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Top 10 Fitness Apparel Fails

For some of us choosing the perfect gym outfit is just as important as the actual results from a workout, some of us get by with a simple tee and shorts and yet some of us seem to be confused when it comes to appropriate gym attire and tend to continuously make mistakes! Here are my top 10 body building apparel fails! I hope you take my advice and put a stop to these astonishingly offbeat getups!

#10 the full piece lycra onesies!

This is not the greatest look in the gym, especially when worn in bright, bold colours. We know you may be proud of your gains and you have every right to want to show it off. But guys seriously, wait till you’re asked before you show us the outline of every muscle your body is sporting. Try instead for a stringer singlet and shorts, this will show off your gains without showing of your junk!

Fitness Apparel Fails

#9 the glove for your foot??

Now, I know you may want to argue with me here and announce how comfortable this monstrosity of a shoe may be, you may also mention they have good grip which really helps with power lifting. But I have but one answer NO, just no. They are the gym equivalent of dads socks and sandals. Instead opt for trainers with grip or for a basic weight training sesh you can even rock your high tops!

Fitness Apparel Fails

#8 who wears shorts shorts….

I understand that while working out in the gm you’re going to get hot and the less clothing you wear the more comfortable you may be. But when your shorts are becoming hot pants and your nether regions could pop out and surprise the bloke behind you with your next squat you need to rethink your attire…= Instead opt for shorts that reach to just above the knee, these will keep you feeling cooler and keep your modesty.

Fitness Apparel Fails

#7 half-naked

Yeah your rocking the abs, your lats are awesome but still when working out in a public gym it is best to actually wear a shirt of some sort! I have mentioned the stringer singlets before, these show off a lot of your hard earned muscle but you are still actually wearing clothing, or opt for a breathable shirt. Save your topless look for the beach and your selfies.

Fitness Apparel Fails

#6 Sweat bands argh!

Most of us know that the 80’s are long over and so is the sweat band! No one likes to have sweat all over their face but honestly a sweat band never catches it all anyway. Instead just wipe your face with your gym towel between sets to stay as fresh as you can during your workouts.

Fitness Apparel Fails
#5 Denim???

I know, who on earth wears denim to the gym? Well unfortunately there are some culprits out there. Denim is simply not made for the gym, it isn’t breathable, it isn’t stretchy and it’s defiantly not comfortable to do walking lunges while wearing jeans, think of the chafe! Instead of jeans wear track pants or shorts, instead of a denim vest wear a gym shirt.

Fitness Apparel Fails

#4 Crocs…….why???

Just so you know, crocs should never be worn let alone be worn at the gym. I really cannot express this enough. If you take away anything from this page take this- Crocs, NO, NEVER, OMG, NO!

Fitness Apparel Fails

#3 Meggings

So how about we leave men in tights for Robin Hood and his gang! Leggings or meggings (when men wear them) leave no room for the imagination, especially when worn without underwear. If you are a big fan of the meggings please wear shorts over the top.

Fitness Apparel Fails

#2 Boots

Another strange one, but unfortunately it is happening all too often, men are wearing all types of boots, I have seen army boots, boots with a heel and even steel capped boots. Wearing boots is just not practical, they would be mega uncomfortable, heavy and you will probably have extremely stinky feet afterwards. If you really enjoy boots choose to wear weightlifting boots instead.

Fitness Apparel Fails

#1 A baby?

Seriously??? Most gyms have a crèche these days and if not find one that does. There is never a reason to add a baby as a gym accessory, not practical, unsafe, bogan!

Fitness Apparel Fails


Remember, I am not trying to offend just giving advice; there is no longer an excuse for wearing these offending fashion blunders after reading this article. If you are an offender remember to try out the options I have given to you with each fail and you will no longer be gawked at instead you will become someone to have a perv at!