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Does Tea Tree Oil For Acne Works?

Does Tea Tree Oil For Acne Works?
Does Tea Tree Oil For Acne Works?

Acne can be annoying, unattractive, and difficult to cure permanently. The majority of acne outbreaks are beyond one’s control. You can change your diet to help with acne, but it does not provide relief if you already have an outbreak. Often, daily wash regimens are expensive and cumbersome, and they don’t always work. Many people recommend tea tree oil for acne treatment. 

A tea tree grows in Australia. Tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves of the tree. It has been used in traditional medicine by Aboriginal Australians for centuries. People today use tea tree oil for various purposes, including to keep their skin healthy and to treat acne. 

Let’s take a closer look at Does Tea Tree Oil Work For Acne?

Acne: What causes it?

Acne is typically associated with the teenage years. In most cases, this is true due to hormonal changes during puberty, which contribute to oily skin. 

Oily skin produces pimples or ingrown hairs when pores produce too much sebum or oil. Oily skin is usually an indicator that you are at risk for breakouts.

Plagued bacteria on the skin cause acne lesions. Hormones may also play a role in acne development.

Tea Tree Oil: Is it Effective?

There is no doubt that medical treatments for acne can help, but topicals and ointments can cause irritation and scarring. Having scars can be unsightly and, even worse, harmful to your mental health. Natural skincare remedies are becoming more popular due to this reason.

There are many reasons why tea tree oil is popular. Tea Tree Oil itself can prevent oily skin that leads to acne by simply using it once a day as a cleansing product. At this point, acne outbreaks no longer have an opportunity to happen. 

Although it is a common acne treatment, not enough studies have been conducted to determine if it is a one-size-fits-all method of tackling pimples. Although, due to its antibacterial properties, it can be useful for treating propionibacterium acnes. 

Acne Treatment With Tea Tree Oil

Even though acne scars are virtually impossible to remove, tea tree oil offers relief from itching when scars become inflamed. Tea tree oil and coconut oil can be mixed and applied to scars to heal and soothe the skin.

Before using, you should always dilute tea tree essential oil with a carrier oil. The most popular carrier oils are olive oil, jojoba, and coconut. It is a general rule to add one or two drops of essential oil to 12 drops of carrier oil.

Before diluting tea tree essential oil, you should conduct a skin patch test. If you want to do it by applying diluted oil to the inside of your forearm, you can do it. It is likely safe to use it on other body parts if there is no irritation or inflammation within 24 hours.


Tea tree oil reduces inflammation that causes acne. Tea tree oil is commonly used in skincare products, such as toners and cleansers. Also, you can use tea tree essential oil to treat specific skin conditions.

While it doesn’t seem highly effective for treating acne scars, it can relieve irritation. Keeping your hands away from pimples is the best way to avoid acne scars, and use a moisturizer to unclog clogged pores.

Your healthcare provider can recommend advanced treatments to eradicate those annoying zits when acne persists.

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Zinc for acne: is it beneficial?

Zinc for acne: is it beneficial?
Zinc for acne: is it beneficial?

Are you wondering about, Is there any benefit to using zinc for acne? Zinc is one of the many minerals your body needs to function properly. Many important processes in the body rely on zinc, which is a very common mineral. 

It protects your immune system against acne-causing bacteria and harmful cells. Although acne comes in many forms, the most common is acne on the surface of the skin. Puberty is often the time when people suffer from acne, but anyone can get it. 

This article aims to explain how to use zinc for acne treatment? It will also discuss the risks and benefits of zinc.

Symptoms of Acne

Acne results from an overproduction of sebum, an oily substance produced by the skin.

The following symptoms characterize acne:

  • Blackheads: Dark blemishes on the face.
  • Whiteheads: The skin’s surface is covered with tiny white bumps.
  • Papules: Small red bumps on the skin.
  • Pustules: Small, red bumps filled with pus.
  • Nodules: Large lumps under the skin.

