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ATP Science’s T432 Plus is a unique fat loss support and thyroid support supplement like no other in the industry. If you’ve found previous fat burners did little in the way of producing results, then it’s time to bring on T432 Plus. Combining a host of strong botanicals; each capsule is packed with ingredients that aim to support and boost thyroid function; which is vital to maintain a healthy metabolism. A crucial gland in the neck region, the thyroid helps to secrete hormones and regulates growth and development by controlling the rate of metabolism. A sluggish or underactive thyroid can slow down your metabolism and make you more prone to weight and fat gain.


Besides assisting in healthy thyroid function, T432 Plus’ other ingredients help to maintain optimal blood glucose levels; as high levels can often have a negative impact on your ability to lose fat. If you’re goal is shred down and get a leaner, more toned physique, T432 Plus is a fantastic addition to any weight and fat loss stack. Combine it with a good fat burner and weight loss protein for additive effects and you’ll be achieving your ideal figure in no time.

T432 Plus Highlights

  • Unique blend of ingredients to help support thyroid function and achieve a more optimal metabolism
  • Designed to aid in fat and weight loss
  • Low stimulant product, making it easily stackable with other fat burners and weight loss proteins



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