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Dragon’s Breath Pre Workout by Red Dragon Nutritionals is a high quality pre workout containing clinically dosed ingredients to increase pumps, energy and focus. Red Dragon Nutritionals have put together a highly effective formula which is listed in detail on their full disclosure label.



Dragon’s Breath Pre-Workout by Red Dragon Nutritionals is a high quality, clinically dosed pre-workout created to stimulate incredible pumps, energy and focus. Traditionally in East Asian cultures, Dragons presented tremendous power, strength, and good luck only for those worthy. As such, Dragon’s Breath truly is a name befitting of this epic pre. Red Dragon Nutritional’s Dragon’s Breath Pre-Workout is highly effective formula made really to demonstrate how they truly are the leaders of the pack in pre-workouts.

Dragon’s Breath Key Ingredients:

6g L-Citrulline DL-Malate 2:1 – Dosed efficaciously, this non-protein amino acid will enhance Nitric Oxide levels, boosting blood flow – meaning both veins and muscles will be pumped full of blood in no time. Studies have shown up to a 23% increase in force output as well as increases in participant’s reps per set, decreased fatigue and muscle soreness. With the compound having also shown to increase ATP production in exercise by up to 34%, this means more energy to train for longer.

3.2g Beta-Alanine – In its clinical dosage of 3.2g, Beta-Alanine improves muscular endurance and delaying muscular fatigue by producing carnosine. Studies have displayed a significant reduction in the rate of perceived exertion in exercise on subjects after being administered Beta-Alanine; meaning you train harder for longer.

750mg L-Tyrosine – A nootropic added to Dragon’s Breath to produce important brain chemicals that help nerve cells communicate. Tyrosine has shown to improve mental performance under stressful conditions (such as weight training), as well as improving alertness following the loss of sleep. This means intense mental focus and clarity to perform the way you need to, when you need to.

Multi Stage Energy Blend – Dragon’s Breath will give you the long lasting
energy you need, through 250mg Caffeine, 200mg Teacrine and 100mg Dynamine, meaning no crash, and all day energy.

Dragon's Breath Pre Workout


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  1. Aidan Kirkwood

    this pretty much trumps anything else ive tried. Definite 5 stars

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