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Testodrine – The Strongest Natural Test Booster, effectively and safely ramps up testosterone production. AFTERPAY Available. Free Shipping Australia Wide.

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Growth Labs Australia is rapidly gaining a reputation for developing the most powerful supplements in existence. Testodrine is no different. This new potent product from the Aussie powerhouse is designed to effectively and safely ramp up natural testosterone production.

Testosterone is the key male sex hormone, but is also important for women and is especially important for those undertaking rigorous resistance training. It plays a crucial role in muscle growth, fat loss, and optimal health. However, testosterone levels in men and women are now lower than ever, partly caused by. the unhealthy modern-day lifestyle.

Testodrine is perfect for anyone looking to pack on more muscle mass, increase strength and speed up recovery.

Testodrine Capsule Technology

Touted as “The Mother of all Test Boosters” Testodrine has been meticulously developed over a number of years by the team at Growth labs Australia. Not only does it contain the Highest grade raw ingredients available, they have all been included at clinical dosages – Something which is almost unheard of in capsule products. This has been achieved with the use of a specially designed, in situ coated easy-swallow capsule. It is slightly lager than a standard capsule and it has a thinner wall creating a larger internal cavity allowing  for much higher inclusion rates of active ingredients.

Testodrine 7 Compound Amalgam

Growth Labs Australia has used a powerful mix of 7 compounds that are science based and study backed. These compounds have each shown exciting results in studies and trials on their own. But now Growth labs Australia has perfected this combination at the perfect ratio to dramatically  increase testosterone production in humans. The call it the “7 Compound Amalgam.”

  • D-Aspartic Acid
    DAA helps elevate testosterone, growth hormones and positively affect insulin-like growth factors. Each of these hormones has a positive effect on your athletic performance. DAA supplements also play an important role in increasing thyroid hormone, which in turn improves your metabolic rate.
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract
    Tribulus terrestris hase a variety of health benefits, including reduced blood sugar and cholesterol, increased testosterone levels and increased sexual function and libido.
  • Magnesium Aspartate
    Magnesium Aspartate  is very important for the normal functioning of cells, nerves, muscles, bones, and the heart. It also plays a key role in supporting natural hormone production and regulation.
  • Eurycoma Longifolia Extract
    Studies show that this root contains compounds that stimulate libido, promote sperm motility and semen quality and support muscle growth – all effects that are attributed to an increase in testosterone.
  • Zinc Aspartate
    Having a Zinc deficiency will lead to low testosterone. Taking a Zinc supplement can reverse this problem.
  • Pyridoxine B6
    Vitamin B6 plays a crucial role in memory, blood flow, energy and of course testosterone production. Being B6 is water soluble, your body is not able to store leftover, so it must be consumed daily.
  • Piper Nigrum Extract
    Piper Nigrum Extract possesses antibacterial, antioxidant, immune-boosting, and fever-reducing properties.  It also helps ease aching muscles, digestive issues, and even inflammation.




5 reviews for Testodrine – Growth Labs Australia

  1. Levi Mott

    Seriously the best test booster I’ve ever had. My arms are bigger and my love handles are all but gone!

  2. Ethan Ball

    A really great product. But one word of warning, It makes you very horny.

  3. George

    I love testodrine. I’ve been using it for nearly three months and my entire body shape has changed. Could not be happier.

  4. Caleb Tietkens

    I cant fault Growth Labs products. Tried the lipo and lost 12kg and now on the testo I’m finally seeing results from all the work in the gym.

  5. Zane Stapleton

    Best test booster out there by far!

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