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Lipodrine by Growth Labs Australia is a potent high-energy and incinerator formula. Combining effective ingredients to power and truly heat up your life. Not only are its ingredients backed by science this is arguably the most powerful legitimate incinerator on the planet.


Growth Labs Australia has continued to push the envelope with this cutting edge, incinerator formula. With Lipodrine, they have combined high-energy ingredients with an obliterating heat factor to result in a truly potent supplement.

Lipodrine isn’t just for fitness enthusiasts. This powerful annihilation tool can be used by anyone looking to switch on energy, give you a lift and of course beat the bulge. Thousands of men and women of varying ages are already benefiting from this all-powerful supplement! It has rapidly gathered a cult following that is taking the incinerator space by storm. The results, reviews and testimonials are truly exciting. For this reason, it has become the supplement everybody is talking about.

We stand behind this product as the most complete and most effective incinerator supplement that currently exists on the market. Growth Labs Australia are committed to delivering real results through research-based development and Lipodrine is a true testament to that ethos.

Key Points

  • Simple formula (6 ingredients) allowing for perfect serves
  • Single serve dissolvable capsule
  • 2 Month Supply
  • Combines amino acids and botanical compounds for a perfect ratio
  • Combining potent ingredients to amplify your workout

Lipodrine Development

It is often overlooked in the manufacture of supplements that certain compounds can have positive or negative effects on the other inclusions. Growth Labs Australia found some common additives used in many of the popular products on the market that actually totally cancelled out the effects of other hugely important actives.

The idea they kept coming back to was perfect ratios. They needed to include the right ingredients at the exact right rates so that they performed together like a symphony, each one complimenting the other and enhancing it.

After many hours weeks and months we they completed it. It was simple, but it was powerful. Before the name lipodrine even existed it was known as “The 6 Compound Perfect Ratio Complex”

The 6 Compound Perfect Ratio Complex

The secret to Lipodrine’s potency is the strategic combination of six unique ingredients to help truly support your goals. You will work longer and harder to achieve the body you’ve always wanted. Presented in a convenient, single serve dissolvable capsule, the following substances complement each other to give you everything you need to meet your goals.

  • Anhydrous Caffeine
  • Griffonia simplicifolia Seed Extract
  • Hordenum vulgare var. Root Extract
  • Theobromine
  • Synephrine HCL
  • Chromium Picolinate

Lipodrine – Putting Your Trust in Science

Consumers are often sceptical about incinerator products, and they should be. It is estimated that high as 80% of products claiming to be incinerators are fake, or intentionally misleading. Growth Labs Australia have committed their entire brand to honesty, transparency and integrity. They’re creating our the range differently. They’re creating something consumers can finally trust.

With thousands of natural supplements available to us it stands to reason that some simply aren’t upheld by the science. Growth Labs Australia spent the time researching ingredients that are genuinely backed by peer reviewed studies. It goes without saying that these are the ingredients they’ve included in Lipodrine.

Growth labs Australia have not only taken the time to find these ingredients, they have included them all at perfect levels and displayed them in a full disclosure panel. You can take Lipodrine with the confidence that you are giving yourself the best chance to turbo charge your results.





39 reviews for Lipodrine – Growth Labs Australia

  1. Ashton Montgomery

    Thankyou supplement gods! finally a replacement for my beloved ping. This stuff is great, gives me a crazy kick and suppresses my appetite really well.

  2. Ellie Mailey

    I love this product. I used it for my wedding and lost 8kg! now I’m just waiting for it to get restocked so I can lose my post honeymoon weight 😂

  3. Mason Florance

    THIS STUFF IS RIDICULOUS! I can honestly say I’ve never had a pre workout or fat burner that gave me so much energy. Word of warning, don’t take before bed 😉

  4. Sharon bates

    Wow I’m blown away. My workouts have been amazing and I just overall feel great

  5. Alana Gregg

    This is hands down the best fat burning tablet I’ve tried. It gives me so much energy and suppresses my appetite really well too.

  6. Hannah

    I’ve tried alot of different fat burners but this one by far suppresses my appetite and gives me the most energy. 5 stars!!

