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Tried strong pre workouts before? Thats cute. Now try Dialed.



Dialed by The X Athletics Combines some of the best ingredients to create, potentially the most powerful pre workout to hit the market. It’s as if the the former pre workouts of the early 2000’s rose from the dead, combined their knowledge and made a baby, they then took that baby and genetically spliced it with a Koala, that Koala studied biochemistry for 4 years graduating with honors, then sat down, sipped some tea and formulated the industry rattling supplement now known as Dialed.

On the days when motivation and will power alone just wont get you there, a scoop of Dialed by The X Athletics is the surefire way to turn the power dial up to 9000. This can be used by Gym Junkies, Professionals, Students or even Gamers. Whatever it is you do, get it done with more energy, more focus and more stamina on Dialed. With this high level intensity formula, no one will be left disappointed.

Dialed comes 4 amazing flavours which will bring those nostalgic memories of early life while still delivering a whopping hit of next level compounds in every serve. Whatever your palette, there is a flavour to suit. So grab a flavour of your choice, strap yourself in and prepare for the stimulation influx of your life. The time is now, forget everything you’ve ever known. This bad boy will change your entire perception of the pre workout game. Dialed formulation is unseen, uninhibited and uncanny, the stims the pumps and the focus are all there, but in ways you’ve never experienced.

Dialed Breakdown

Energy and Ridiculous Koala-mode blend (you ever see a pissed off Koala?)

  • 300mg Caffeine Anhydrous 
  • 150mg English Walnut Extract 
  • 400mg ALPHA GPC 
  • 25mg Synephrine 

Pump and Koala-like endurance blend (those bastards can climb for days)

  • 3000mg Citrulline 
  • 2000mg Beta Alanine 
  • 500mg AGMAPURE (agmatine sulphate)

dialed nutrition

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Fire Engine (Raspberry), Fairy Floss (Candy), Tropical Summer (Passionfruit), Sour Grape (Bubblegum)


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