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Femme is proud to introduce Zip, a pre-workout formula especially designed by women for women. Purenergy was added to help sustain energy as much as 8-Times longer than caffeine alone without crashing and improving alertness and focus during training.

Zip supports the following:

  • Energy
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Lean feminine muscle gains

Not all pre workouts are made alike. What your friend in the gym takes might not be the right mix for you. Similarly, what you require from a pre workout might change depending on what sort of exercise you’re doing.

The majority of pre workouts are based on stimulating your body, and the majority of them have quite a big hit of caffeine included. If you are sensitive to caffeine, including coffee, cola, or energy drinks, then Zip may be the pre workout for you. It does contain The world’s most commonly used stimulant, caffeine to get through your workout better! But not in a massive dosage. It contains only 160mg. You know how people have cups of coffee to concentrate on their work throughout the day? Well caffeine can also help you concentrate on your workout more easily. Caffeine provides energy to help you get through a gruelling workout.

Another ingredient worth mentioning is Beta Alanine. Beta-alanine helps to protect your body from damage caused by lactic acid build-up that comes about due to exercising. Beta-alanine increases the levels of carnosine in your body, which effectively rectifies your pH levels so that you aren’t so acidic. Beta-alanine is also known as CarnoSyn. Newbies to beta-alanine should expect a strange warm tingling sensation after taking it – It’s nothing to be scared of and you will get used to it!

FEMME Zip is a performance enhancing pre-workout supplement designed especially for women to help increase your energy and mental alertness levels. FEMME Zip will improve alertness and focus during training as well as increasing your overall endurance and promoting fat loss. Combined with a sensible training regime FEMME Zip will help you reach your fitness goals.





7 reviews for ZIP – Femme Nutrition

  1. Alannah Bennet

    I’ve only tried a few different pre-workouts, and this one didn’t give me the major tingly feeling, which I don’t like, so that was nice. Yet it gave me enough energy to make it through my early morning workouts.

  2. Erin Vaughn

    I love this drink mix, I no longer drink carbonated energy drinks, nor my everyday carbonated cold drinks. It gives me a great boost , no side effects. I have changed my everyday habits, along with BCAA, This combination exceeds my expectations.

  3. Abbey Card

    I love this product! I do not go to the gym without it. I have noticed a change in energy level and stamina compared to not using pre-workout. With Zip, I find myself doing more weight and more reps which I like. The flavor is great. Other pre-workouts I have tried did not have a good flavor. This one I feel like I can drink all day. The only thing I was not aware of was the tingly feeling. This is the first pre-workout where I feel it working. I was referred by a friend to use Zip and I will forever use it! Can’t wait to try other Femme products.

  4. Lilly Steere

    Extremely good tasting pre-work. Get use to the tingly feeling really quick and no longer feel it after a few days. Nice easy boost for a long workout, no crash afterwards.

  5. Rose Carr-Boyd

    This tastes so good and gives me tons of energy to push through my workout. I would recommend starting out with half a scoop though. When I first started taking this stuff, my skin would tickle and itch a little. Great product!

  6. Katie Hillary

    I really really love this preworkout! It does make me itchy/tingly and definitely makes me sweat more, but it also gives me that kick up the rear to get up and get going– even on those dreaded 5AM runs. It does go down smooth and easy. I’ve not had any trouble getting this to mix with water at all. Definitely going to keep using this one!!

  7. Ebony Farrelly

    Really love this! My third day taking it, and I’m really feeling that extra push today! Was skeptical about the flavor but it’s actually very good.

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