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BodyBuilding at 40

There’s a lot of controversy being thrown around about BodyBuilding at 40, lets throw all that negativity out the window today and talk about all the BENEFITS of getting that Body you’ve been dreaming of and maintaining a healthy lifestyle after you hit the big 40.

Body building isn’t just a game for the young bucks to play, it’s something we can all achieve, and while our body does start to deteriorate with age, getting healthy and working out can help slow down that process. Have you ever seen somebody BodyBuilding at 40 that isn’t living life to the fullest? I sure haven’t.

Let me give you some must Do’s and Don’ts

BodyBuilding at 40

Start it Slow

Starting at 40 isn’t always easy, make sure you give yourself enough time to start your workout with some solid stretching to get those muscles ready for the pain you’re about to put them through.

Start it Light

EVERYONE starts slow, don’t jump straight into 40kg dumb bell bicep curls just because they’re there, start yourself off with light weights and high repetitions so you can get your form right.

Keep it Simple

There are so many PT’s out there creating elaborate workouts for people to follow…. You don’t need it. Start off by building solid proficiency in all your base movements functional movements, like push up’s, pull ups and squats, when you’ve mastered these then move into new and exciting things. If you keep up with your foundation exercises you’ll most certainly notice a difference in how you look and feel.

BodyBuilding at 40

Work Hard

No matter what age you are, you need to feel that strain when working out, if it doesn’t feel like you’re working, you’re not working. Getting and maintaining fitness isn’t something that is handed to you, it has to be earned through hard work and effort.

Fuel Your Body

Eat the good stuff, eat the salad, smash the chicken, ingest the beans…. Your body will thank you for it.

Be Consistent

Don’t talk yourself out of training by thinking too much, a lot of people will meticulously work out what they want to do and when…. And then miss a whole week because the missed one day, then that week can turn into a month and longer from there. Keep it simple, if you didn’t go to the gym yesterday, make the time today.

BodyBuilding at 40

Don’t Expect to See Results Overnight

Everyone hopes for a quick fix in your appearance, if you spent the last 40 years eating wrong and remaining mostly stationary, getting to where you want to want to be is going to take some time. Take it slow, eat right and train hard and you’ll notice a difference in how you feel and eventually how you look.

Don’t Dwell on Your Age

Your age doesn’t make you who you are or define how hard you work, don’t destroy your self esteem by saying “I’m too old for this”

Don’t hibernate

Sure you need rest, but you don’t need as much rest as you think you do – no one needs 10-12 hours of sleep per night or a nap during the day.

BodyBuilding at 40

BodyBuilding at 40 The Final Say

Hitting 40 is most definitely not a reason to give up on achieving the body you want. While things can get a little harder as we age there are some simple things we can do to achieve the absolute best results possible. Throw away those thoughts of being old and useless. You are whatever you believe you are and from now on it’s “That hot 40 year old with the amazing bod.”

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The Best Bodybuilding Apps

Pump Some technology into your workouts… Bodybuilding Apps

In this day and age technology is one of the key influences in our everyday life, we use it to get directions, schedule our day, talk to our friends online and to keep up to date on the latest and greatest. But how does it benefit body builders and fitness fanatics alike? How does it help to make our everyday exercise more convenient for us? Today I’ll be listing off some amazing Bodybuilding Apps that will help you add value to your routine.

Bodybuilding Apps

A HIIT Interval Timer

Are you stretched for time and want to smash though some HIIT sessions during the week? Then this is the one for you friend. A HIIT Interval timer is one of the simplest HIIT Timers to use with a few extra benefits. As simple as it is to use, A HIIT Interval times offers the extra benefits of being able to actually list off what exercises you want to complete during the HIIT Session, it even lets you set up how many rounds you want to complete. One of the truly Great Bodybuilding Apps.


  • Set up your workouts and rounds and the App does the rest
  • Loud Ding to tell you when you’re due for a rest or your next exercise
  • Ability to set up multiple workouts
  • Ability to export workouts so they’re backed up to your phone
  • Set how many rounds and how long for, no time limits, you can go from 1 second to 1 hour
  • Ability to play music in the background
  • Count down timer 3 seconds before the next set so you have pre-warning

If you decide you love the basic version of the app you can update and get the License for it for just $1.19, doing this will enable the voice feature which means the app will TELL YOU WHAT YOUR NEXT EXERCISE IS. No need to stop and read what you’re doing, it’ll tell you.

