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PRE-KAGED is formulated with state of the art ingredients that are backed by peer reviewed studies. For a pre workout that ticks all the boxes, look no further than PRE-KAGED.

What is Pre-Kaged by Kaged Muscle?
Pre-Kaged by Kaged Muscle is one of the most anticipated pre workout supplements to land here at Genesis Nutrition. With a MASSIVE 32g scoop (yeah, that’s right), Pre-Kaged is the ultimate in anabolic catalysts. From bodybuilder Kris Gethin, Pre Kaged delivers an unbelievable mind-to-muscle connection that will help you tap into adrenaline, focus, energy and positive aggression.

How does Pre-Kaged Work?
This product is one of, if not THE most, comprehensive pre workout product on the planet. Beyond your usual stimulant ingredients, each 32g scoop of this product contains Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and a number of fully-transparent matrices to power your workout. The Pro-Pump Matrix contains 6.5g of fermented Citrulline and 200mg of Quercetin Anyhydrous; the Muscle Fuel Matrix contains a 2:1:1 blend of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine; the Anabolic Activator contains a further 3g of L-Leucine; Endura-Burn Matrix contains 1.6g of CarnoSyn beta alanine and 100mg of Capsimax capsicum extract; Strength and Power – 2g of Betaine, 1.5g of Creatine HCI; Hydration Complex – 500mg of coconut water powder and a 100g patented SPECTRA blend.

And that’s not all! Mind muscle connection is amplified with 2g of taurine, 1g of N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, 850mg of L-Tyrosine and of course 274mg of PurCaf organic caffeine.

This isn’t your average pre-workout. This is a small meal, perfect for fueling your muscles with the recipe for growth. Genesis approved!




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