fat burners ranked
    Muscle Elements – 212


  9. Very Strong

    For people looking for fast effective results. Will increase energy all day. Will help supress appetite, users will see the benefits of thermogenesis. Can be used as a pre workout. Not to be used with other stimulant based products.

    fat burners ranked
    Transcend Supplements – Thermo Burn XXX
    fat burners ranked
    JD Nutraceuticals – Thermo Melt


  10. Extreme

    The strongest Fat burners ranked on the market, delivering the fastest most effective results. Not for beginners. Users will see a Huge increase in energy and thermogenesis. Users can expect to see significant fat loss on both the scales and in physical appearance in a relatively short period of time. Not to be used with coffee, energy drinks, pre workouts or other stimulant based products.

    fat burners ranked
    Growth Labs Australia – Lipodrine

    fat burners ranked
    Alpha One Labs – OBLITR8