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Casein Protein for Women – Should You Use It?

Casein Protein for Women

So you have heard of whey protein and many of you may be downing a whey protein shake in conjunction with training. But how many women out there are using a casein protein? What’s the difference? What does it do?  and is Casein Protein for Women?

What is Casein protein?

Protein is an extremely important source of anyone’s diet, it helps with the functioning of every part of your body, helps to build muscle and aids in recovery after workouts.

But, not all protein is created equally. Casein, like whey, is used by many people, both men and women to help grow lean muscle in conjunction with exercise. Although both whey and casein come from milk they both differ from each other. Casein proteins make up a larger portion of milk, 80% that is, then whey proteins, they are larger and have different benefits.

Casein Protein for Women

Why use Casein?

  1. Slow digestion

Because of the casein molecules are larger than whey molecules they are digested and absorbed slower than whey. When you drink a whey protein your blood amino levels spike and protein is rapidly absorbed but this is short lived, with a case in the absorption and digestion is slower leaving your body in an anabolic state for longer. This is why many people drink casein before they go to bed to keep their body anabolic (instead of catabolic which is the breaking down of proteins) for longer, keeping muscle mass at optimal levels.

  1. Quicker success

If you are looking for faster results using a whey and casein protein together is of amazing benefits. A 10 week study has shown that when taken together there is greater growth of lean muscle mass, which will give you those shapely legs and perky bum, plus greater loss of fat, then when a whey protein is taken alone.

Casein Protein for Women

  1. Fat loss

If you are taking a casein protein you will lose fat faster according to studies. This is because your body is in a higher metabolic state for longer which will help you shred more fat plus because casein is slower to digest you feel fuller for longer so you are less likely to eat unneeded meals.

  1. Save your teeth

Casein proteins can actually prevent and reduce the effects of enamel erosion on your teeth! For the sake of the dental bill, think about adding a casein protein to your diet.

Casein Protein for Women


So hell yeah women should be using casein protein! Are you really going to let men reap all the benefits?

I suggest you use both protein types to really amp up your results. Drink up your whey protein post workout; take that casein before bed and wakeup beautiful!