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Supplements – Why Less is More

We all know the saying “less is more.” Having only the necessary things is more beneficial, than having too much with excess. Let’s talk about how this could be true for supplements as well.

Many of us know that taking supplements can be extremely beneficial for our overall health and wellbeing. but can we be taking too much? short answer is “yes.” but let’s dive into why…

There is no real advantage to taking more than the recommended dose of any supplements. Over dosing any supplement may cause digestion issues, stomach upset, and can even be harmful to your general health.

Less Supplements

Consuming too many protein supplements.

I am a firm believer in using protein supplements to reach your protein goals in conjunction with a balanced diet. But i also believe it can be detrimental to your gut health if you use too much. Consuming too much protein powder can cause side effects including, bloating, increased bowel movements, acne, thirst, tiredness, and headaches. The good news is as long as you’re using a high quality protein supplement and sticking within the recommended dose, this powdered gold should not be causing you any discomfort. If you do experience any discomfort speak with your GP/Doctor about other alternatives.

Less Supplements

Lets talk about vitamins and minerals.

Everywhere you go these days, everything from juices, sparkling water, energy drinks, even the water you drink. A lot of companies are trying to market their food and beverage products with the push of vitamins and minerals, to the overall population and that’s great, because who doesn’t like more of the good stuff. But… getting too many vitamins and minerals daily can cause more harm than good.

Receiving too much vitamin C or zinc can cause stomach upset, hair loss, fatigue and mild nerve damage. Getting you’re recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals is not as hard as you may think, A lot of natural sources of whole food contain exactly what we need for our recommended daily intake of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. If you wish to use a supplement to help reach your nutrient needs make sure you read the label and use as directed.

Less Supplements

What about the next magic pill to help with x-y=z?

Short answer, you do not need 5 different fat burners in your cupboard. You do not need to keep 3 different brands of multivitamins to stay healthy. You saw this magic fat burning powder and they said you must have it to burn fat.

The problem today is you are being told, you need every supplement under the sun to stay healthy and reach your goals which is in fact not the truth.

Less Supplements

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