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Is It Normal For Hair To Fall Out?

normal hair fall

We have all had those OMG moments when we look at the amount of hairs on our hairbrush or the amount clogging the shower drain but we actually have more hair then we think. On average we lose between 60-100 hairs daily, it may sound like a lot but try counting how many hairs you actually have.

normal hair fall

When it’s normal

  • Everyday loss

Our hair is continuously growing and falling out on a daily basis. We actually loss 50 to 100 or for some even 150 hairs a day! This is because of our hair growth patterns. Each follicle goes through a growth cycle that can last between 2-8 years it will then go into a resting phase where no growth occurs for around 2 months after which it simply falls out and the process starts again. At anyone stage about 80-90% of hair is in the growing phase the rest are falling out or resting. This is why we see so much on our brushes and also why some people’s hair simply can’t grow long.

  • It may be hereditary

Unfortunately the amount of hair we lose daily can be due to genetics. If your parents suffer from early hair loss then odds are you will too. Classic signs are thinning hair on the top of your head if you’re a woman and baldness if you’re a guy.  There are treatments that can slow down this process though so a DR or hair specialist can help you out. You can defiantly blame your folks for this one.

normal hair fall
  • Stress

Any stress placed on the can cause excessive shedding, this is because hair is a non-essential body tissue so it’s one of the first things your body will stop maintaining in times of need. If you have been sick with a cold, been on a crash diet or are simply stressed out then it’s quite normal to loose extra hairs and this can last up to 6-10 weeks! As long as you have recovered and are feeling better than this is of no concern.

  • After having a baby

Pregnancy women always seem to have amazing thick and luscious hair; this is because the high amount of hormones zipping around the pregnant woman’s body. These hormones change the normal hair growth patterns causing hair to stay in place on the head; this comes with a price though. After bub is born all these hairs that didn’t fall out while you were pregnant now start to fall out, the hormones have gone and so have that luscious pregnant hair. Don’t fear though you aren’t going bald you are simply shedding excess hairs. This type of hair loss is usually quite sudden and depressing but should settle within a couple of months.

normal hair fall
  • Amount of washing and brushing

If you hold back and wash your hair 1-2 times weekly then you may notice more hairs falling out. This is simply because they have been building up and hanging around on your head. Same goes for the amount of time you brush your hair. The less times weekly, the more you will notice falling out!

When it’s not

Although there are plenty of HOTT baldies out there (Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis) most of us just aren’t ready for that look. There are a few reasons why you may be losing more hair then normal and luckily most of them are reversible. If you have been experiencing chronic hair loss, that has lasted 3 months or more it may be time to visit your DR to determine the cause. Reasons for chronic hair loss can be as simple as a vitamin deficiency but it could also be due to infections, autoimmune diseases, thyroid or hormone problems or due to excessive stress, all which need treatment from a professional.

normal hair fall


Hair loss is a normal function of the human body and is usually nothing to worry about. Many things can affect the growth of your hair from food to daily damage. Just be kind to your body and it will be kind to your hair.