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Why Do Some People Lose Weight Faster?

Watching others loss weight faster than you is a frustrating experience. You may wonder what you are doing wrong. Turns out it probably isn’t your fault. There are many factors that play a role in fat loss including your sex, body type and metabolic rate. So if you have been counting calories and hitting it hard at the gym but not seeing results you can go right ahead and blame it on one of the following factors.

people lose weight faster

Men vs Women

Simply being a woman can slow down the weight loss process. Women have higher estrogen then men and estrogen will cling on to fat for dear life. While men produce more testosterone than women meaning men can grow muscle faster then women and have a higher muscle to fat ratio to women, it’s just how they are built. This means that men can burn fat a lot easier. It comes down to the fact that if you are taller and have more body weight you will burn more calories just to function.

There are things a woman can do to help her lose weight quicker though like working on her muscle to fat ratio, this includes weight training which will burn up those calories faster than cardio alone. And if you think it could be a hormone problem a woman can take estrogen blocker supplements to lower her estrogen levels. Taking these supplements is a safe and effective way to aid women in losing weight.

people lose weight faster

Body types

There are three main body types’ ectomorphs, mesomorph and endomorphs. What body type you are will play quite a role in weight loss.

  • Ectomorphs– these are those skinny people out there that seem to be able to eat and eat and never gain weight. An ectomorph has a very speedy metabolism which is why they don’t gain weight. An ectomorph will also have more trouble putting on muscle no matter how hard they train.
  • Mesomorphs– ahh the wonderful body of the mesomorph. We all know these people, they seem to be able to build muscle just by walking into a gym and they can do this while maintaining a low fat percentage.
  • Endomorphs– these people are quite a bit larger. They always have trouble with losing weight, no matter what they try. The metabolism of an endomorph is very slow; endomorphs also tire easily and have a huge appetite.
  • Mixtures– it’s quite likely that you are a mixture of 2 or more of the body types as well. Not everyone will fit the classics type.
people lose weight faster

If you’re really struggling to loss that weight your probably an endomorph. Here are some tips to help you hit your goals:

  • Portion your meals- 1 fist is one portion
  • Cardio, cardio, cardio
  • Train in the 15+ rep range
  • Don’t flash diet (cutting out foods cold turkey)
  • Drink plenty of water to keep you full
  • Eat plenty of whole grains and fresh veg to keep you full

Remember, don’t define yourself as your body type, if a mesomorph doesn’t train they won’t look like Arnie! Embrace your shape and work to your goals.

Where’s the fat?

Another possibility to why some people lose weight quicker than others is due to where their body naturally stores fat. Women tend to store fat around their hips and thighs, this is not considered bad for our health (unless it’s excessive) it’s when our fat is stored at our mid lines and around our organs that we run into trouble. Exercise can completely eradicate this fat but it takes time. if yoru have fat stored around your organs you will likely loss fat in these places first. If you are burning fat from your organs you are unlikely to see any results on the outside or even on the scales, but give it time. Getting rid of fat around your organs is a good thing and once this is gone your body will start to shred the fat that is noticeable like around your legs, arms and tummy.

people lose weight faster

All in all

We are all so different so you really can’t compare yourself to others at all. So if you’re not losing weight as fast as your best mate, remember there are somethings that you can’t control and somethings that you just need to work harder at.

The biggest part of losing weight is believing in yourself and becoming the best version of you!

people lose weight faster

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  1. Your way of explaining is excellent. This is impressive, I must say. Losing weight in some people is a fact. It may be due to many factors. But everyone can lose weight if right instructions are followed.

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