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Thermodrine by Growth Labs Australia  is the  first truly potent zero stimulant incinerator supplement. It is perfect for those intolerant to caffeine, those who don’t like the elevated feel that stims can give, or those consuming secondary sources from coffee or other supplements.



Thermodrine is the first truly potent zero stimulant incinerator supplement. Growth Labs Australia, who already lead the incinerator space with their blockbuster Lipodrine, realised there was a market gap which hadn’t been properly filled. There were consumers who wanted results but didn’t want to consume caffeine or other stimulants for numerous reasons. Some were intolerant to caffeine, some didn’t like the elevated feel that stims can give, others were consuming secondary sources from coffee or other supplements, and some just wanted to give their adrenal system a break. Whatever the case something needed to be done.

Turning Up The Heat Without The Jitters

There are some key additions to Thermodrine that really set it ahead of the pack. CLA and L-Carnitine have been a popular stack for some time but in the past they had to be purchased separately to your incinerator supplement. Growth labs Australia has included them right off the bat ensuring Thermodrine hit the ground running. Next is L-tyrosine, this feel good amino acid will not only boost your mood but also kill those deadly cravings. Turning up the heat are Coleus, GBB, and Capsicum extract – it’s called Thermodrine for a reason… Put simply, these babies light that fire. Lastly the perfect combination of beetroot and black pepper extract ensures that the synergy and absorption of the other ingredients are absolutely impeccible.

Who Is Thermodrine For?

Thermodrine can be used by by absolutely anyone who is feeling a little flabby. It can be used at any time of day including in the morning, prior to cardio, before a weights session or even taken to reset pre workout tolerance. Thermodrine can be consumed all at once or sipped over a prolonged period, and the best part is it tastes amazing!

Key Points

  • No Caffeine, No stimulants
  • Can be used by anyone feeling flabby
  • Helps fight cravings
  • Resets pre workout tolerance
  • Tastes amazing




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