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How Do I Get a Flat Stomach?

We all want that toned and sexy tummy, especially when it’s getting close to putting on those new swimmers. Many things contribute to a not so flat tum, including a poor diet, lack of exercise and simply not knowing how to go from flab to fab. So if you’re not beach season ready, then let me be your guide to tone up, shred and flatten that ever troublesome tummy.

Flat Stomach

Get moving

For many of us weight gain is a cause of simply not exercising enough, we are juggling so much at once that we can “never find the time”, but it’s not really about finding the time it’s about making the time. Prioritise your life so you can get at least 30mins of exercise, 5 days a week working up to roughly 60mins, 5 days a week.  Start out slow and simple, and before you know it you will find that you will actually be looking forward to your daily exercise.

Flat Stomach

Best exercises for a flat tummy

OK so we have made time for exercise, but what are we actually meant to be doing? Cardio, weights and tummy target exercises are now your best friend. Follow this routine!

  • Cardio, cardio, cardio. Aim for 20-40mins of cardio 5 days a week. This can include walking, jogging, running, cycling, boxing, cardio classes and so much more, anything that gets your heart going will really improve your general health and will defiantly start shredding that fat right off your middle section.
  • Resistance/weight training- by combing resistance training and cardio will be the most effective way of trimming your waistline. Weight and resistance training really engages your core, which effectively starts to strengthen and tone your tummy muscles. Bonus, the more muscle you have the faster your body can shred off fat, this means you will be strong, toned and ready for summer. Aim for 5 days a week for 30-45mins of resistance training, split your body up into the five days to allow your muscles to rest and repair, example legs and butt, biceps and triceps, chest and shoulders, back and core.
  • Target that tummy- Exercises that target your core are going to start to strengthen your muscles, help you to loose fat and get you that 6pack you only dreamed of. Try these tummy blasting exercises :
    • Crunches
    • Oblique twists
    • Planks
    • Sit ups
    • Bicycle crunches
    • Stability ball exercises
Flat Stomach

Stress Less

Stress is something everybody gets once in a while and it can really put a halt to reaching our goals, it releases a hormone called cortisol into our blood stream, which is helpful when it comes to getting things done by a deadline or when we are running from a dinosaur, but how many dinosaurs are out there anyway? But too much cortisol can lead to extra storage of fat, especially around our waistlines. It can also lead to anxiety and depression which can cause us to crave more unhealthy comfort foods and to binge eat. Try lowering your stress levels with deep breathing, mindfulness, mediation and yoga.

Flat Stomach

Eat right

You know that unhealthy eating causes weight gain, yet still so many of us are engaging in poor eating habits. To really get that lean waist you’re going to have to ditch the junk food and focus on eating right. Swap out white breads and pastas for wholegrain options, eat healthy fats like avocado and salmon, eat at least 2 serves of fresh fruit and 5 serves of fresh vegies a day, add legumes and beans to your main meals, limit your dairy intake or swap it for low fat versions, eat white meat without the skin and consume lean red meat 1-2 times a week only. To really get your tummy flat try having 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day and add a source of protein to every meal this can be fish, chicken breast, eggs protein shakes and nuts. By focusing on putting whole foods into your body instead of fatty convenient and junk foods you will not only see faster results you will also reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

Flat Stomach


A good way to speed up fat loss from your mid-section is try a supplement or two. Here are my top supplements for getting a flat tummy:

  • A thermogenic- Thermogenic are fat burning supplements that will lower your appetite, increase your energy and speed up the process of burning fat. They come in a pill or powder form and are usually taking in the mornings.
  • Protein- protein is the building blocks of muscle, and remember that more muscle means faster fat loss. So if are yet to see your abs then get a good protein shake and drink it after your workouts, this will drench your muscles with the protein they need to grow and repair.
Flat Stomach

Simple lifestyle changes and good supplements can really bring your flat tummy dreams to life. Remember, get moving, eat right and stress less, and before you know it you will be kicking it at the beach with a banging bod!