Download this bodybuilding apps, give it a whirl, you won’t regret it.
Bodybuilding Apps

My Fitness Pal

My fitness pal is EXCELLENT for those wanting to keep on top of their diet. It lets you track your daily calorie intake and helps track your own macros.


  • Calorie Counting
  • Macro Tracking
  • Syncs to other fitness apps including FITBIT device
  • Tracks weight gain/loss depending on your goals
  • Goal setting for what you want to achieve

Download it here on android:
Bodybuilding Apps

Body Space

While utilising body space to its full potential can be a little bit clunky, the concept is brilliant. This app is absolutely BRILLIANT for beginners in weight lifting and provides some extra help to those who have been in the game for years.

The best component of this app is the “Exercise database” it has an entire data base of videos and images of different exercises and is listed by body part! You can also select whether your in a gym, at home, wanting to just stretch or wanting to use body weight only.


  • Exercise database
  • Take and save progress images
  • Track a workout
  • Follow friends
  • Find an existing workout

Don’t just believe me though, download it via this link and let us know what you think!

Bodybuilding Apps
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Australia’s Most Promising Amateur?

kirsty mitchell

kirsty mitchell

Every now and then you come across an athlete that catches your eye. Someone who has something different. Someone you know is destined for greatness. I had the chance to sit down with Kirsty Mitchell this week and she is one such athlete. Kirsty is a 24 year QLD local who has only been competing a few years and is currently at amateur level. Although, by the way she holds herself and the confidence she exudes you would think she is a seasoned pro. Upon meeting Kirsty one could be intimidated by her height and imposing physique. In fact as a former amateur bodybuilder myself and someone who lives the lifestyle, I was a little self conscious at first as I wasn’t sure if her arms were actually larger than mine. But it doesn’t take long to realise that although confident and self assured, Kirsty has a gentle heart and a kind personality, in no time you feel very comfortable in her presence.

kirsty at world

Kirsty had originally seen herself as a Figure competitor but after entering some shows, monstering the other girls on stage and not placing where she had hoped, it became clear the transition to Physique was her only option.

Taking one look at Kirsty’s stage photos and comparing them to current top pros, its not surprising that many are calling her Australia’s most promising amateur. She is sure to earn her pro card soon and I was ecstatic to be able to sit down with Kirsty for an interview. Here’s some insight into Kirsty Mitchell:

kirsty mitchell

What inspired you to get involved in bodybuilding?

After competing in my first local Sports Model show, I saw a lot of incredible physiques. Physiques that almost seemed impossible to create and build. At this time I was only 20, and these Competitors were over 30. I didn’t understand the amount of time and dedication this took. So I was determined to look like that at a young age. Ever since, I have always been inspired to be better.

What has been your greatest achievement?

My Greatest achievement would be continuing through a prep with giving my 110% effort even when everything was against me. Other serious competitors will understand the mental games when it comes to Bodybuilding. For some it is easy to just give up when the going gets tough. It’s easier to just give up when you are tired, hungry, and mentally and physically exhausted. But, to keep going no matter what was against you. Knowing how hard a prep can actually be, plus everything else on top is just as more rewarding than Winning. Don’t get me wrong, serious Athletes are in it to win it, and although I have won a few shows, the decision of placing could change either depending on the judges, and who steps on stage. That is out of our hands.

kirsty mitchell

What do you do in your training that is key to your success?

I give my training 100% even on a bad day. Although that effort on a bad day may not be comparable to a good day, it was still the effort given at the time is what I believe also counts. Also focusing on improving areas of my physique that are lacking. This creates an overall balanced physique

What was the best advice you were ever given?

Life will throw curve balls and challenge you in every corner, in all aspects of life. Just tackle it head on with all you have!

kirsty mitchell

What is the biggest challenge you have faced?

If we are talking about competing here, it would defiantly be find a happy balance between my business, study and competing. Obviously this sport requires 110% dedication and focus, but so does my business that involves a lot of other competitors. So the demand of both of these are high, as well as Uni!

Who are your heroes and Why?

I actually don’t have a particular hero/motivator. I did when I was a lot younger. Although, as I get older and progress in life, and this sport I find if you do things right you can draw inspiration and motivation from almost everyone. It just really depends on how you look at each situation, I do my best to turn it all into positives. This really helps.

kirsty mitchell

What makes you different from other athletes ?

