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I am always tired. What can I do?

always tired

Always tired, burned out, dragging ass? Then this is the article for you!

Today’s society leads a stressful and demanding life and more and more people are suffering from fatigue. But it doesn’t have to be like this, you don’t have to be stuck with that “always tired” feeling. There are many different causes for tiredness and many different ways to get your energy back.

always tired

Why am I tired?

There is a whole host of reasons that can leave you tired and lacking energy. The first step to getting back your energy is to figure out what is actually causing you to be tired in the first place. Here are my top reasons for why you may be tired.

  • Lack of Sleep! Ok, so kind of obvious I know, but many of us are unaware that we have poor sleeping habits. On average an adult need between 6-9 hours of quality sleep every night, and on average adults are simply not getting the sleep that they need. If we don’t get enough, quality sleep we can suffer with tiredness, irritability, lack of concentration, stress and even weight gain. So, if you’re constantly tired the first place to look for answers is in your sleeping patterns.
  • Depression and anxiety. If you suffer from a mental health illness you will know that it really takes its toll on your whole body and its functions. Depression and anxiety in particular can leave you feeling drained on a daily basis, this is because of the many different hormone that are and aren’t release when we are suffering from these conditions. People with these ailments will can also suffer from insomnia which will lead to a poor night’s sleep and they also tend to have lighter sleep meaning they never feel as refreshed the next day.
always tired
  • Poor eating habits. How’s your diet? Food plays a very important role in the maintenance of our body and its functions. If we are eating a poor diet then these functions can become compromised and will have to work a lot harder to achieve what they are meant to do, this can cause a draining fatigue. The number of stimulants like caffeine and sugar that we put into our bodies can also cause us to feel tired. Many people drink more coffee or coke or eat more sugar to keep them going throughout the day, but this in turn can have the opposite effect, think of it this way, what goes up must come down! This is always true with stimulants, you will feel an initial high after consuming them but you will feel a greater crash once their effect wears off. Instead drink water and eat fruit.
  • Disease and illness. You may have noticed that becoming sick goes hand in hand with becoming tired. When our bodies are not working at optimal levels due to an illness we defiantly struggle to get through the day. While its obvious that we are sick when we have the flu, other conditions may not be as noticeable and can be hidden. Diabetes, thyroid issues, cancer, arthritis, anaemia and more all need to be diagnosed by a DR. So, if you have constant tiredness and the above points don’t apply to you, it’s best to see a DR to start treatment and get you back to optimal energy levels.

always tired

How can feel more energised?

Once you have figured out what is causing you to feel so tired you can start to correct the issue. Depending on your cause there will be different remedies, but for the most [part it’s as simple as tweaking your lifestyle to better benefit you.

  • Get 6-9 hours of sleep a night! You may need to experiment to find out how much sleep you actually need but once you know you will thank yourself for it.
  • Exercise! Ugh! The; last thing you may want to do when you’re tired but trust me it’s great for increasing energy. Exercise releases endorphins which makes us feel good and feel alive! Regular exercise keeps our bodies alert and happy, not to mention it makes us look great. Aim for 30 mins at least 5 days a week and you will be seeing the benefits in no time.
  • Meditate! A simple but effective way of winding down at night or for getting you ready to face the day in the morning. This is also effective at reducing anxiety as it will help to lower your cortisol levels. Start with 5mins daily and then slowly work yourself up to as many minutes as you find beneficial. Remember with mediation consistency is key.
always tired
  • If insomnia is stemming from depression or anxiety then you may find relive by talking with a certified councillor or physiologist. Many people find that getting things of their chest and learning coping techniques really improves their overall health and defiantly their sleep.
  • Ditch the unhealthy eating habits. This can be the hardest step for people to take as we are wired to crave sugar and carbs, but by slowly introducing healthier foods into your diet rather than cutting out bad foods people seem to have more success, and eventually the healthy foods crowd out the unhealthy foods. Eat a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegies, beans, legumes, wholegrains, healthy fats and lean meats. Our bodies need daily fuel and if we put the wrong type in we become sluggish and tired, among other problems.
  • Check in with the DR. If you have tried all the above for at least two weeks and you are still tired then a check-up with the doc is probably a good idea. The DR can run simple tests to determine if a health condition is causing your fatigue and they can point you in the right direction and treatment to getting you back bouncing with energy.
  • Supplement– there are many supplements out there that are produced to give you better sleep ad to help you wind down. But remember they are a supplement and not a cure. Look for a reputable brand and a product that has zinc, magnesium and GABA in its ingredients. These natural products can help with insomnia and help you sleep deeper throughout the night.

always tired


We really don’t need to feel “always tired”, and its usually our own choices that leave us feeling so drains. By tweaking our daily habits bit by bit we can expect an increase in energy that will leave us wondering why we didn’t change years ago!