Zinc for acne

Zinc belongs to the group of essential minerals that the body needs to perform some important functions. Following are some of them,

  • Zinc can be used to treat acne.
  • Child and adolescent growth
  • Healing wounds
  • Activation of enzymes
  • Functioning of the immune system
  • cell division
  • Protein synthesis and DNA synthesis

You can use zinc-containing medications to treat acne. They can either be taken orally, or they can be applied topically.

Additionally, zinc can be added to the diet by modifying the diet or supplementing with it.

Topical medications

The most common topical treatments are pastes, gels, and creams. Acne-affected areas of the skin can be treated with these products.

The following topical medications contain zinc:

  • zinc sulphate
  • zinc octoate
  • zinc acetate

Oral medications

Sometimes acne affects large areas of the skin or hard-to-reach body parts. In such cases, topical treatment may not be feasible.

Oral medications are much easier to administer than injections. Usually, oral medications are given to patients in the form of tablets or capsules.

The following are some common zinc-based oral medications:

  • zinc sulphate
  • zinc salts
  • zinc gluconate

Dietary changes

It is possible to increase zinc intake through dietary changes. Some foods that contain zinc include:

  • Beans
  • Nuts
  • Poultry and red meat
  • Products made from milk
  • Grains and fortified cereals for breakfast
  • Some seafood, such as lobster

Zinc is easier for the body to absorb from animal sources than from certain plant sources. Some plants and grains contain substances called phytates that inhibit zinc absorption.

You can also take dietary supplements to increase your zinc intake. Several dietary supplements include zinc as a multivitamin, while others contain only zinc.

Benefits and Risks of zinc

Zinc-based medications are effective in treating acne. Researchers report that zinc gluconate that is taken orally can alleviate acne symptoms. However, overdosing on zinc can be harmful due to its toxicity in higher doses. Some zinc toxicity symptoms include:

  • muscle cramps
  • Hematemesis, which is blood in the vomit
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • abdominal pain

In case you have sensitive skin, it is recommended that you use topical zinc-based treatments with caution.


Some studies suggest zinc can be used to treat acne. Unfortunately, such treatments may be associated with some risks.

People who wish to use zinc-based medications or increase their zinc intake should first consult with a healthcare provider.

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Health Benefits of food containing zinc

Health Benefits of food containing zinc
Health Benefits of food containing zinc

Zinc is a mineral that is essential for your body. As your body can’t produce zinc, you must obtain it through your diet or supplements. The body requires zinc for several functions, including cell division, immune response, wound healing, etc. The purpose of this article is to explain what zinc is? Its role in the human body, food containing zinc, the healthy benefits of zinc, and its side effects.

Foods rich in protein, such as beans and nuts, as well as meat and seafood, contain substantial amounts of zinc. Likewise, dairy products and whole grains contain zinc, which can help balance your diet. 

What Is Zinc?

Zinc is an essential mineral important for many body functions and systems, including the immune system, thyroid function, blood clotting, wound healing, and taste and smell. The body can’t produce or store zinc. This is why you must consume zinc regularly throughout your diet.

There are many food containing zinc. These foods, including both plants and animals, contain zinc naturally.

Role in the human body

Your body relies on zinc in a variety of ways. it is essential for several processes in your body, including:

  • Gene expression
  • Immune function
  • Enzymatic reactions
  • Protein synthesis
  • Wound healing
  • DNA synthesis
  • Growth and development

The trace mineral zinc is present in every cell in your body and is the second-most abundant trace mineral after iron.

There are over 300 enzymes that require zinc for their activity, including enzymes for metabolism, digestion, nerve function, and many others. Further, it helps immune cells develop and function properly. It also plays a crucial role in DNA synthesis and protein synthesis.

Furthermore, zinc plays a crucial role in body development and growth due to its effect on cell division and growth. 

