Pro JYM is an ultra premium protein blend by JYM supplements designed specifically for performance, growth and recovery. If you’re looking for a protein supplement to suit any fitness goals, Pro JYM has you covered.

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Pro JYM is an ultra premium protein blend by JYM supplements designed specifically for performance, growth and recovery.

JYM is a brand that combines science with real world experience to create the best products possible. Pro JYM is for anyone who wants to improve their performance stack on muscle or stay shredded and lean. It is one of the most powerful and popular protein products on the market.

Why Pro JYM?

For whatever fitness goals you may have, a high- quality protein source is necessary to be able to fuel hungry muscles before and after those hard sessions.

JYM’s exclusive blend of casein, whey, and egg protein provides a combination of slow, medium and fast digesting proteins to make it a product capable of supplement any physical growth you want make.

As research now shows that when you add medium-digesting and slow-digesting proteins to fast-digesting whey, muscle protein synthesis remains elevated for longer and muscle protein retention is higher than when using whey alone. In simpler terms, this means that more protein will go to the muscles; resulting in bigger long-term gains!

With this incredible combination of proteins, Pro JYM can be taken anytime in the day. Whether it be first thing in the morning, before or after workouts, between meals, or right before bed, you know that you’ll have a high quality protein source whenever you need it most.

So if you’re looking to build lean muscle or grow bigger and stronger, Pro JYM has you covered in all the departments.




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