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Attention by Faction Labs is an extremely potent nootropic made to provoke incredible cognitive function, intense creativity and enhanced mood. Break through those mental blocks, stimulate your senses, ATTENTION!




ATTENTION by Faction Labs is an incredibly potent nootropic supplement made to help boost cognitive function on every aspect!

Limitless Cognitive Function:

If you’re looking to clear your mind and realise your complete potential. ATTENTION is the strongest, most thorough and effective Nootropic supplement on the market.

Clinically dosed with over 3.5g of active ingredients, Faction Labs carefully made this potent nootropic to help you discover untapped depths of extreme mental power.

With ATTENTION you’ll see increased conginitive function, boosted creativity, and enhanced mood to push you through any endeavour that requires you be at peak mental focus!

The applications of this incredible supplement are limitless. Whether you’re a student cramming studies for a final, an athlete crushing that final set, to a professional needing that pick-me-up to push through the day, this supplement caters for all needs.

Do yourself a favour and let ATTENTION unlock your mind and deliver immeasureable clarity to help you discover the maximum potential of your mental power.


100% Open Label Formula
Scientifically Proven Ingredients
1000mg Lions Mane Mushroom
1000mg Acetyl L-Tyrosine
300mg Citicoline
250mg Alpha GPC


As stated before, Attention can be used whenever you need intense focus whether it be during physical exercise or mentally demanding tasks. However, to take advantage of the effects, take it first thing in the morning to help kick start your brain into gear. We recommend taking the supplement 5 days straight followed by 2 days off.

Recommended Use:

NON-TRAINING DAYS: Consume 1 serve in the morning on an empty stomach with 500ml of cold water.

TRAINING DAYS: Consume 20 minutes prior to training on an empty stomach with 500ml of cold water.


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Strawberry Melon, Orange Passionfruit, Vanilla Cola, Candied Grape, Peach Mango, Red Raspberry


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