Taste and smell are also affected by zinc. Due to the importance of one of the enzymes involved in taste and smell, a zinc deficiency can impair your ability to taste and smell.

Different types of food containing zinc

  • Shellfish: Oysters, mussels, lobster, and clams
  • Meat: Lamb and beef
  • Poultry: Chicken and turkey
  • Fish: Salmon, flounder, sardines, and sole
  • Legumes: Lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, black beans, etc.
  • Nuts and seeds: Cashews, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, etc.
  • Dairy products: Yoghurt, milk, and cheese
  • Whole grains: Quinoa, oats, brown rice, etc.
  • Certain vegetables: Kale, peas, asparagus mushrooms, and beet greens
  • Eggs

It is easy for your body to absorb zinc from animal products, like meat and shellfish. Because other plant compounds inhibit zinc absorption, zinc found in legumes and whole grains is absorbed less efficiently.

Although most of the food containing zinc is present in nature, some foods – like breakfast cereals and snack bars – have zinc added.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of zinc are numerous.

  • Boosts your immunity
  • Heals wounds more quickly.
  • Reduces the Risk of Certain Aging-Related Diseases
  • Acne Treatment
  • Assists in reducing inflammation

Side Effects

An excessive zinc intake can also negatively affect health, just as a deficiency can cause health complications.

Zinc toxicity is commonly caused by too much supplemental zinc, and acute and chronic symptoms can occur.

Toxic symptoms include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Headaches
  • A decrease in “good” HDL cholesterol
  • Cramps in the abdomen

The Bottom Line

The body needs zinc to synthesize DNA, boost the functioning of the immune system, and help in energy production. Some age-related diseases and inflammation may be reduced by it.

Zinc is naturally abundant in many animal and plant foods, making it easy for people to get their recommended daily allowance.

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5 Powerful Supplements for Lowering High Estrogen Levels

Your body’s hormones are like a seesaw. When they’re perfectly balanced, your body works as it should. But when you have High Estrogen, you may begin experiencing problems.

Estrogen is known as the “female” hormone. Testosterone is known as the “male” hormone. Although each hormone is identified with a specific sex, both are found in women and men. On average, women have higher levels of estrogen and men have more testosterone.

In women, estrogen helps initiate sexual development. Along with another female sex hormone known as progesterone, it also regulates a woman’s menstrual cycle and affects her entire reproductive system. In premenopausal women, estrogen and progesterone levels vary from one stage of the menstrual cycle to another.

Although it’s called the female hormone, a man’s body also makes estrogen. A healthy balance of estrogen and testosterone is important for sexual growth and development. When these hormones become imbalanced, your sexual development and function may be affected.

High Estrogen

Symptoms of high estrogen

  • Acne. When estrogen gets high and progesterone is low. Therefore we end up with more DHT, which then causes sebum production to increase, leading to more oily skin, clogged pores and acne.
  • Water retention. Increased estrogen can lead to water retention which causes swelling in the hands and feet, through the midsection, or all throughout the body.
  • Weight gain. Estrogen and progesterone are the two primary female sex hormones. These chemicals are produced mainly in your sex organs, but are also produced or converted into forms of estrogen in other places such as fat tissue.
  • Infertility. Estrogen is partly responsible for creating healthy sperm. When estrogen levels are high, sperm levels may fall and lead to fertility issues.
  • Gynecomastia. Estrogen may stimulate breast tissue growth. Men with too much estrogen may develop gynecomastia, a condition which leads to larger breasts.
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED). Men with high levels of estrogen may have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection.

Below we have listed the top 5 Most powerful supplements for lowering high estrogen levels.



