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If you’re tired of double scooping underdosed pre’s, KRUSH by IN2 Performance have completely broken the mould to bring you the ultimate pre-workout that ticks all the boxes when it comes to training hard and having the results to show for it.

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KRUSH by IN2 PERFORMANCE is the ultimate pre-workout formula designed to tick all the boxes when it comes to providing you the energy and strength for the hardest of workouts.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% transparency for ingredients
  • Nootropic blend for intense focus
  • Medium stimulant matrix for “Dragon-Like” energy without the crash
  • Pump matrix to support performance, vascularity and pumps

Why take KRUSH?

A lot of pre-workouts out there on the market are underdosed or use inferior ingredients with little to no effect. To answer the demand for a pre that doesn’t pull any punches, the research and development team at IN2 Performance have completely broken the mould to bring you a product that is clinically dosed and provides you real results.

KRUSH proves its worth with its incredible blend of ingredients that aren’t hiding under any ‘proprietary blend’ labels to show you that you’re getting maximum benefits.

With its blend of clinically dosed caffeine anhydrous and di-caffeine malate, Krush gives you continous energy to keep you topped up without having to double scoop like many others will.

To push it even further, their blend of agmatine sulfate, betaine nitrate and L-citrulline help support nitric oxide production; allowing more blood flow and nutrients to the muscles for greater performance and incredible skin tearing pumps!

Combine this with their blend of Tyrosine and Alpha GPC, to ensure you’ve got the intense focus necessary to ‘krush’ your workout and finish the session without the crash, IN2 are providing you the complete package capable of providing to everying from gym beginners to veteran gym junkies.





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Tropical Thunder, Sweet Revenge, Godly Grape, Blue Lightning

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  1. Kiara Dawbin

    This is next level! and the flavour is great too.

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