  7. Ben O’Haran

    On my second tub and lost 16kg so far. I couldnt be happier with Lipodrine

  8. Abby Boyce

    AMAZING! I’ve been using lipodrine, eating healthy and exercising. I have never seen results like this before!!!!

  9. nassim

    love it

  10. Casey

    I have been loving lipodrine so far 5kgs down 🙌 very thankful for Stu and all his help

  11. Kate Anderson

    Lipodrine as I like to call it the “Magic Pill” absolutely love it!! It has become apart of my daily routine every morning. If you want something that gives you high energy, makes you sweat like a fat burning machine then Lipodrine is your man!

  12. Megan (verified owner)

    Love love love! trying to eliminate the last of the stubborn fat and have noticed such a difference using lipodrine with a good diet and exercise I have noticed such a difference in loss of centimetres especially around the waist and hip areas

  13. Phteven

    What can I say ….. you know what you’re talking about Universal Supps ,lipodrine is the real deal.
    If you haven’t already get in touch with Stu and order yours today !!!

  14. Marcus Graham (verified owner)

    Easily one of the best products I’ve used.
    Not only gives me energy in the morning that lasts most of the day it has also helped me keep my appetite down and weight in check while I’ve been recovering from an injury.
    Top product all round

  15. Natasha marinovic

    Lipodrine best fat burner hands down been using it for over 2 months and lost 10kg well worth the money and for stu thanks for pointing me in right direction lipodrine the magic pill 💊

  16. Jack

    Love it
    Helping me shed fat, loose some of that waistline size and makes me feel good and healthy and gives me a good energy hit to help get the day rolling

    Thanks universal for your professional help

  17. Lauren Rouse (verified owner)

    I started taking this when it popped up in my News Feed on Facebook and Stu said it was the best supplement for energy out there and then the reviews also said it was the best so I just had to buy it seeing they have Afterpay😁 Anyway, I tried it and HOLY COW!!! Does it give you energy. The stuff is amazing. I just want to go for a run 10 mins after taking it in the morning. Highly recommend you trying Lipodrine if you haven’t yet. It is beyond amazing and I honestly can’t recommend it or Universal Supplements enough. If I could give 10 stars I would⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  18. Jason Tracey

    I have been using lipodrine for 7 months I really have felt this supplement has helped my weight loss. When I first started lipodrine the first 4 weeks I lost on average 2 kgs a week. Started my weight loss journey at 148kg down to 121 at the moment I believe Lipodrine has helped a massive amount and will continue to help even when I achieve my goals. Stu was great help with advise when I came in for the first time I had some anxieties about coming in but he made me feel welcome and steered me in the right direction to help my weight loss.

  19. Sam (verified owner)

    Greatest fat burner I think god himself made it because it works absolute wonders I’ve used a couple in the past and nothing works better then Lipodrine!, I highly recommend it if your looking to lose weight, Thank you universal supps 🤙🏻🙏🏻

  20. Kathy Taylor-Bush

    The best product ever! Weight loss is accelerated but the best thing is the ENERGY! It’s bad when I forget a day but when I ran out- OMG! I couldn’t believe the difference. The best review I can give is to always have an extra jar- AND NEVER RUN OUT!

  21. James

    Does everything it says it will. Worth every cent. The only one I’ve found that actually works. Fantastic product.

  22. Lachlan

    Absolutely love it, havent used something so great before helped me lose alot of unwanted weight. The absolute best product on the market right now i cant give enough praise for it. Always in the shop asking for it but its always sold out, that gives a good indicator on how good it is.

  23. Patricia (verified owner)

    A day without lipodrine, is a day wasted away! First pre workout I ever used was ping, when that came off the market nothing else compared.. That was until I was introduced to Lipodrine, thanks to Universal supps.
    Lipodrine has helped me reach new goals in the short time that I have used it, cannot praise it enough!

  24. Jack

    Great product highly recommend
    If you after an energy kick and some help knocking down that waistline definately give this product a try
    Thanks universal for recommending this product

  25. Amy Hoyn

    Love this product! Feel great after taking it, way better then any other I have tried!

