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ATP Science Cort RX – Cortisol also known as the stress hormone is a double edged sword when it comes to training and results. While it helps support our immune system and maintain optimal blood glucose levels; it can also negate our efforts in the gym by increasing catabolic (muscle breakdown) processes that make it harder to build muscle. Cort RX was specifically designed to prevent this from happening by providing your body with key ingredients that will limit the negative impacts of physical and mental stress.


Ingredients such as Schisandra, Withania, Rhodiola and Curcuma are all botanical extracts that have shown promise as adaptogenic compounds; those that assist in combating stress; especially those negative effects caused by excess cortisol rises. ATP Science’s Cort RX works as an everyday supplement but is especially potent as a post workout safeguard to keep your growth and recovery ability maximised. If you’re finding yourself sorer than usual or fatiguing quicker; Cort RX might just be the supplement you need to help you train and feel like your old self.

Cort RX Highlights

  • 4 key active ingredients designed to combat the negative effects of stress and increased cortisol levels
  • Help support improved recovery ability and lean muscle growth
  • Stacks well with other supplements such as glutamine and BCAAs to boost recuperation



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