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Stubborn Belly Fat

stubborn belly fat

Turns out certain fat cells are much happier to just stick around and can be extremely hard to loose, but not impossible. You know what I’m talking about, that stubborn belly fat that just won’t shift. Belly fat isn’t only unattractive; it’s also a major health concern. So pay attention, here is how you can finally reveal those washboard abs and safe your health.

stubborn belly fat


There are many reasons why people put on fat around their belly’s some are obvious while some may surprise you. Read this list to suss out why your pooch is growing:

  • Poor diet- eating too much refined sugars like soft drink, lollies, chocolate and eating too much refined grains like white bread and chips will increase inflammation within our bodies causing us to gain weight which usually settles in our tummy’s.
  • Age- as we age our bodies become less resistant to insulin which consequently causes us to gain weight in our mid sections. Not only that but aging changes our hormones and metabolic rates which can all impact our figures.
  • Stress- people don’t know this but stress; anxiety and depression can all cause excess fat storage especially around your tummies. Stress and anxiety raise cortisol levels which results in extra fat stores, while when we are depressed we tend to eat more, or more of the wrong foods to comfort ourselves.
  • You’re not moving- if you’re not getting enough regular exercise then your body isn’t going to burn any fat is it. We need to burn more calories than we consume on a daily basis to actually see any real results of fat loss.

stubborn belly fat


The type of fat that can accumulate around your abdomen is called visceral fat and it is some seriously nasty stuff, not only is it unsightly it is also covering and surrounding your organs which can lead to disease. Visceral fat can promote the production of stress hormones like cortisol and is also promotes an inflammatory response in the body which affects the body’s production of insulin. These two problems alone can increase your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even some cancers.


Our diets obviously play a big role in our body composition. Here are some tips to reduce that stubborn fat.

  • Eating protein at every meal will reduce your belly from getting bigger and help to shred away that fat faster. Protein can protect against insulin resistance which promotes fat storage. Think chicken breast, eggs, lean meats, fish and whey protein shakes.
  • Cut out refined sugars and grains- try switching anything white, like bread, pasta and rice to wholegrain. Also incorporate a variety of fruits and vegies into your diet. Wholegrains and natural foods are bursting with antioxidants which have anti-inflammatory properties which will actually allow you to lose weight.
  • Limit alcohol- why do you think they call it a beer gut? Alcohol is high in calories so therefore it will make us gain weight. It also poisons our bodies causing an inflammatory response, adding more fat to our waistlines. I’m not saying cut it out I’m just saying drink in moderation.

stubborn belly fat


The best forms of exercise to eliminate that stubborn belly fat are aerobic exercises coupled with weight training. Cardio alone will not eliminate that belly fat, turns out muscle is much better at burning calories then fat is so the more muscle we have the faster we burn fat. Aim to workout 5 days a week with two rest days that are apart from each other, incorporate cardio like jogging, running, swimming and biking with weight resistance training to really slim down that tum.

On the other hand stress releasing exercises like yoga can also promote fat loss around the belly region. The key is to lower your stress levels which effectively lower your cortisol levels; this means your body will stop storing fat in and around your mid-section.

stubborn belly fat


If you’re not getting enough sleep the body starts to stress which produces more cortisol and more fat storage. Most adults need between 6-8 hours of quality sleep a night or they face the consequences, more stress, frustration, and feeling like crap and of course weight gain.


There are many supplements out there that will help you burn off that extra fat, supress your appetite and get you looking and feeling great again. Thermogenic fat burners are what you want to look for; these are my top 3 fat burners:

  • Ping by Faster Nutrition
  • Green Tea X50 by Tribeca Health
  • Thermo XXX by Transcend Supplements

stubborn belly fat


While stubborn belly fat may be a hard thing to lose it isn’t impossible. These simple adjustments to your lifestyle may be all you need to finally show off those abs!