  26. Nick Joncevski

    Thanks to seeing this advertised on Universal Supplements Facebook page I decided to try Lipodrine when I hit a plateau in a 28 body challenge.
    I already lost a stack of weight through out the year but with adding Lipodrine I lost an extra 7.1kg in 28 days and one that comp.
    Thanks to Universal Supplements for making me aware to this. 💪💪💪

  27. shantelle-braidenbella (verified owner)

    Last year I went to my doctor about my weight, I was given duromine, I lasted 15 days, with ZERO results and felt like crap.

    After watching videos and reading reviews over the last few months I decided it was worth a try at lipodrine, obviously better for the body, 5 days in, along with my gym routine I am already seeing a result, it has given me insane amounts of energy, give it a go, you won’t be disappointed!

  28. c_grp

    I have used lipodrine since I heard about it and it’s bedn the best supplement I have used I lost 10 kg in 4 weeks taking 2 a day and the boost of energy is fantastic best one ever

  29. Nassim

    Great product.
    In all honestly I keep coming back it the product because it work. I have a demanding job and this has helped me maintain a balanced and sustainable diet with a pleasant energy boots.I saw crazy results within the first week.
    Use with care.
    But don’t forget you have to be willing to put the effort in. Don’t expect lipodrine to work if you aren’t eating right.

  30. Peter starr

    Im am a first time user of lipodrine and i love it, have only been using it for a couple weeks and already getting great results from using it, i would definitely recommend using it, definitely a 6/6 haha

  31. Antonia

    I was hesitant to buy lipodrine, as some fat burners I’ve had in the past have done nothing at all, and some have been way too strong, and left me feeling shaky and sick.
    After about 30 minutes of taking my first lipodrine capsule, I felt instantly awake, wide eyed and put me in such a good mood. It lasted from 10 am to 9pm, no crash, no peaks, just a solid euphoric feeling, all day.
    No hunger, but no sick feeling either. It’s a mood enhancer, and food intake is so much easier to control, as this is a 100% the best appetite suppressant I’ve ever had.
    I look forward to waking each morning to take this product, knowing how good I will feel all day.
    After years of searching, I’ve finally found the perfect product. Thanks Universal Supplements 👌

  32. Jay

    Since the start of November and through the xmas period i have been haveing Lipodrine daily. I have lost over 21kg. Lipodrine has helped to eat smaller portions and i have been making better choices with my food also. That with having the energy to do a 4 to 5 km walk a couple of times a week has made the fat fall off. This could not have happened without Lipodrine!

  33. Dylan Jhonson

    I can not recommend this product more. It has earned its position in my stack simply due to its Mood Enchancing/Energy boost abilities alone. Not to mention, The weight loss results (26kgs) along with exercise and a kinda* clean diet. This product has been a big part of my daily routine for several months and it’s not soon to leave it.
    Cheers to Big Stu down at Universal in Port Kembla for the introduction!

  34. Terry payne

    Wow, wow, wow what more can I say. Lipodrine helps the fat melt away.😊

  35. Kelsey Faulkner (verified owner)

    Lipodrine is an awesome supplement to give you the energy and motivation to train!!! Since using Lipodrine I have increased energy, pump and performance not only in the gym but sustained throughout the entire day! Don’t even need my morning coffee anymore wooooo

  36. Wayne Brady

    Wow Stu your a legend thanks bud 6 week ago i meet you asked the question and today 12kg down at 51 im feeling the best i have for many years. Lipodrine have change my way of life energy focus get up and go and this is just the start

  37. Brad

    Omg! This supplement is God’s gift, if I could upload before and after pics I would.
    I went from taking different fat burners and pre workouts to just taking lipodrine! I was on a diet at 110kg and started to Plato, introduced this great invention and BOOM, kicked my body into gear again and I’m down to 88.3kg!! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

  38. Mike Pokrajac

    Best fat burner I’ve ever taken.. The energy lift is incredible..

  39. Jael (verified owner)

    This product has been the biggest help with my weight. I have been struggling to lose weight since I have my oldest and he is 11 years old now. A year ago I decided to give this product ago. Been trying so many things and well I manage to drop 15kgs in a steady pace. Its been a year now and I have still manage to have kept most of it off. Thank you this product has really made the difference for me

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