I’m still a baby in this sport, I started relatively early and although I do well, I still have a lot of room for growth and improvement that I’m willing to make. Both in this sport and life in general, along with my business.

What advice would you give girls looking to get into bodybuilding?

I say this from experience, make sure that you are already living a healthy life style. Bodybuilding isn’t for everyone. Do your research so you understand the basics, if not more. Before getting a coach, this makes it a lot easier for your coach to bring you in with the best package possible. Also, don’t listen to anyone except your coach!

kirsty mitchell

What do you do outside of bodybuilding?

I run a Bikini business called Hidden Physiques (Posing and Bikinis) which is obviously still related to Bodybuilding, because let’s face it, I can’t get enough of this sport. Haha. I am also a Uni student, ready to graduate a ‘Nutritional Medicine’ degree. I am also a PT. as you can imagine, between all of this, this keeps me very busy.

What is next for Kirsty Mitchell?

Continue building my business and taking it a little more Internationally, and would love to compete again soon.

kirsty mitchell

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Utilising the Power of the Pain Zone

the pain zone

the pain zone

Sometimes you give someone a piece of advice without realising the impact it may have on them. I’d like to share something with you that I told a close friend who said it was the number one piece of advice that enabled her to achieve her goal of becoming the Australasian Masters Figure Champ.

Kerrie Lawrence, Former Australasian Masters Figure Champ

I’d like to tell you about something I call “The Pain Zone.” The pain zone is where you want to be. The pain zone is the ONLY time during a workout that ANYTHING positive is actually happening. Everything else you do in the gyms ONLY purpose is to get you to the pain zone.

Let me explain; we all know what sets and reps are, but these numbers mean nothing at all unless they are leading you into the pain zone and keeping you there. I’ll use the bicep curl as an example. Your average gym goer (let’s call him Bob) will have a preset number of sets and reps in his head; let’s say its 4 sets of 10 reps in this instance. Bob will begin his set; quite easily cruising through reps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 then he gets to rep 7… it’s a little harder. Bob gets to rep 8… that’s getting tough. Rep 9… Wow that burns. Rep 10… That really kills! (Bob is now in the pain zone). But what does bob do? He stops! Bob managed to get to a point where something good was about to start happening and he stopped! Every rep until that points only purpose was to get bob to the pain zone and he gave up once he was there… now he has to start again and guess what, as soon as he gets to the pain zone he will stop again. Bob will continue to do this set after set, exercise after exercise, year after year. He will have wasted hours of his life in the gym and he will never change.

the pain zone

When you reach the pain zone you want to stay in it as long as go can. The longer you can endure being in the pain zone the more micro tears that will occur in the muscle and therefore the more it will grow. If Bob had managed to go to rep 11, 12, 13 or 14 every single time he would have seen results phenomenally faster than giving up once he reached the pain zone. Here’s the thing about the pain zone, the longer you stay in it the more torturous it becomes, it becomes agonising. Every sinew in your body will tell you to stop and rest but you must have the mental strength to overcome that and stay there, stay as long as you can, do as many reps as you can. Even if you can’t make a full rep, continue to blast out half or even quarter reps. this needs to be your mindset. This is why we say it’s a mental game. How much torture can you inflict on yourself?

Knowing about the pain zone an how to utilise it may be the most powerful tool you have when it comes to your future workouts, use it.

the pain zone

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Top 10 Supplements Bodybuilders Take

Top 10 Supplements Bodybuilders Take

Want to know the secret ingredients when it comes to body building? Of course a rigorous training plan and diet are a must, but supplements will really push you to your limits and help you to become the biggest, strongest you that you can be. The secret is knowing what supplements to take, when to take them and why you are taking them. Here are the Top 10 Supplements Bodybuilders Take.

Top 10 Supplements Bodybuilders Take

  1. WPI

A WPI or whey protein isolate should be your first supplement to start with for body building. Protein is the building blocks of muscle and getting it in a delicious shake is an easy way to make sure your muscles are getting the protein they need.

Muscles are grown when they are at rest, not when you are training which is what many people think. When you train you are actually creating micro tears in your muscles it’s when you are at rest that these micro tears are filled in with the amino acids that your protein shake provides, thus growing your muscles. So you can see that if you are not getting enough protein in your diet you simply won’t be able to grow.

