SYNTHA-6 By BSN is an ultra premium protien matrix that is low in carbs designed to help you achieve peak performance and muscular strength


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SYNTHA-6 is BSN’s ultra premium protein matrix made to help you achieve peak musclar strength, endurance and incredible performance.

Protein is an important part for recovery in every individual’s diet. As protein is the building block of your muscles, protein helps individuals increase their muscle mass as it promotes muscle growth when combined with strength training. Obviously enough, it is important for every individual to consume enough protein so they can reach their fitness goals.

Packed full of vitamins, minerals, Amino acids and fibre its clear that SYNTHA-6 should be your go to all round protein. With its incredible blend of 6 types of fast and slow digesting protein, this versatile shake can be take both day and night or even as a replacement meal in balanced weight loss diet and here it shows that it is designed to cater to varying individuals looking for weight loss to even muscle gain.

SYNTHA- 6 also comes in a wide variety of unbelievable flavours which not only mix very easily but are also unbeatable in taste. With this easily digestable shake tasting so good, once you try this shake you’ll never want to consider anything else.

When you combine its great taste with its phenomenal supplement blend, when you need a source of protein to cater for any of your fitness goals SYTHA-6 will provide you with unparalelled quality with unbelievable taste.



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