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Casein Plus is formulated to release protein so that your body can maintain and build muscle mass. This formulation also contains a complex of vitamins and the amino acid Glutamine to improve protein metabolism, which helps you to make efficient use of the protein you take in.

Long-Lasting Protein overtakes Whey

Casein Plus and whey both provide users with protein, but Casein takes much longer to travel through the digestive system. This slower absorption encourages protein balance in the body. Taken before bed, Casein Plus works overnight to provide your body with vital amino acids that are encourage muscle growth and maintain muscle mass.

Stress Melts away with Casein Plus

Casein protein contains AlphaS-1, a bioactive peptide that breaks down as it passes through the digestive system. In the process, you experience a number of positive effects, including a reduced response to stress, restful sleep and the reduction of blood pressure due to its ability to mimic an ACE-inhibitor. It is also good for your colon.

Keep the Muscles you Want, Discard Fat

Casein protein promotes a greater loss of fat while increasing the retention of muscle mass, particularly in areas such as the shoulders, chest and legs. And since it is a “high quality” source of protein, you don’t have to take large quantities of it to reap the benefits.

The “Plus” in Casein Plus

One added substance in Tanscend’s Casein Plus is a vitamin complex that includes Vitamin C, Calcium, Niacin, D3 and important B vitamins that provide natural energy and system support.

L-Glutamine is the most common amino acid in skeletal muscles and is the main transporter of nitrogen to muscle cells. The intensity of your weight loss training can deplete your body’s Glutamine level quickly, and once depleted, levels often don’t normalize for up to six days. Casein Plus provides your body with essential Glutamine after a workout in order to minimize muscle loss. Among the benefits you’ll find from Glutamine:

  • Protein synthesis
  • Improved protein metabolism
  • Improved secretion of Human Growth Hormone(HGH) which supports new muscle growth while metabolizing fat
  • Muscle maintenance
  • Fat loss without muscle loss
  • Enhanced immune function
  • Shortened wound/burn healing time
  • Digestive support by strengthening the lining of the bowel

Casein Plus provides you with slow-acting protein to help minimize muscle loss and aide recovery after a workout. Its added ingredients provide benefits that go far beyond the typical exercise supplement

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