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V.I.Pre by XCD Nutrition is your go to hardcore pre workout if you’re after incredible focus and pumps when smashing out any workout coming your way

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If you’re after an intense pre workout to smash out your fitness goals V.I Pre by XCD Nutrition is the one for you!

Though V.I. Pre stands for ‘Very Intense Pre-workout’, this amazing pre isn’t as highly dosed in stimulants as you may think. So why does V.I.PRE seem to have few stimulants? excessive stimulants cause vasoconstriction, meaning the death of pumps. Less pump means less delivery of vitamins, nutrients and amino acids to the muscles.

However, for what V.I. Pre lacks in with stimulants, it makes up with incredibly potent and effective, clinically dosed and proven ingredients that are designed to skyrocket your performance, stimulate mood and enhance overall mental acuity.

By combining 6 synergistic stimulants responsible for duel CNS stimulation, V.I. Pre also supplements the release of adrenaline with a simultaneous influx of hyper mood inducing dopamine meaning you’ll burst past your 100%, bust through plateaus and give your brain the V.I. Pre treatment it deserves.

V.I Pre Core Ingredients

Psychoactive Neuro-Enhancement Blend

When combined, Tyrosine and Caffeine work incredibly well to supplement the natural production of adrenaline but also the stimulation of release as well.

With added AMPiberry, Choline, Theobromine and Octopamine, the psychoactive-neuro enhancement blend does exactly what the name suggests. These highly active dopaminergic agonists stimulate the release of feel good hormones, enhance cognitive function and improve focus so that you are mentally tapped in and ready to perform without the fear of crashing on cheap overdosed stimulant blends.

Strength Endurance Blend

Combining Creatine, Agmatine, Citrulline malate and a MEGA dose of Beta Alanine, the VIPre strength endurance blend has been designed to maximise ATP regeneration and Phosphocreatine levels with readily available nutrients that are absorbed with speed.

With the addition of a clinically dosed Beta Alanine, your skin will not only tingle like you’ve never felt before but you’ll see incredible endurrance to demolish every workout. Beta Alanine supplementation enhances lactic acid removal, allowing you to lift more reps with faster recovery between sets.




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