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PCT-PLUS – JD Nutraceuticals

PCT-PLUS is a natural hormone support supplement designed to be taken after any natural test boosting cycle (eg. Anabolic Warfare or Test-250). It can also be used during a test boosting cycle to negate unwanted side effects like acne, water holing and sore nipples.

Whenever you take in any external substances which cause an increase in hormones significantly beyond the normal or homeostatic levels your body is accustomed to, your body will generally respond by reducing its own, internal production of those hormones in an effort to re-establish the ‘normal’, lower levels to which it’s accustomed.

The result is that for a temporary period of time, your body’s production of important hormones may actually dip BELOW normal levels. This happens when the use of the test booster is discontinued. Because the body’s internal production levels are below normal due to the body cutting back on production in an effort to normalize levels AND because you’re no longer adding more externally…your overall hormonal levels are thus temporarily depressed/reduced – BELOW normal. Thats where PCT-PLUS comes in.

PCT or Post-Cycle Therapy,  is a term used to describe  the supplement regimen used by individuals after completing a cycle of any pro anabolic or androgenic substance for the purpose of QUICKLY restoring the body’s natural production of hormones. PCT is also one of the most important (yet overlooked with surprising frequency) aspects of a complete, successful test boosting cycle.

Why? Because without PCT, during this “low” period, you can lose a decent amount of the gains you made not to mention suffer other side effects.

What does this mean? Well, one of the key ways that test boosters produce rapid muscle growth is that these compounds bind to cell receptor sites and cause a significant increase in protein synthesis – leading to muscle cell growth/hypertrophy! Additionally, test boosters exhibit anti-catabolic properties – reducing the effects of cortisol – leading to less protein loss from your muscle cells.

The reverse is true when hormone levels are too low – loss of protein from muscle cells = loss of muscle!


OK, so how exactly does PCT-PLUS work? Well, as mentioned above, the purpose of PCT is to quickly restore your natural hormone production levels.
Fortunately, it’s very easy to do – with the right ingredients. That’s right, extensive research and real-world testing indicates there are certain compounds that really help!
So what compounds are useful for PCT? Let’s briefly run through the key compunds contained in PCT-PLUS

  • BRASSISTERONE – (Brassaiopsis glomerulata extract) – helps in balancing a favorable Testosterone:Estrogen ratio in a botanical modulator way promoting gains in lean mass. Brassisterone also supports improvements on exercise performance.
  • DIINDOLYMETHANE – may help to balance hormonal activity, improve lipid profiles, decrease fat levels, increase muscle mass and enhance cardiovascular performance. By naturally balancing estrogen and testosterone levels, in both women and men, diindolylmethane may promote athletic performance, muscle building and fat loss.
  • BROCCOLI EXTRACT -contains several unique antioxidants and compounds that can help to improve your health in a variety of different ways, not limited to fighting cancer. Indole-3-carbinol and D-glucaric acid are two other nutrients found in broccoli extract that aid in clearing excessive estrogen and toxins from your body.


Once you’ve come off your test booster, your testosterone levels are going to be low. What you need is something to reset the balance, and get them building back up again. The testosterone boosting ingredients in PCT-PLUS give your body everything it needs to start restoring testosterone levels and get you back to your optimum rate.

Up to 60% of the testosterone in your body is used up by a protein called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). It binds to the male hormone and strips it of all anabolic potency. This makes it unusable for building muscle, or for contributing to your health in general. Certain nutrients in PCT-PLUS help towards reducing the count of SHBG, which allows more testosterone to circulate freely in your blood stream, and makes for a faster recovery.

When you’re on a cycle everything is great. Strength, size and recovery all comes easy and you feel absolutely unstoppable. This is the testosterone in your system, and chances are, you’re packing a lot of it. However, as your T levels are high, your body has been producing more estrogen to balance it out. This is bad news. As soon as you come off your cycle, your testosterone levels plummet and estrogen can be the main hormone circulating in your body.

To combat this, PCT-PLUS contains the strongest natural aromatase inhibitor on the market, that suppresses the aromatase enzyme which is responsible for the production of estrogen. It’s a good thing to have in your stack.






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