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Gut distention or swelling of the abdomen is common in many top level bodybuilders.

Your abdomen could be swollen for a number of different reasons. These range from eating too much to IBS, Lactose Intolerance or from eating foods that are high in fiber leading to gas production. If you don’t release this gas, it can lead to abdominal swelling. However in the case of bodybuilders the cause is usually due to other factors.

The most common theory is that a combination of Human Growth Hormone and Insulin are the main culprits. These cause Growth of the organs inside the chest and the abdomen (commonly called visceral growth). It’s not surprising to see a bodybuilder with a distended stomach when his colon is actually the size of a Boa Constrictor; Now add insulin to this potent cocktail and you risk seeing growth of intra-abdominal fat (visceral growth) as well increased water retention. Knowing how popular insulin is nowadays this is no surprise our bodybuilders run into problems. Insulin makes you grow muscle, but it also makes you grow fat (including visceral fat too).

Now lets look at a bodybuilder prepping for competition. He is dehydrated and wishing to saturate his muscles with the glycogen derived from hundreds of calories of rice and potatoes. This will be difficult. Why? Because he’s probably not taking in sodium and is on diuretics. This slows gastric emptying and also leaves little water to make the desired glycogen (glycogen is three parts water to one of glucose), so the whole digestive process is slowed. The carbing-up, however, is not. All that abdominal muscle is now being stretched because it’s so full. It then draws fluid to it (blood), just like any other muscle being worked or stretched. This, coupled with a ton of food, should create a nice big bulge where a vacuum is supposed to be.

Distend Away contains contains a unique blend of Herbal ingredients to battle these problems from both angles. The first is its digestive hormone receptor inhibitor containing: inulin, Cinnamon extract, R-ALA, Glutathione, bitter melon extract, Grapefruit extract and pierine working to block the effects of Growth Hormone and Insulin on the digestive organs. This limits the potential growth of the stomach and intestines without effecting the effects of these compound on skeletal muscle. The second is a propriety digestive enzyme and probiotic blend which actively relieves gas and bloating.

If gut distention is an issue for you try Pro Bodybuilding Distend Away.




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