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Pure Testosterone. The ultimate bodybuilding supplement. Where all anabolic steroids come from. Anabolic Warfare is the most powerful testosterone booster on the market. No illegal steroids needed.

Skyrocket your T-levels with a testo-boosting mix of 5-a-HYDROXY-LAXOGENIN and 20-HYDROXYECYDYSONE. This steroid alternative will give you jaw-dropping gains in size, strength, power, and performance. Become a true Alpha with Anabolic Warfare.


Testosterone is the fuel in your body’s muscle-building engine. It’s responsible for all your size, strength, and power.

Anabolic Warfare triggers a massive increase in testosterone thanks to its signature two active ingredients, 5-a-HYDROXY-LAXOGENIN and 20-HYDROXYECYDYSONE. Put simply, When you get more of these two bad boys, you produce more testosterone.

Anabolic Warfare forces your body to skyrocket T production with a whopping 250mg dose of this signature combo in each serving (more than any other testosterone booster on the market). with Anabolic warfare, you’ll build slabs of dense muscle along with bone-crushing strength. And you’ll enjoy amazing workouts, rapid gains, and lightning fast recovery.

Get ready to blow past your limits and leave plateaus behind for good. Unlock your full potential and become a true Alpha with Anabolic Warfare.


5-a-HYDROXY-LAXOGENIN is a naturally occuring plant steroid that simulates the results of prohormones without the liver toxicity or other side effects. 5-a-HYDROXY-LAXOGENIN is similar to Anavar, a popular prohormone that yields impressive size and strength gains.


20-HYDROXYECYDYSONE is a member of the ecdysteroid family. These are fat-soluble steroid hormones produced by modification of cholesterol, and they bear a resemblance to human androgens like testosterone.

It has traditionally been used in Europe and South America and is classed as an “adaptogen” – an interesting and controversial definition not accepted throughout western medicine, often applied to herbal remedies in reference to an ability to promote bodily equilibrium and reduce cellular stress. Many benefits have been attributed to 20-HYDROXYECYDYSONE, including the reduction of blood sugar, lowering of fat deposition and cholesterol, increase in protein synthesis and strength, increased testosterone, enhanced recovery from toxicity and repair of wounds, although these are largely anecdotal.

With these 2 ingredients working in synergy together this product will increase strength, recovery , lean muscle mass and help suppress cortisol, making it the perfect product for lean muscle gains and fat loss.

Anabolic Warfare


Anabolic Warfare

5 reviews for Anabolic Warfare – JD Nutraceuticals

  1. Alexander Moffat

    To say this lived up to the hype is an understatement. 100 time better than I even expected, I’m noticeably bigger after my first month on this stuff. I will be buying more!

  2. Sean Cadell

    So Happy 🙂 gained 6kg total and lost 4% bodyfat

  3. Gabriel Breillat

    Anabolic warfare is amazing, ive blown up, im stronger. I love it. would recommend to anyone

  4. Jackson Chatfield

    For a weedy guy like me, these are honestly like super pills. I’ve seen a huge change in my body! The very best test booster I’ve ever tried.

  5. Jesse Krimmer

    This stuff is insanely good, I’m struggling to understand how I hadn’t heard of it before. The Mrs loves it too (carzy sex drive)

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