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Bro Science vs. Science

bro science

bro science

What is Bro science? Urban dictionary defines Bro science as; the predominant brand of reasoning in bodybuilding circles where the anecdotal reports of jacked dudes are considered more credible than scientific research.

Let’s break it down further. When we say Bro science what are we really talking about? Aside from the negative connotations associated with the term, we could actually just call Bro science “real world experience”. What is Science? Science is what the books say. Science is what can be proven in a study or clinical trial.

bro science

I believe that to say either is completely wrong or right is foolish. Mainly because when it comes to fitness/bodybuilding there are many way to achieve the same goal. Also each individual’s body responds so differently to different methods to say there is one ideal way is naive.

Both Bro science and Science have their place. Just because something works on paper doesn’t mean it will work in the real world. Equally just because you can’t prove something on paper that is working for you doesn’t mean you should stop doing it.

bro science

There are obviously some stupid claims made by “Bros” that have no use what so ever e.g. “Bro, you gotta slam 40-60 grams of waxy maize plus 20 grams of BCAA within 7 seconds of finishing your last set of squat rack curls. Otherwise, you’ll go straight catabolic.” So I think it’s important to use Science to steer us in the right direction and use real word experience or “Bro science” to determine what is actually working for us on a personal level.

The truth is I think the whole industry has become over complicated with different methods, theories and articles. At the end of the day eat right, get in the gym, give it 100% and you’ll end up a long way ahead of where you began.

bro science

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