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The X50 Revolution

We are always on the hunt for the best and newest product out there and Tribeca Health’s Green Tea X50 is definitely turning some heads. Green Tea X50 delivers a convenient way to lose weight, boost metabolism and detoxify your body in one simple and delicious drink.


What is it?

Green Tea X50 is a green tea energy drink that comes in different flavoured sachets that can be easily mixed into water to create a refreshing healthy drink.  The main use of this wonderful product is for aiding with weight loss and weight maintenance although it has many other health benefits including increasing energy, boosting antioxidants and supporting our cardiovascular health.

It is low sugar, low GI, gluten free and aspartame free making it an extremely healthy option. It contains only 7 calories and up to 20 cups of green tea polyphenols per serve.


Weight loss

Green tea naturally contains two well-known fat blasting ingredients, caffeine, a stimulant and ECGE, an antioxidant. The antioxidant ECGC helps to inhibit the hormone that breaks down norepinephrine, when this happens norepinephrine increases in our body. Why is that important? Well norepinephrine is the hormone that signals our cells to break down fat so the more norepinephrine released into our bodies the higher and stronger the signal. Caffeine works in excellent synergy with ECGC, it is a natural stimulant that will improve exercise performance, increase our metabolisms and help aid in the breakdown of fat. With these two ingredients the results are phenomenal.

Green tea will also reduce our appetites which mean we eat fewer calories without even trying!


Health Benefits

Not only does Green Tea X50 help us to lose weight, which is a major health benefit alone, it also provides us with many other health benefits. The major of these benefits is the high amounts of antioxidants. Antioxidants fight against free radicals that enter our bodies; these nasty molecules are everywhere, in our air, in our food and even in our sunshine. Free radicals can cause rapid ageing, damage to cells and our DNA, heart disease, stroke and cancer. Antioxidants quickly sweep through our bodies and neutralise free radicals which will prevent any further damage. This is why antioxidants are so important for our health and well being. Green Tea X50 will also remove stubborn fat from around our organs which greatly reduces our risk of heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes and other obesity related illnesses.



I can’t find a reason not to start taking this amazing weight loss product! It will help you lose weight; prevent cancer, its easy and super yummy! What’s not to love?

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