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Carbs X by Transcend Supplements is a product use by athletes of all sports. It can increase the amound of available energy for the muscles in the body or help increase total caloric intake for those looking to bulk up.


Carbs X by Transcend Supplements is a product used by athletes of all sports. You’ve probably heard of athletes loading up on Carbs, especially around athletes right before a big race and here’s why;

Carbohydrate loading (commonly known as carb loading) is when bodybuilders and endurance athletes eat a high number of carbohydrates from supplements like Carbs X in a single day or over a series of days in preparation for a competitive event. Conceptually, carb loading is the same for endurance athletes (runners, cyclists, etc) and bodybuilders.  It’s about planning periods of high carb and low carb intake to balance energy stores. However, each group has a drastically different reason for loading up.

Endurance competitors use Carbs X to increase the amount of fuel available to their muscles. This extra energy storage helps them improve their endurance during a long run, bike ride, or swim.

On the other hand, bodybuilders go through a carb loading cycle as part of their pre-competition routine. Why? Because carb loading (at the right times and with the right balance of macronutrient and electrolyte consumption/depletion) can lead to a bigger, stronger, tighter looking physique.

Carbohydrates have gotten somewhat of a bad reputation. Low carb and ketogenic diets have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The popularity of these diets have caused many to shy away from supplements like Carbs X. While most bodybuilders come equipped with truckloads of protein powder and EFAs, carbs tend to get left behind. This is a huge mistake!

If used properly, carbs have the ability to increase muscle growth, prevent muscle loss, and even boost the metabolism.

  • 3 Source Formula
  • 3.1.1. Ratio
  • Low Fat
  • Low Sugar
  • Low Sodium
  • No artificial colours
  • No artificial sweetners
  • Waxy Maize
  • Glucose Polymer


Carbs X


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