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Casein Protein for Women – Should You Use It?

Casein Protein for Women

So you have heard of whey protein and many of you may be downing a whey protein shake in conjunction with training. But how many women out there are using a casein protein? What’s the difference? What does it do?  and is Casein Protein for Women?

What is Casein protein?

Protein is an extremely important source of anyone’s diet, it helps with the functioning of every part of your body, helps to build muscle and aids in recovery after workouts.

But, not all protein is created equally. Casein, like whey, is used by many people, both men and women to help grow lean muscle in conjunction with exercise. Although both whey and casein come from milk they both differ from each other. Casein proteins make up a larger portion of milk, 80% that is, then whey proteins, they are larger and have different benefits.

Casein Protein for Women

Why use Casein?

  1. Slow digestion

Because of the casein molecules are larger than whey molecules they are digested and absorbed slower than whey. When you drink a whey protein your blood amino levels spike and protein is rapidly absorbed but this is short lived, with a case in the absorption and digestion is slower leaving your body in an anabolic state for longer. This is why many people drink casein before they go to bed to keep their body anabolic (instead of catabolic which is the breaking down of proteins) for longer, keeping muscle mass at optimal levels.

  1. Quicker success

If you are looking for faster results using a whey and casein protein together is of amazing benefits. A 10 week study has shown that when taken together there is greater growth of lean muscle mass, which will give you those shapely legs and perky bum, plus greater loss of fat, then when a whey protein is taken alone.

Casein Protein for Women

  1. Fat loss

If you are taking a casein protein you will lose fat faster according to studies. This is because your body is in a higher metabolic state for longer which will help you shred more fat plus because casein is slower to digest you feel fuller for longer so you are less likely to eat unneeded meals.

  1. Save your teeth

Casein proteins can actually prevent and reduce the effects of enamel erosion on your teeth! For the sake of the dental bill, think about adding a casein protein to your diet.

Casein Protein for Women


So hell yeah women should be using casein protein! Are you really going to let men reap all the benefits?

I suggest you use both protein types to really amp up your results. Drink up your whey protein post workout; take that casein before bed and wakeup beautiful!

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The Best Weight Loss Supplements For Women

Weight Loss Supplements For Women

Want to turbocharge your fat loss? Add these fat burning Weight Loss Supplements For Women to your diet to help you shred that stubborn fat!

  1. Thermogenic

The number one choice for fat burning is going to be adding a thermogenic fat burner into your morning routine. Thermogenic work by heating up your core temperature which in turn will speed up your metabolism this is called thermogenesis; a faster metabolism means more calories burnt, which means more fat loss. They also act as appetite suppressants, meaning you won’t be reaching for those naughty treats anymore and you will no longer be over eating.

All thermogenic contain different ingredients, some of which I will touch on here, so they all work slightly different to each other. Researching a product is helpful before you choose one.

Weight Loss Supplements For Women

  1. L-Carnitine

The second best supplement for turbocharged fat loss would have to the amino acid L-carnitine. This beauty works by using your body’s fat stores as its primary energy source and because of this it prevents further fat to be stored in your body.  L- Carnitine also works as an appetite suppressant and an energy booster giving you the boost you need to help you burn more calories.

  1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an excellent vitamin for aiding in fat loss. Our most abundant source is from the sun. but it can be taken in a vitamin form if levels are low. It helps to ensure your body’s cells listen and respond correctly to insulin. Insulin helps to move glucose (which comes from carbohydrates, and is the body’s main source of fuel) into the body’s cells to be burned as energy. If the cells are not responding to insulin well enough then it’s more likely that those calories you are eating will end up as fat rather than being used as energy.

A lack of vitamin D can also stop the hormone leptin from releasing. Leptin is responsible for signalling your brain to stop eating, without this hormone you are bound to just keep packing on those calories.

Weight Loss Supplements For Women

  1. Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3fatty acids are found most abundantly in fatty fish like salmon. Although they sound counterproductive they actually turn on the enzymes that trigger fat burning within the cells. Omegas 3s also help to boost your mood which can help prevent emotional binge eating. They can also promote leptin signalling.

Weight Loss Supplements For Women

  1. CLA

CLA is a strong fat burner found in dairy products. CLAs are another source of fatty acids that help promote fat burning within the cells, especially in our muscles where most of our fat burning takes place. CLA also promotes blood glucose enter our cells so it is burned for energy instead of being stored as fat.

  1. Polyphenols

These are powerful antioxidants that are found in green tea, they help to boost resting metabolic rate which in turn helps us to burn fatter at a faster pace. You can notice its strong effect as you are actually drinking the tea, your body will heat up and use calories as heat. Drinking green tea instead of eating when feel like eating but aren’t really hungry as it will warm you up and reduce food cravings.

Weight Loss Supplements For Women

These are my favourite fat blasting supplements and you can easily add all these to your diet by taking a few different supplements or even better if you use a thermogenic with these properties in it.

