Intravenous by XCD Nutrition is a non stim vasodilator based intra workout engineer to give you crazy pumps and more room for growth. With its incredible blend of key amino acids, naturally occurring electrolytes and potent blood flow inducing agents, Intravenous will kick the blood rushing to your muscle to top gear while you train.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Improved Recovery
  • Less Fatigue

Whilst training, ensuring your muscles are fueled with the nutrients they need is important and Intravenous does this by maximising cellular hydration with highly osmotic agents. When your muscles are properly fuelled, you’ll see greater muscle growth and recovery after each and every session.

Agmatine Sulfate stimulates the Release of Nitric Oxide which in turn increases blood flow to the muscles. The inclusion of BCAA’s acts to protect the muscles from negative dammage during the workout. Glycerol increases pumps even further, leading to a freaky fullness not seen in any other intra workout. Intravenous is also a  recovery and hydration formula designed to maintain an anabolic state and protect muscle from breakdown. This Pump extending intra workout helps you to maintain pumps for longer than ever before. Get on it, Get pumped!



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