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How To Keep Motivated To Stay On Your Eating Plan

Everyone goes through stages where they just can’t find the motivation to keep up with there healthy eating plan, let’s face it… Cake. Tastes. Good.

So, we’ve come up with a few simple easy tips that should keep you on track with your goals, weather it be weight loss, muscle gain or just simply trying to eat better.

eating plan

1) Set yourself a GOAL –

It doesn’t have to be anything big but try and keep it specific so you can measure and track what you need to do to keep yourself accountable. For example, “I will drink 6 glasses of water per day”, “I will eat 200 calories less a day than what I am eating now”, I will eat 2 serves of spinach a day to up my iron in take”

2) Keep-it-SIMPLE and start off slow –

start your goals off small guys, it is extremely difficult to go from eating 2000 cals a day down to 1000 cals a day, it’s hard to go from drinking 10 soft drinks a day to none. Some people may have the will power to be able to achieve this, but some of us don’t and that’s okay. Set small challenges at first and you’ll start becoming addicted to the idea of setting and smashing goals with each goal getting bigger and bigger as you go.

eating plan

3) Plan for eating plan setbacks –

sometimes it inevitable that you’re going to get setback on you’re eating plan, maybe it’s your birthday (calories do not count on birthdays though) maybe it’s your sister’s wedding and you want to indulge in a few glasses of champagne that up your calories for the day? Or maybe you’ve just had a terrible day and decide to spoil yourself with a slice of cake. These things happen to everyone, just don’t let it be the complete downfall of everything your trying to do. One slice of cake is fine, but don’t get stuck in the mindset of “Oh I’ve blown my diet now, may as well eat the whole damn thing.

4) Buddy up –

Have a friend/family member or partner hold you accountable for your diet, maybe you have someone who has the same goals as you and you can motivate each other? Or perhaps your partner knows how much you want to achieve this so they help you keep on track. The buddy system can really help you to stay on track of your goals, feel like eating cake? Call your friend that’s eating a salad.

eating plan

5) Use an app! –

there are hundreds of apps out there that are designed to help us build and maintain habits. It can take between 16 and 21 times of doing something before it becomes a habit, and something simple like the app Habit Bull (Android) can remind you to drink those 6 glasses of water, eat those 2 serves of spinach or not eat that extra 200 cal your trying to resist.

6) Have an “After” plan ready –

A lot of people set weight loss goals and find that after they’ve achieved them, the weight starts slowly coming back, why? Because they haven’t planned for the after. Make sure your ready for when you’ve achieved what you’re looking to achieve.

eating plan

7) Keep a food and exercise journal –

an app like my fitness pal will keep you up to date with all your progress, it’s rewarding to see where you started and where you are now.

8) Try new foods! –

Don’t limit your healthy eating to just steamed veggies and boiled chicken, branch out and try new recipes, go to new restaurants and invent some of your own new recipes!

eating plan
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