So if your truly serious about blasting away that fat then give these supps a go, I promise you’ll love me for it!

Go on, charge it up ladies!

Weight Loss Supplements For Women

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Best Supplements to Increase Women’s Libido

What are the best supplements to increase womens libido? well before we get into the thick of it, lets have a look at the typical symptoms…What’s going on? You haven’t been yourself lately, your tired, bored and your sexual desire has all but diminished. You’re not alone nearly one third of women aged 18-59 are lacking interest in the bedroom, age, lifestyle, stress, hormones, diet, lack of exercise and medical concerns can all put a damper on a healthy sex life.

Best Supplements to Increase Womens Libido

Firstly, don’t be shy, go have a chat with your Dr, they can treat any medical conditions that may be going on, change medications, recommend supplements and introduce different lifestyle choices all of which will help put you back in the mood! When you get the all clear go ahead and experiment there are so many supplements out there to aid in your sexual conquest.

Now lets increase that libido! Here are the best supplements to increase womens libido:

  • Iron

If your body is low in iron you will feel tired, lack energy and have a lower libido. A Dr can do a blood test to check for this deficiency then if needed will proscribe iron supplements, you should be feel back to your own self in no time.

  • Maca root

Although commonly used by men, Maca root is also showing benefits in women’s sexual        dysfunctions. It balances hormones, and decreases menopause symptoms. 3grams per day should   get you going.

Best Supplements to Increase Womens Libido

  • Catuaba Bark

Popular in Brazil for its aphrodisiac properties, Catuaba bark increases sexual stamina, boosts your mood and gives you more confidence which can be helpful in the bedroom.

  • Suma root

Excellent for menopausal women as it balances hormones which in affect give some relief to menopause symptoms. Suma root also increases stamina and aids in supporting women’s libido.

  • L-arginine

increases blood flow to the sexual organs making the cliterous and vaginal tissues for sensitive and responsive to sexual stimulation, it also aids in vaginal lubrication. L arginine also stimulates and elevates the mood. Dark chocolate is quite high in l arginine, no wonder it’s what men have been bringing us for years!

Best Supplements to Increase Womens Libido

  • Ginger root

Known as the herb od passion! It increases blood flow around the body and into the genitals, it also warms up the body in the same way sexual desire does which increases sexual stimulation in the brain leaving you ready and waiting.

  • Tribulus terrestris

A fruit producing plant found in the Mediterranean. For hundreds of years’ people have been using its leaves, fruit and roots for medicine. It aids in vaginal lubrication, arousal and aids in pain reduction during sex.

What are you waiting for???

There are many ways to bring back the VA-VOOM.. but you can always find the best supplements to increase womens libido at Your local health food store, supplement store or , if your shy, the interenet can provide you with these supplements. Try them out and see what fits you best. What have you got to loose???

After all you’re a red blooded woman and you have needs. Get out there reawaken the desire!

Best Supplements to Increase Womens Libido

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Top 10 Best Vitamins for Women

woman vitamin

Once upon a time the fitness and supplement industry was considered a mans game. Buffed, beefy behemoths throwing weights around dungeon style gyms and finishing up with a fist full of vitamins washed down with an extreme gainer shake. Well no more! The game has changed.

In an Australian Bureau of Statistics study, 29% of Australians reported taking at least one dietary supplement a day. Astonishingly, females were more likely than males to take a dietary supplement (33% and 24% respectively)

woman vitamin

Dietary supplements fall into a range of categories including vitamins, minerals, oils, herbs and other nutritive and non-nutritive supplements. But lets focus on the most commonly used…Vitamins.

With women making up an enormous percentage of supplement users lets take a look at the best vitamins for women. Threre are literally hundreds of great beneficial supplements women could take but lets narrow it down to a top 10:

  1. Vitamin A – Promotes healthy bones, teeth and skin
  2. B Vitamins – Gives Energy, helps convert food into fuel
  3. Vitamin C – Important for All growth and repair, healthy skin, cartilage, tendons ligaments and blood vesselsKeeps bones strong and healthy
  4. Vitamin D – Helps maintain calcim levels in the blood and helps with absorbtion of Calcium
  5. Vitamin E – Destroys cancer causing free radicals, anti aging benefits
  6. Vitamin K – Promotes healthy blood
  7. Biotin –  Helps break down foods into energy, fatty acids and amino acids so our body can make better use of them
  8. Calcium – Keeps bones strong and healthy
  9. Folate – Repairs damaged DND and RNA. Also produces healthy red blood cells
  10. Choline – Promotes healthy liver function, nerve function, muscle movement, metabolism and energy

This is not to say that every woman should run to the local supplement store and grab a months supply of each an every vitamin listed. Many can be found in foods and optimal levels can be reached. However it is wise to look for a good quality womens multi vitamin containing most of the vitamins listed.

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