  1. Creatine

Creatine is one amazing supplement and a must have for anyone who is wanting faster gains. Its primary focus is on replenishing ATP stores (energy molecules) allowing for a longer, harder workout and overall better endurance, it also attracts water to the muscles, when your muscles are well hydrated recovery is faster and endurance is better. Having better workouts is going to result in greater strength, faster growth and better results. Creatine should be taken at 5mg daily; you may opt to take it pre or post workout whichever works best for you, and as long as you get that 5mg dose daily then creatine will work for you!

Top 10 Supplements Bodybuilders Take

  1. BCAA’s

Branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s) are exactly what your muscles are asking for. They are a group of three amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine, which come in a 2:1:1 ratio in the form of BCAA supplements.  BCAA’s will aid you in muscle growth faster by recreating damaged tissue in the muscles after a training session. This means faster recovery allowing you to train again quicker. They also create an anabolic environment in your body which means growth instead of catabolic which is the breaking down of proteins.  BCAA’s are best taking directly before or during a training session.

  1. Casein whey protein

Like whey [protein casein also comes from milk. Caseins actually make up 80% of the protein that comes from milk; they are bigger particles and therefore are digested slower than your whey protein. Casein protein aids in protein synthesis which creates bigger, more tones muscles and increases fat loss. Because casein is slower digesting then whey [protein many people will take it as their before bed protein which will enable our bodies to stay anabolic throughout the night, it will also stop you from eating unnecessary meals as you will feel fuller for longer. It’s a win, win for you!

Top 10 Supplements Bodybuilders Take

  1. Omega 3 fatty acids

These fatty acids are extremely important to our bodies and unless you are eating 3 fatty fish meals a week you are likely deficient in them. For the body builder omega 3 plays an important role, it helps with muscle soreness, joint inflammation, faster recover, fat burning and can prevent many different diseases such as heart disease and even caner! These are usually taken as fish oil supplements on a daily basis.

  1. Glutamine

Glutamine can provide a long list of benefits to body builders including, faster recovery, improved protein synthesis, stopping the breakdown of muscles, aids in muscle growth, metabolises fat and helps to synthesis HGH (human growth hormone) within the body. There is no wonder it makes the list, it is defiantly a supplement to consider taking. During a workout glutamine is diminished so it important to supplement straight after your workout with around 5g.

Top 10 Supplements Bodybuilders Take

  1. Estrogen blockers

High amounts of estrogen are not something that a body builder wants, it can leave you with unwanted stubborn fat, slower muscle growth and other health problems like low libido, male breast cancer and prostate problems. Estrogen blockers eradicate the excess estrogen that is found floating around in our bodies. High levels of estrogen start to happen as we age, testosterone lowers as it is converted into estrogen in our bodies, and this can start from around 30years old, so unfortunately it’s bound to happen. Estrogen blockers work by stopping testosterone being converted into estrogen which will create an effect of more testosterone being created naturally. These are usually taken as capsules in the morning.

  1. Vitamin and mineral supplements

Many of us out there are leaving gaps in our diet without even knowing it that is why it is important to take a good vitamin and mineral supplement to fill in those gaps. Minerals are enzyme activators and many vitamins are co enzymes, meaning that without certain minerals they are useless. Minerals such as zinc and magnesium interact with many anabolic hormones such as testosterone, insulin and growth hormone all of which play a very important role in muscle building. So you can see that getting all your vitamins and minerals is very important.

Top 10 Supplements Bodybuilders Take

  1. Carbs

Many people fear the post workout carb, assuming weight gain is just around the corner but in fact carbs aid in your recovery and growth. As you train your main fuel source is glycogen, which comes from carbs! Glycogen is simply stored glucose, who knew? So when we train we use up all our stores of glycogen so adding a post workout carb will replenish these stores allowing you to recover faster. Denying your muscles of glycogen after a workout is not something you want to be doing if growth is your main goal. So never fear the carbs there are there for all the right reasons.

  1. Arginine

Arginine is an amino acid that helps with protein synthesis, it also increases fat loss and encourages the release of growth hormone, all the things body builders want and need. Arginine will also boost nitric oxide which primarily vasodilates, pumping oxygen and nutrients to you muscles faster, this will reduces muscle damage and promote healing. Taking this preworkout is your best bet!


So there you have it my top 10 supplements if you really want to grow! Now you know what they are you can really let the gains begin!

Top 10 Supplements Bodybuilders Take