Trucker Cap – Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski




Support Alex and Stay up to date on the current trend with our Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski” Trucker Cap. This one size fits all cap features a fully embroided Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski” Logo and adjustable snap back.

Alex Volkanovski is a Professional MMA Fighter in the UFC, Sponsored by Universal Supplements, fighting out of Freestlye Fighting Gym, Windang and Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket.

Trucker caps have been worn by skaters and punks now for 25 years. Made popular in the 1970’s by Truck drivers as a cheap alternative ball cap available at truck stops and 7-11’s or as a free handout by one of their customers. A true Trucker Cap has a foam front with a rigged mesh back. There are many ways to fancy up the Trucker Cap. In the late 1980’s these hats were replaced by the actual 100% cotton or wool ball cap that we see today. Early hipsters,skaters and punks started wearing mesh hats in the late 80’s and never stopped. Then Pharrell and and Aushton Kutcher made them ultra popular which started a flood in the stores and a downward trend. The cool thing about Trucker Caps is that if you like them so what, you wear them and screw whatever someone calls a trend or not. If you are a true Trucker Cap wearer, you are one for life no matter what the trend says.

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