Zinc is one of the 24 essential minerals. It regulates more than 100 enzymes in the body and is known for its testosterone boosting effects. However zinc is also a potent estrogen blocker… It works by inhibiting the aromatase enzyme, which converts testosterone molecules into estrogen via aromatization. One study, found out that zinc defiency can more than double the amount and activity of the estrogen receptors. Zinc defiency is much more common than people think, as we need at least 15 mg’s of zinc daily, due to the fact that our bodies can’t store it, nor can they synthesize it. So to inhibit the aromatase enzyme and block estrogen, you should eat tons of oysters and steak, and on top of that maybe supplement with some zinc orotate (most potent form with highest bio-availibity).


Resveratrol is one of the antioxidant polyphenols in red grapes. It’s also one of the key compounds making red wine somewhat healthy. Recent research has shown that resveratrol may have some potent aromatase inhibiting qualities… One study found that resveratrol inhibits aromatase enzyme and blocks estrogen inside breast cancer cells. And another found that it was effective at lowering estrogen levels inside the human placental JEG-3 cells. Further studies are needed to validate these claims, but so far resveratrol seems very promising. When supplementing with resveratrol, make sure that it’s derived from grape skins, instead of Japanese knotweed which is estrogenic.

High Estrogen


DIM (Diindoylmethane) is a compound occurring naturally in crusiferous vegetables. It works through 2 mechanisms… Firstly, it helps the liver to metabolize estrogen. Secondly, it converts strong estrogen derivates into their less potent form. You can get DIM by eating tons of crusiferous vegetables (broccoli, kale, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, etc)… Or if you want a stronger dose of the compound, you can also supplement with DIM extract (make sure to get a product that’s not derived from soy).


Myomin is a Chinese herbal mixture, relatively new discovery for me. It contains the following herbs: Aralia dasyphyllia, Cucuma zedoria, Cyperus rotundus, and Smilax glabra Roxb. According to the manufacturers it’s a combination of Chinese herbs known for their aromatase inhibiting effects, designed for both men and women to lower high estrogen. At first I was bit skeptical about the claims, as I had never heard of those herbs before. But then I found few studies and case reports of the supplement more than halving estrogen levels. I was still a bit skeptical, so I checked Amazon’s customer reviews about Myomin, and found out that there was a lot of guys who had increased their testosterone levels and succesfully reduced their high estradiol with Myomin. So it seems like this mix may have some very beneficial effects. And that’s why I’m going to test this brand out as soon as possible.

High Estrogen


Calcium-D-Glucarate is a fiber found in the “jelly” portion of most dark berries. It works as a β-glucuronidase inhibitor, and has a detoxifying effect on estrogen molecules… In human words this means that Calcium-D-Glucarate binds into already metabolized estrogen molecules and helps them to exit the body via intestines without being reabsorbed through the intestial walls. Unfortunately Calcium-D-Glucarate isn’t that well covered in research, but I managed to dig out a rat study where it reduced estrogen levels by 23% when compared to placebo.

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Isagenix Exposed: Safe Weight Loss or Another Pretender?

It seems like new crash diets and cleanses pop up every week, all of them claiming some manner of miraculous results, promising to transform bodies in an amount of time that seems too good to be true. And most of the time, they are. There have been hundreds of different iterations over the years, all of them based on dubious scientific foundation, and all of them inevitably forgotten with time. This article; Isagenix Exposed, Explores the global phenomenon from an entirely science based perspective.

The latest fad to hit the weight loss world is a program called Isagenix, one of a long line of “detox cleanses” that is supposed to “optimize the metabolism”, in turn allowing the user to burn fat faster than ever. But is there validity to this particular diet? Can it provide the fast-acting results its users crave?

The short answer is yes, but there are some red flags.

Isagenix will help you lose weight fast, but is it healthy? Almost certainly not. It also won’t burn fat as much as help you lose water and potentially muscle.

Isagenix is yet another diet that doesn’t only sound too good to be true, it is. What’s more, there’s some reason to conclude that the cleanse may be hazardous to a person’s health if they stick to its rigid guidelines. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest (but probably not the greatest) diet:

Isagenix Exposed

First, What Is Isagenix?

