Dumbell Drink Bottle 2.2L – BELLZ


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Dumbell Drink Bottle 2.2L – BELLZ

This Dumbell Drink Bottle is must have for any avid gym goer or fitness enthusiast. Based on the design of a real dumbell, they don’t just make a statement, they can also function as an actual dumbell. They are perfect for jogging, use on the treadmill, spin bike or any time during your workout when you need to hydrate. BELLZ Dumbell Drink Bottles are the biggest thing to happen to water bottles in Australia in quite a few years. With these Top quality quality bottles, breakages are a thing of the past, in fact they have an impact strength of up to 70kg! they also have a one of a kind seal around the lid that is pressure tested to guarantee no leakages. BELLZ Dumbell Drink Bottles are toxin free, BPA free water bottles, meaning no leaching of nasty chemicals leaching into your water. They are UV stabilised so not cracking or brittleness will occur when left in the sun. The wide mouth top allows for easy filling and cleaning. Fill your reusable water bottle to save money & reduce waste. Buy your dumbell drink bottles from the only reputable brand manufacturing this product; BELLZ. Anything else is a cheap rip off.


  • 70kg impact strength
  • BPA Free
  • UV Stabilised
  • Pressure tested seal
  • Wide mouth top


Hydration is especially important for athletes. Water regulates your body temperature and lubricates your joints. It helps transport nutrients to give you energy and keep you healthy. If you’re not hydrated, your body can’t perform at its highest level. You may feel tired, have muscle cramps, dizziness, or other serious symptoms.

  • Drink 500ml to 600ml of water 2 to 3 hours before you start exercising.
  • Drink 250ml of water 20 to 30 minutes before you start exercising or during your warm-up.
  • Drink 200ml to 300ml of water every 10 to 20 minutes during exercise.
  • Drink 250ml of water no more than 30 minutes after you exercise.


Dumbell Drink Bottle

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