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Train and compete with lights out intensity and energy. Total War is what every pre workout wishes it was, packing more fire power per serving than anything in its class. Whether you train before work or school, middle of the day, or later in the evening Total War has the ability to come through every time out. The powerful combination of stimulants and focus factors along with N.O. compounds makes Total War an all-in-one pre workout supplement. Enjoy the most energy, focus, and skin splitting pumps you’ve ever felt during a workout. You won’t want to go home at 30 or 40 minutes, but instead somebody will need to pull you out of the gym. Total War is not for the faint of heart, but for the serious athlete or gym goer who expects to perform at the highest level of readiness when called upon.

Caffeine – Yes, caffeine is in nearly every pre workout that is not stimulant free. There’s nothing quite like good old caffeine, and many supplements go ahead and stack caffeine with other energy ingredients to offer up a stronger, longer lasting power boost. Caffeine does also increase strength! While you already know that caffeine increases mental clarity, energy, and endurance; caffeine has been clinically proven to reduce the feeling of ‘effort’ when performing strength training. Therefore, with the right amount of caffeine in your system, you are able to push harder and lift heavier weights with less strain.

Nitric Oxide – If you look on the back of a pre workout supplement, you can often find a ‘nitric oxide matrix’ or a ‘pump matrix’. These ingredients promote the production of nitric oxide which is a vascular dilator. By dilating blood vessels during exercise, circulation of nutrient and oxygen rich blood increases, allowing all of your muscles to be nourished and ready to rock. The end result is increased strength, endurance, and recovery.

Beta-Alanine – If you have ever taken a pre workout, and felt tingly, itchy, warm sensations then you have taken beta-alanine. Beta-alanine promotes strength increase by acting as a buffer in muscle tissue. Your muscles perform at their peak at a specific pH, though upon exercise lactic acid production decreases the pH out of the optimal range. Beta-alanine combats this acidity, maintaining optimal conditions for a longer period of time giving you greater strength.

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