It should be mentioned that Isagenix actually contains several dietary options, not just for weight loss. People can buy different lines to promote energy, performance, or healthy aging, but the company’s most popular plan is the weight loss variety, called “Weight Wellness”. Here’s how it works.

The program works by way of meal replacement. The marketing for Isagenix uses language that implies that Isagenix supplements contain only the nutrients that your body needs, causing you to lose weight fast.

The most popular way to use Isagenix is by purchasing the 30-day diet over and over for $378.50 per month (what a steal) and starting over after each 30-day cycle.

Basically, you’ll only be eating one meal a day that’s not supplied by Isagenix. You’ll replace your two other meals with Isagenix shakes, and if you get hungry during the day, the 30-day program includes several “healthy” snacks in the form of a low-cal bar that is more like a large wadded, unnecessary multi vitamin.

You’ll also take two supplements a day: a “nutrient” shake and another supplement that claims to help your digestive system, as well a pill before bedtime “Isaflush”, which, if you think the name makes it sound like a laxative, you’d be right.

Isagenix Exposed

Potential Negatives of Isagenix

Here are a few downsides of Isagenix right off the bat:

It May Be More Bark than Bite

There are a few problems with Isagenix right off the bat. First, it’s yet another multilevel-marketing (MLM) company in the same vein as Herbalife, Arbonne, and countless others that claim miraculous results to try to get people excited about selling it to their friends (both in real life and on Facebook).

We’re not saying an MLM can’t provide the results they advertise, but the typical business model gives reason for pause. These companies survive off of manufacturing products at low cost and then selling them to regular people in large enough quantities that they’ll turn around and sell them to their friends and loved ones. As the name suggests, these companies spend more time marketing their products than making sure they work.

Isagenix Exposed

There are Some Health Risks

Basically, the whole diet is built on dubious claims. It’s been established by countless dietary and news sources that cleanse diets and detox programs are not effective or healthy in the long run. They provide immediate results (like Isagenix) because a liquid diet makes the user lose water weight (and even muscle) fast, but it doesn’t have a real effect when it comes to sustainably burning fat.

This isn’t just the mark of a cleanse, but low-calorie diets in general. They provide immediate results because if you’re a person who used to consume excessive calories and now, suddenly start to eat less, it’s just math that you’ll lose weight. But eventually, the body adjusts and slows down metabolism as a way for a variety of internal systems to adjust to the fact that it’s not getting enough calories or nutrients.

This means that while your body stops burning fat at a high rate, you’ll be lowering the performance of other crucial functions like the brain, liver, and other organs.

Isagenix Exposed

What Are Experts Saying About Isagenix?

Abbey Sharp of Toronto-based nutrition blog “Abbey’s Kitchen” takes issue with the fact that Isagenix basically uses an overloaded dose of magnesium for laxative effects. Says Sharp “I definitely would never recommend someone be using a laxative, even a natural one, regularly in the long term.” She adds that “I am not comfortable with the lack of research on this cocktail of herbs”, implying that just because something is advertised as natural doesn’t mean that it’s safe.

A analysis of the diet concludes that most of the supplements and meal replacements are simply processed glucose, which is one of the worst things to have a lot of in your diet. The same overview says that while they contain calories, Isagenix meal replacements simply “are not real food.”

Reviewers at Medical News Today take issue with these parts of the diet, as well as the fact that it simply isn’t sustainable and may be selling people on the promise of lasting results when each additional month may make less of an impact than the first did (in an unhealthy way, we might add).

Isagenix Exposed

The Verdict on Isagenix

If you look into the marketing backing Isagenix as a brand, you’ll likely find a handful of success stories from real people who claim that Isagenix made them lose weight fast, and these stories may even be true. But even with the health risks aside, if you’re looking for a diet that can provide sustained benefit over many months, Isagenix probably isn’t the answer.

Isagenix Exposed