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Platinum Multivitamin by Muscle Tech is a multivatmin supplement engineered to deliver 18 vitamins and minerals to help you perform your best for all your physcial endeavours.

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Platinum Multivitamin by Muscle Tech is a daily multivitamin formulated to support the nutritional needs of a balanced healthy and active lifestyle.

How Platinum Multivitamin works

Whilst training, athletes lose a lot of the crucial vitamins and minerals and being able to replenish them is key in maintaining overall health and athletic performance. Platinum Multi has been has been made to deliver 18 different vitamins high grade vitamins and minerals in order give the hardest working atheletes the tools they need to be able to keep training their hardest. With included amino acids, there aren’t many 30 day supply vitamins that boast such a breakdown. Perfect for anyone who wants to improve general health, or perform at a higher level.

Fully Disclosed Formula

Muscle Tech discloses all the ingredients and dosages with this potent multivitamin to show you exactly what you’re getting. With many sports supplements hiding dosages under proprietary blends, you know with Platinum Multivitamin that you’re getting clinical dosages for every ingredient.

HPLC tested for Quality and Purity 

In order to ensure that customers are getting only the highest quality and purity product, Platinum Multivitamin is third- party tested and verified to maintain a high standard of quality control.



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